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Home Remedies For Myelofibrosis

For most of the patients suffering from myelofibrosis, there is absolutely no cure, but with the help of combinatorial therapy, the symptoms can be effectively managed. The symptoms of myelofibrosis are widespread and the disease affects the various physiological function of the body. Apart from the drugs used for managing symptoms such as anemia, risk of infection, splenomegaly, and fatigue, various home remedies are available which can be used along with the main therapy.

Home Remedies For Myelofibrosis

Home Remedies For Myelofibrosis

Although myelofibrosis is difficult to treat conditions as the only permanent treatment option available if the stem cell transplants. This technique, too, is not available to the entire patient suffering from myelofibrosis due to its own limitations. Thus, the aim of the treatment in case of myelofibrosis is to manage the symptoms. In the absence of ay symptoms, doctors do not start the treatment and monitor the health of the patient. Sort form the drugs used to manage the disease, various natural remedies for myelofibrosis are available to reduce the severity of symptoms. These home remedies for myelofibrosis includes-

Supplementation- The level of RBC is reduced in myelofibrosis leading to a drop in the concentration of hemoglobin. Thus, the patient may suffer from anemia. To replace the lost nutrients supplementation with Iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 is advised.

Yoga– Patients with myelofibrosis experiences fatigue, anxiety, and loss of sleep. Physical activity helps to reduce these symptoms. In a study done on the patient with myelofibrosis, the patients were instructed to perform Yoga specially designed for them, for 60 minutes per day for 12 weeks. There was a significant reduction in depression, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue.(1)

Exercise- Most of the people think that doing exercise in myelofibrosis worsens the symptoms and the patient feels more fatigue. If the exercise is done according to the direction of the physiotherapist specialized for this purpose, it actually increases the energy level.

Socialization- One of the major symptoms of myelofibrosis is anxiety and depression. These symptoms worsen if the patient detached himself from society and started to live in isolation. The patient should socialize himself and attend the functions or get-togethers. Family and friends play a significant role in managing depression in the patient.(1)

Meditation– Meditation program is helpful in managing the pain and stress in the patient. Meditation is believed to be the non-pharmacological strategy to manage the symptoms of Myeloproliferative disorder including myelofibrosis.

Counseling- Counseling of the patient by an expert counselor is effective in the accurate management of the disease and makes the patient ready for any future symptoms. Further, various apprehensions of the patients related to the disease are cleared during the counseling process.

Diet- Diet helps in alleviating the symptoms of myelofibrosis. A healthy and balanced diet helps increase energy, reduces stress and makes the patient physically active. Red meat and dairy products such as cheese and butter should be avoided and the cholesterol should be controlled.

Noni Juice- Noni juice is known for scavenging the cancerous cells and helps in generation of the new healthy cells. It also helps in stimulating the growth of white blood cells.(2)

Reduce The Risk Of Infection- In myelofibrosis, the production of WBC gets reduced. The patient becomes vulnerable to infection. Thus, proper care of the patient should be done. Cranberry juice and probiotics may be incorporated in the diet of the patient.

Vitamin C– Vitamin C is an important supplement to be used in the management of symptoms of myelofibrosis. It is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. Further, Vitamin C is also known for increasing immunity.


Myelofibrosis is a manageable condition, especially when diagnosed at an early stage. The drugs, as well as other therapies, target the alleviation of symptoms. Various home remedies are also available which helps in reducing the severity of the symptoms. These include Supplementation, meditation, yoga, and exercise.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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