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Natural Remedies For Brain Metastases

Brain metastases problem takes place whenever cancer cells spread from their actual site towards the brain. Even though almost every type of cancer may spread towards the brain, but colon, breast, lungs, melanoma and kidneys’ cancers come with relatively higher probability to cause brain metastases.[1]

Natural Remedies For Brain Metastases

Natural Remedies For Brain Metastases

Are there ways to cure brain metastases naturally? Other than surgery, radiation therapy and other related treatments, doctors often recommend for natural remedies to cure the problem of brain metastases in relatively less span of time and assure about faster recovery. These natural remedies include the following-

Follow A Ketogenic i.e. Keto Diet

A majority of individuals have succeeded to starve cancer by following a ketogenic i.e. keto diet. The diet consists of approximately 75 percent or even higher amount of healthy fats, while only 5 percent and 20 percent of carbohydrates and protein respectively.[2] Ketogenic diet plan helps your body to convert fat contents into fuel i.e. forms ketones based on a physiological process. In this way, it avoids burdening mitochondria i.e. powerhouse of your body’s cells.

Mitochondria typically create enough energy from blood glucose content often found in various carbohydrate-rich diets. On the other side, as ketogenic diet has carbohydrate in low amount, it avoids the risk related to mutations take place within the cells and in the formation of various free radicals, both of them are prime causes of breast, lungs and colon cancers. Research studies have proved that commitment towards following a ketogenic diet delays the tumor to develop and in turn, boost the survival rate of individuals by about 50 percent.[3]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Combined with ketogenic diet plan, most of the oncologists recommend patients to undergo with hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, as the combined treatment helps in reducing the tumor growth rate, reducing glucose levels and improving ketosis. Especially, hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the supply of oxygen to cells for increasing the pH level by reducing acidity, which are prime cancers towards the cancer development.[4]

Healthy cells thrive only in those places or conditions, where they get oxygen supply in adequate amount as compared to cancer cells. When you undergo with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, such treatment buffers the pH level of your body, brings improvement in the oxygen supply and assures about overall improvement in cellular conditions with the aim to reduce the risk related to cancerous growth.

Juicing To Reduce Your Cancer Likelihood

Juicing acts as an amazing tool for everyone willing to reduce the likelihood to develop cancer. When you opt to juice nutrient-rich food items, they inundate your body with various cancer fighting tools and powerful antioxidants to boost your immune system and bring improvement in your health. Juicing some of the selected fruits and veggies may supply nutrients in adequate amounts for absorption as compared to having the complete cooked food source or raw food.

While deciding what exactly to juice and the way to avail benefits with less possible effort, you should essentially opt for juicing yourself with various cruciferous veggie sprouts. Cruciferous veggies and related sprouts particularly come with phyto chemicals, which incorporate anti-cancer, anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Along with this, cauliflower, broccoli and kale sprouts are essential in small concentrations to give health benefits, as they provide natural enzymes to deal with cancer based on reducing inflammation and free radicals.[5]

Fermented Foods And Beverages

Fermented foods and beverages are healthy bacteria sources and thereby, constitute effective natural remedies to deal with cancer. We know that a healthy microbiota is essential to regulate overall health of a person and his/her mind. However, individuals remaining at increased risk of metabolic conditions and typically cancer often experience elevated conditions related to harmful bacteria in gut micro biomes. These are pancreatic carcinoma, colorectal cancer and gallbladder cancer problems.

Bacteriodetes are primary forms of bacteria present in varieties of fermented foods and they produce butyrate, which contains cancer-fighting features and plays a significant role in various enzymatic procedures related to breakdown of the starch.[6] Hence, cancer or brain metastases patients should make sure including fermented dairy products, like kefir and yogurt, along with grass-fed cows and related live cultures in the daily diet. Most of the oncologists have recommended for 2 to 4 servings of fermented food items on a daily basis to bring improvement in health and slow or avoid cancerous growth.[7]


To conclude, we should say that brain metastases or cancer patients should make sure following the aforementioned natural remedies strictly to avoid the growth of tumor and thereby, increase the survival rate.

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