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Home Remedies For Ocular Melanoma

Eye melanoma also called ocular melanoma, a condition that occurs when healthy cells in or around the eye change and grow uncontrollably, forming a mass called a tumor. This is perhaps a rare condition that does not cause problems with your vision. The impact of ocular melanoma often depends on the type of tumor, the location and how far it has advanced.

People with ocular melanoma may have queries about their prognosis and survival. Survival levels of ocular melanoma are established on the results of individuals who’ve suffered the disorder. However, according to the American Cancer Society, survival rates for ocular melanoma are quite high. Understanding the phase and degree of cancer facilitates your physicians to plan the best therapy for you.

Home Remedies For Ocular Melanoma

Home Remedies For Ocular Melanoma

Even though primary uveal melanoma can be successfully cured through radiation or surgery, patients with metastatic disease have lesser probabilities. Nevertheless, professionals in therapeutic oncology, radioactivity oncology, ophthalmology, surgery, and translational study are working to progress those alternatives.1

Some treatments are standard (surgery, watchful waiting, radiation therapy, photocoagulation, and thermotherapy), and some are being tested in clinical trials. Through medical assessments, physicians ascertain whether new therapies are safe and efficient and work better than existing therapies.

Scientists have been studying the signaling molecules that are overactive in uveal melanoma for a period of ten years but have had little clinical success in shutting them down. In addition to medical examinations, basic knowledge and translational study play a vital part in the examination of approaches to avoid or treat metastasis from uveal melanoma. However, scientists in Europe believe that they might have found such a method, and it is all thanks to one plant.2

New Research Says Plant Compound Can Cure Eye Cancer

A dynamic element that has been known for more than 25 years could surprisingly turn into a possible solution against ocular melanoma. A media report declares that the element is found in coralberry, a plant commonly used as a component of Christmas decorations.

The coralberry holds potential as a biological medicinal adjuvant for battling uveal melanoma (UM), the most destructive type of eye cancer. The berry produces a cyclic depsipeptide, termed FR900359 – capable of inhibiting the activity of both wild types Gαq– that doubles as an insecticide.

The FR could provide information about their intracellular signaling network and work as an inhibitor of the oncogenic Gαq/11 signaling pathway in patients with uveal melanoma. This eventually acts as a potential drug against uveal melanoma, the most common and aggressive variant of eye cancer.

In uveal melanoma, however, a small transformation often leads to the cause of the condition, even though the condition has been treated and healed. Due to this malfunction, cells harboring this mutation begin to divide continuously, however, FR can halt cell division.3,4

In-Depth Research On The Plant Product

In addition to the effective reaction of FR, it also shows how this happens. FR gets hold of the protein in a similar manner as previous and, thereby, preventing the progressing condition from being active. As time proceeds continuously, more and more Gq proteins are reverted back to the dormant stage, subsequently slowing down the progression of uveal melanoma.

Coralberry plants are initially from East Asia, and they are astoundingly impervious to microbial and contagious illnesses due to the incidence of FR. Currently, coralberry plants are being used in European families during winter periods.

Apart from its importance in curing uveal melanoma, leaves of coralberry are being examined as a cure to prevent asthmatic cramps and seizures.5


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