Nerve sheath tumors can be witnessed on the peripheral nerves. There are two types of nerve sheath tumors, Schwannomas and neurofibrosarcomas. There are no specific natural remedies for the treatment of peripheral nerve sheath tumors; there is only the symptomatic treatment for the symptoms. Schwannomas symptoms include painless growth or painful growth accompanied by swelling on the face, numbness or paralysis of the face, lack of coordination and maintenance of balance, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, etc. Symptoms of neurofibrosarcomas include lumps in arms and legs, which can be painful and makes the movement and coordination difficult.


Natural Remedies For Nerve Sheath Tumor

Here we advice you the natural remedies which can be beneficial for the patients with peripheral nerve sheath tumors

  • For Pain. In nerve sheath tumors, pain is the common symptom and people usually suffer from chronic pain. Patients can follow simple natural remedies for the treatment of chronic pain. Chronic back pain is indicative of neurofibromas in the spine. Depending upon the position of the tumors surgical removal may not be possible resulting in pain and in certain cases even after removal of tumors pain is felt.
  • Chronic Back Pain. Warm baths are easy and readily available option to reduce pains. But make sure that water is not too hot to burn the body. The temperature of the water should be between 92-100°F/33-38°C. While bathing try to stretch hands and legs, this will help in relieving pain.
  • Pain In Legs. Patients can keep the legs in warm water and also monitor the feet regularly. There can be infection and injury which cannot be felt due to numbness. In case the patient has diabetes, keep sugar in control this will help in alleviating nerve pain.
  • Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which are natural painkillers. It is not necessary to join the gym for maintaining the physical activity, a 30 min walk in the morning or evening can be of great help in maintaining the health. In case you do not exercise, start with a medium pace for short duration and then gradually increase the pace and the duration of the walk. It is advised to exercise even after surgery as it will increase blood flow in the body. The increased circulation provides nutrients and helps in fast healing of the nerves.
  • Flushing Of Toxins Through Diet. The diet should include lots of vegetables and fruits, complex form of carbohydrates, proteins and unsaturated fats. A healthy diet provides energy for early recovery. Avoid processed meat, vegetables and junk food. Increase the intake of dietary fiber which helps in flushing the toxins out of the body. As such there are no foods which can reduce the growth of tumors or increase the growth of tumors.
  • Fruits. The fruits rich in vitamin C and fibers are good for people who suffer from nerve sheath tumors. Fruits such as lemons and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. The fruits which are rich in fiber such as Mangoes, papaya, peaches, kiwi, bananas, pears and guava help in removing body toxins through feces. It was assumed that the fruits rich in antioxidants help in preventing the growth of cancer cells but new studies indicate that these antioxidants also protect cancer cells. Better to avoid fruits which are potent antioxidants such as berries.
  • Vegetables. Avoid food which is rich in high antioxidants should be limited. Consume vegetables which are rich in calcium, iron and high amounts of fibers. Vegetables such as Tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots, turnips, broccoli, celery, zucchini, spinach, beetroot, asparagus, and onions should be included in the diet. Green vegetables are rich in calcium and iron. Keep sugar in control by adding bitter gourd in the diet. Broccoli is composed of Sulforaphane, a natural component present in the vegetable, it inhibits vestibular schwannoma growth. The food should include fish and avoid processed/red meat.


There are no specific natural remedies to treat nerve sheath tumors. Symptomatic pain treatment with hot baths, exercises, and healthy diet and lifestyle are the options to overcome the disease to a little extent. These remedies are especially useful when the tumors are difficult to deal with surgical procedures.



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