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Natural Remedies For Hunter Syndrome

Hunter syndrome which is also known as MPS II (mucopolysaccharidosis) is a genetic problem that passes within the family. It has been observed that this health problem is more common in young boys than girls. Body of the patient suffering from this problem fails to break the complex sugar molecule build in the skin, bones, and tendons and on other tissues in to simple particles. The unbroken sugar particles continue to pile up forming a huge structure in the cell, which further adversely affect the various parts of the body including the brain. The effect of this problem varies from one individual to another. Parents of children suffering from hunter syndrome should always treat them like other normal children, do not make them feel that they are different from others.

Natural Remedies For Hunter Syndrome

Natural Remedies For Hunter Syndrome

Behavioral Problems- If parents observe sudden changes in the behavior of the child suffering from hunter syndrome, then it is important to provide safe and secure environment at home. This makes the child feel comfortable and makes it convenient to deal with the issues. Treating abnormal behavior with medications has a very limited scope but natural remedies can be of great help.(1)

Avoid use of high spices in food, this will naturally maintain normal health condition and the patient will feel relax.

Sleep Problems- Inappropriate or interrupted sleep is one of the very common problems observed in kids with hunter syndrome. Regular exercise of indulging in minor physical activity can help in making the body relax, which in turn can lead to peaceful sleep.

One should never ignore any serious symptoms or problem faced by the child and should immediately ask for medical assistance to avoid any problems later. This way any problem can be identified at a very early stage and proper treatment can be initiated for controlling further damage.(1)

Hunter Syndrome Treatment

As such no treatment is available that can completely cure hunter syndrome but with proper medications the painful symptoms of the problem can be managed to a great extent.

In expecting mothers, examination of the prenatal fluid or placenta tissue sample is prescribed to detect whether the unborn is have infected chromosome or not.

Treatment For Respiratory Problems

Removing the tonsils help in opening up the airways making it wider, this provides complete relief in sleep arena. However, this is a temporary solution because as the disease progresses the throat tissues start to become wider and re-creates the problem. Use of breading devices can be of great help in opening the airways by applying required air pressure. This is known as CPAP i.e. continuous positive airway pressure. Properly opened airways also helps in maintaining the required blood oxygen level in the body.

Relief From Heart Problems

Doctors keep a close check on the cardiovascular functions of the body and check its various functions like heart murmuring, condition of the heart valves, blood pressure and so on. If doctor finds severe problems hindering the normal functioning of the heart, then doctor may suggest heart replacement surgery.

Address The Connective Tissue And Skeletal Issues

It has been observed that majority of children suffering from hunter syndrome continue to face complications even after a successful surgery is performed. Hence, options become very limited for connective tissue and skeletal issues. For instance, surgeries that are performed for initiating stability in the spine become very complicated when the bones are weak. Bone and skeleton flexibility can be made better by performing the right physical exercises and therapies. Once the bone’s flexibility is improved the surgery for spine can be performed successfully.(1)

Treating Neurological Problems

Problems that are associated with tissues and fluids surrounding the brain or the spinal cord are very difficult to treat. This is so because there are various risks that are associated with these parts of the body. Doctors may prescribe surgery for removing the excess amount of fluid. In case the patients have seizure then doctors may recommend medications for anticonvulsant.


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