The treatment of brain metastases involves radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Newer treatment options include immunotherapy. Despite of the technological advancement, brain metastases has poor prognosis. Various home remedies are available to reduce the progression as well as managing the symptoms of brain tumor.


Home Remedies For Brain Metastases

Home Remedies For Brain Metastases

As already supported by the historical data, the brain metastases are almost incurable. Further, the treatments available for the management of brain metastases have significant side effects with little benefit. However, the survival also depends upon the stage at which the cancer is diagnoses and the number of tumor site present in the brain. Presently, the management of brain metastases is primarily focused on increasing the life of the patient by slowing the progression of the disease and improving the quality of life of the patient. Following are the remedies that may help improving the quality of life and reducing the speed of tumor growth and also helps in managing the symptoms of the disease.

Neem: Having neem everyday will help in battling cancer cells very effectively and it is a good home remedy for brain metastases.

Sleep: Sleep is an essential part of lifestyle changes to be done by the patient suffering from brain metastases. Sort from the energy regaining process, sleep is also required to flush the toxins from the brain through glymphatic system which also involves cerebrospinal fluid.

Breathe In Essential Oil: The major symptoms caused during brain metastases are due to inflammation and edema in brain. Essential oil is a good home remedy for brain metastases. Breathing certain essential oils such as Frankincense reduces the brain inflammation and swelling and helps relieve symptoms.


Cancer Fighting Nutrients: Various cancer fighting nutrients should be incorporated in the diet of cancer patients. Ingredients such as turmeric, going, green tea and other antioxidants help fighting against cancer and are a good home remedy for brain metastases.

Ketogenic Diet: It has been known that the cancer cells use glucose and carbohydrate as primary source of energy. These cells cannot use the alternate source such as proteins. Thus diet rich in fats and proteins helps killing the cancer cells.


Calorie Restriction: Calorie restriction is another way to starve the cancer cells. Restricted diet reduces the spreading of cancer cells and slows down the cancer proliferation. Further, reduced calorie increases the production o ketones which helps regain the activity of nerve cells.

Avoid Mobile Phone: Time and again, studies are conducted on the effect of mobile phone on brain health. The radiation of the mobiles increases the risk of mutation and thus it should be avoided by the patient suffering from brain metastases.

Water: Intake of plenty water flushes out the toxins from the body and helps reducing edema and inflammation.

Fruit Juices: Fruit juices increase the immune system of the body and also help in detoxifications. This helps in improving the symptoms and are a good home remedy for brain metastases..

Fish Oil: Fish oil contains EPA and DHA which improves brain health.

Exercise: Exercise helps manage the symptoms of the brain metastases. Further, it also improves the blood circulation that increases the functioning of nerve cells.

Sunlight: Sunlight helps increasing the levels of vitamin D, which is known to have tumor reducing property.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is known for its energy producing property. Further, the studies also demonstrated the tumor suppression effect of ashwagandha and is a good home remedy for brain metastases.. The herb also has neuroprotective effect.

Garlic: Intake of garlic improves the immune system of the body. Particularly, garlic increases the activity of killer cells which increases the protection against the cancer cells.

Indian White Cedar: Flavopiridol is a chemical constituent present in white cedar. Various studies have shown that this chemical inhibits the growth of cancerous cells and stops the rapid cell division. Further, it also initiates the death of cancer cells.

Kalagaura: This herb has excellent antitumor activity. A chemical, Camptothecin, present in the herb reduces tumor metastases.

Proteins: Protein should be incorporated in the diet of the patient. The protein helps in rebuilding the muscles and tissues that will help in managing the symptoms of brain metastases.


Home remedies foe managing brain metastases includes fruit juices, exercise, herbal supplements, intake of water, proteins, ketogenic diet, restriction of calorie intake and sunlight. These remedies help reduce the progression of disease, reduce brain inflammation and edema and helps building muscles and tissues.

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