Home Remedies for Throwing Up

Sometimes, if you have consumed something that is making you feel sick, it may be necessary to induce vomiting. When immediate medical help is unavailable and you have to look out for some effective home remedies for throwing up.

How to Induce Vomiting?

Vomiting can be induced using various ways, just to make sure that the food consumed, is thrown up, to avoid more trouble from the consumed food. There can be varied reasons, which may make feel like throwing up. These include

  • Heavy intake of alcohol
  • Seafood
  • Something that you suspect may have been poisonous

Vomiting can be induced using certain medications or with medical assistance. However, sometimes such aid is not available or if you wish to stay natural, then opting for home remedies can be a great option for throwing up.

Inducing vomiting by natural ways helps you a lot because there remains no need to intake anything and you can do it in safe way. While there are various ways to help you throw up, it is important to use those which suit you the best. If required, medical advice can be sought.

Home Remedies for Throwing Up

Home Remedies for Throwing Up

Here are some useful home remedies to help you throw up:

Using Your Index Fingers

It is a good way to make one vomit in a natural way with no side-effects. Activating the reflex gag with the help of index fingers and tingling the back of your tongue makes you vomit making it an easy and natural home remedy for throwing up. You need to gently push back your index fingers below your tongue and repeat the process few times till you get the feeling to vomit it out. Make sure that you are not hurting your tongue in that process to avoid injuries.

Using Castor Oil to Help Throw Up

This is an effective home remedy for throwing up and can be done easily by taking just one tablespoon. You can also use the home-pulled castor oil by cold-pressing the oil seeds, use it as per your convenience but carefully, as it’s highly purgative.

Using Coca Cola to Induce Throwing Up

Coke also works wonderfully and can be an effective home remedy for throwing up naturally when you use it flat and it is not filled with effervescence. If taken in ample amounts, it makes you vomit, so take a glass or two and then watch out what it does! It is used widely in treating food poisoning as well but in that case it has to be used with its bubbles form. However, in most cases, flat coca cola is one of the best home and natural remedy to induce throwing up.

Gag Reflex

It is one of the easiest home remedies for throwing up naturally particularly when you are not sure about the other techniques. Simply raise your head and gag as best as you can but make sure that you are not choking your head down by overdoing it. Considerable will power is required so that it becomes convenient for you to vomit.

Use your finger on the top of the tongue and by pushing them backwards, enough sensation occurs in making you puke in a short time. This is a natural and useful home remedy for throwing up and requires repetition until you get everything out of your stomach.

Using Toothbrush to Induce Vomiting

Being a highly effective technique, using a toothbrush helps you to naturally induce vomiting. Toothbrush is also used as a gag reflex and you have to slightly push back the brush which makes it easier for you to throw up. So use the brush as one of the home remedies to throw up the unwanted food you have consumed.

Salt Water Usage

You can also induce vomiting naturally with the help of salt water but make sure you do it carefully. Just gulp some water with salt in it and that calls for an effective way to get the vomiting sensation. If at once, this does not happen then try taking it repeatedly to help throw up.

Use of Mustard Water

Mustard water also helps a lot to induce vomiting in a natural way and you can find the bottled syrup from any store. The instructions are already written on the bottle and you can use them accordingly. You can also prepare it at home by immersing a tablespoon of mustard seeds in a cup of warm water. Consuming this liquid is one of the effective home remedies for throwing up within almost 30 minutes of having it.

Egg Whites Gargle

You can simply gargle with egg whites by taking 2 or 3 egg whites. Gargle with this until you want to puke the things out. The smell of the egg is strong enough for you to throw up in a quick way. It is very effective home remedy to throw up and is considered one of the best natural ways to induce vomiting in case one has taken poison.

Taking Cider Apple Vinegar

Vinegar as a home remedy is also useful to help you throw up, and you can take this in small quantity if you wish to throw up in a natural way.

Spinning to Induce Vomiting

This is also seen as an easy way to throw up. Simply sit on a spinning chair and spin until you get that dizzy feel so as to naturally induce throwing up.

Over Feed Yourself

One of the natural ways to induce throwing up is overeating. You have to eat until you get uncomfortable, which can naturally induce vomiting.

As natural ways to induce throwing up, you can try out the tips that are mentioned in the guide here. Make sure that you are taking up the food that is bland post-throwing up and by keeping your body hydrated enough, you can get good relief from the strenuous exercise that you performed to induce vomiting. These tips are effective, safe and natural ways to induce throwing up in an easy way.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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