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How Do You Get Rid Of Polyps Naturally At Home?

Do you experience weird bumps inside your nose? If it’s the case, then you might have nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are soft, painless, non-cancerous growth that develops in the nose or sinuses. Sometimes large polyps or clusters block the nasal cavity and create a lot of complications.

The complications of nasal polyps include recurrent sinus infections, nose bleeds, obstructive sleep apnea, and a few others. Can you get rid of this condition effectively and permanently? Well, there are many ways to tackle these underlying inflammations and complications. Medical studies show that nasal polyps surgery is not essential and in fact not a permanent cure for nasal polyps. (2)
How Do You Get Rid Of Polyps Naturally At Home?

How Do You Get Rid Of Polyps Naturally At Home?

If you are seeking natural alternatives to medications then you have come to the right place. This article will explore a few natural treatments that work best and proven to be effective. Read on these options so you can use to get the relief

Cayenne Pepper, A Natural Nasal Polyps Remedy- Cayenne Pepper is a popular spice in Central America and its active component called capsaicin gives the fiery taste. They are typically pain inhibitors and are found effective in relieving inflammation, open up nasal passages and enhance immunity.

How To Use- Prepare hot tea using cayenne pepper and drink for a few days to get relief from nasal polyps.

Tea Tree Oil – It is a well-known essential oil used in many natural treatments. They are very good for reducing the intensity and size of the polyps and inhibit them from recurring again. Tea tree oil works as an expectorant, help the body system break the mucus blocked in the nasal cavity and improves breathing.

How To Use- It can be used alone or with a combination of other ingredients to control and prevent reoccurrence of polyps. Mix tea tree oil with distilled water and put it in a nasal spray bottle and spray into your nostrils a few times a day for few days to soothe the inflammation.

Steam Inhalation – Research shows that steam inhalation may help curb symptoms of nasal polyps. This basically includes showers, baths, steam rooms, humidifiers and more. Steam inhalation or a humidifier opens up the nasal passage and thin out the mucus that blocks the passage.

How To Inhale- Add 1-2 drops of essential oils or herbs to the boiling water, cover the head with a thick blanket and steam your face. Do not keep the water rolling boiling as it might result in burns. (1)
Improve The Intake Of Garlic And Onions – Garlic, ginger, and onions are natural herbs helps in controlling and getting relief from nasal polyps. Garlic steam is very effective in clearing congestion and reduce inflammation and pain. Garlic when crushed creates an active component called allicin, a potential compound containing antifungal, antibacterial property capable of killing many viruses.

How To Use- Try eating 2 cloves of raw garlic and few slices of onion twice a day to find immediate relief to this problem.

Chamomile – When you want to increase the health of the mucous membrane and decrease the occurrence of infections, chamomile tea is perhaps the right choice. This flower has been used for ages since ancient times for treating allergies and inflammations. Chamomile can serve as an antibiotic and dry the inflammation off and to completely get rid of nasal infection.

How To Use- You can either add few drops of chamomile oil to the teapot and take a steam or make it as hot tea, sweetened with honey and enjoy a piping hot herbal tea.


Nasal polyps and sinusitis are similar conditions to cold but when left untreated can lead to complications. So, when you encounter symptoms try treating at home for a week. If you do not feel better do not hesitate to call the doctor immediately or go directly to the emergency.


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