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Home Remedies For Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is a slow-growing tumor and usually do not presents any symptoms. Even the whole lifetime can pass without encountering any symptom related to the tumor. It can also be an incidental finding found on brain investigations done for other causes.

Home Remedies For Acoustic Neuroma

Home Remedies For Acoustic Neuroma

The most common symptom encountered in acoustic neuroma is unilateral hearing loss which can go up to the extent of complete hearing loss[1]. It becomes difficult for a person to listen to a sound from one ear only and the direction and intensity of sound are not detected well. So that patient has to practice listening to the sound from one ear and to detect it efficiently enough for leading a normal life. It could be done with the help of a ticking clock in the home itself and concentrating on the sound.

Another commonly encountered symptom is tinnitus. It can be very annoying and distressing to a patient when something keeps sounding in the ear every time. The patient becomes restless and irritable. Its management can be done in the home itself. Meditation and yoga should be practiced in the morning to avoid the irritation and helps to develop more patience. Also, it helps to develop ignorance to the sound which will relieve the symptoms and improve the quality of life. It improves blood flow to the brain and reduces the bouts of headache.

Medical treatment is given in cases of the small tumor where the surgical treatment is not required; it is given in the form of radiotherapy. It can be given in two forms, stereotactic radiotherapy, and regular radiotherapy.

As the patient is being treated with radiotherapy, it is very much toxic to even normal cells of the body so it is important to take care of other cells while these kill the cancer cells. Folic acid intake in the diet should be high. It helps in the formation of the nucleic acid material in the cells. Folic acid-rich foods include legumes like dried beans, chickpeas; nuts like almonds, cashew nuts; green leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, ladyfinger; meat, liver, etc.[2].

Diet of the patient should be well-balanced due to the fact that so many normal cells are dying every day and their recovery is possible only when all nutrients are present adequately in the diet. Increased cell death raises the urea, ammonia and uric acid levels and is needed to be excreted otherwise they will start damaging the kidneys. An adequate amount of water has to be taken in a day so as to reduce the toxicity and efficient excretion of the dead cell products. Also, it helps to keep the patient hydrated even when there is increased water loss due to vomiting.

High Hemoglobin concentration increases the oxygen delivery to the tissues and helps its repair. Iron-rich foods are required for the increase in production of hemoglobin and include, green leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, ladyfinger; legumes like dried beans, chickpeas; meat, egg yolk; cereals like brown rice, whole grain; jaggery, gur, etc.[3]. Any additional drugs, Ayurvedic medicines are all to be avoided and only prescription drugs are to be taken.


Since the most of the cases of acoustic neuroma goes unknown and are detected incidentally only on brain investigations or autopsy, it is very much important for the patient to know about it and stop worrying about it. Hearing loss and tinnitus are the commonly encountered symptoms in acoustic neuroma patients. Concentrating psychotherapies and meditation can help to ignore these symptoms and effectively do the daily routine work with one ear.

After the patient has undergone the sessions for radiotherapy it becomes very much important to keep the diet adequate and well balanced for faster recovery. Hygiene maintenance of the food and other products used by the patient should be kept in mind by the caretaker because the patient gets immunosuppressed after the course of radiotherapy and is prone to the development of infections easily.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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