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Home Remedies For Noonan syndrome

Noonan syndrome indicates a genetic condition, which causes varieties of distinctive features and a large number of health problems. A few of the common aspects of the syndrome are-

  • Drooping eyelids, broad forehead and wide than the usual distance between one’s eyes, along with other unusual facial features
  • Restricted growth and learning disability in children
  • Heart defects and valve disorders(1)

Home Remedies For Noonan syndrome

Home Remedies For Noonan syndrome

Along with regular treatment procedures, doctors recommend a few essential home remedies to get faster results. Here, home remedies depend upon your underlying symptoms, which include but not limited to-

Home Remedies To Deal With Valve Disorder And Other Heart Problems

Your doctor will recommend you to include a few important changes related to a heart-healthy lifestyle in your life when you have Noonan syndrome.

Have Cardiac Friendly Diet: You should have varieties of green veggies and fruits, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry and whole grains while avoiding excessive sugar, salt, trans-fat and saturated fat in your daily diet.

Maintain A Healthy Body Weight: You should always aim to have healthy body weight.

Involve In Regular Physical Activities: Make a habit to give at least half an hour to perform any type of physical activity, like a brisk walk in your daily routine.

Stress Management: You should find various ways related to stress management, like meditation, relaxation techniques, physical activities and dedicating time with family members.(2)

Home Remedies To Deal With Unusual Facial Features In Noonan Syndrome

Even though there is no specific home remedies to deal with unusual facial features problems in Noonan syndrome, therapists sometimes recommend you to go with some exercises, which are useful to deal with the facial tension. These include-

Happy Face: You should smile wider as much as you can and hold the count up to 5 and later on relax. You have to perform at least 10 repetitions in a single exercise set.

Brow Furrow: You should arch your eyebrows by simply wrinkling your forehead to the highest possible position as possible. Hold now for up to 15 counts in total and after this, allow it to go. You should perform 3 reps in a single set.

Slack Your Jaw: You should allow your jaws to relax completely and keep your mouth hanging open. Next, you should bring the tongue’s tip to the highest possible point of your mouth’s roof. Now, you should hold the same position for up to 5 counts and later on, each the jaw back in the position of resting closed mouth. Do total 10 repetitions in a single set.

Nose Scrunch: You should flare your nostrils and wrinkle the nose to hold them for 15counts in total and later on, release them. You have to do total 3 reps of it in a single set when you have Noonan syndrome.

Eye Squeeze: You should close the eyes as tight as you can and hold your position for up to 20seconds. Later, allow your eyes to blink. You should completely let going each of your little eye muscles and stare expressionless for about 15 seconds. You have to perform 3 reps in a single set.(3)

Home Remedies To Deal With Learning Disability In Noonan Syndrome

  • Your doctor and therapist will recommend the following home remedies to handle the problem of learning difficulty or learning disability in your children with Noonan syndrome.
  • Identify the specific learning style loved by your child, which may be via field trips, physically touching and hands-on stuff.
  • Search for games related to practicing spelling, math calculations and reading books and discover the one, which may help in overcoming the learning disability in Noonan syndrome.
  • Focus only on strength of your child instead of his/her weakness and in turn, praise them for their small achievements
  • Dedicate time to communicate with your child about his/her underlying problem and find whether he/she is progressing or not.(4)


To conclude, we should say that one can manage their symptoms related to Noonan syndrome to a large extent even though its complete cure is not possible.


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