Can Depression Be Ever Good For You?

“Depression could really make you feel too low and keep you away from your normal routine in life.” However, have you ever wondered “Can depression be ever good for you?” Read the post and get to know about it.

Can Depression Be Ever Good For You?

Can Depression Be Ever Good For You?

Some experts say that “depression could also be good for you”. It is obvious that for someone who is suffering from depression, maybe from a mild or a severe depression, this might sound really absurd, and even offensive. However, if we take a look at some of the benefits of depression, it might make us know how to see illness in a more positive and an enlightened way. So, below we will talk about some of the benefits of depression and that would make us know that at times, depression can also be good for us, for some reasons.

It Makes You A Good Writer:

If you are willing to write something or express something, but unable to do so; your depression or the mood disorder would at times help you do so. Usually depression may keep you isolated from the crowd and when you are in silent or in a lonely phase you would get good words to pen down your thoughts; and believe it, when you write something deep during this isolated phase you can come up with great pieces of writing.

It Helps You Learn How To Cope:

When you suffer from depression, you surely try to find out several ways to come out of it; and with this process of finding ways out of your depression might help you become a better person at coping and you learn how to cope up, in a better manner. However, poor coping choices could get you in more troubles. So it is always good to work together with your therapist and learn several coping skills that you actually require.

Depression Makes You Laugh More:

Depression also makes you laugh more. People with depression at times, laugh for unknown reasons, they sometimes laugh at themselves and usually have a great sense of humor.

Depression Helps You Thinking:

What else could be good about depression? It would be right to say that a depressed mind is usually always on treadmill. Usually people with depression think a lot and these continuous thinking could be a good brain exercise that results in analytical thinking.

It Makes You More Compassionate:

Usually depression makes you more compassionate. This is perhaps one of the best things someone with depression could have in self. It is true that depression disrupts the nerve cells found in the brain. However, it also expands your heart by making you more compassionate.

It Makes You Less Judgmental:

If you have become totally disabled by your depression, at least for a temporary time period, you would become less judgmental, and you hardly judge or keep any opinion about others for how they are, what they say or behave.

Depression Increases Self-Awareness:

Being in depression you actually become too much self-aware. Most people discover their self creative talent when they go through their depression phase. Perhaps that’s the reason why most writers, poets, musicians, artists, have actually experienced depression at some point of their life.

You No More Fear Death Or Anything Else:

“Death is the ultimate end! But we end up every day by thinking about death!” Isn’t it? But, did you know a person with depression, hardly fear death or anything else in their life. This is because, when you try to come out of depression, you generally try your best to live your life completely. You put all your efforts to remain fearless about anything and enjoy every moment.

Depression Forces You To Appreciate Little Things:

Life can really be very difficult for you, especially when you are filled with negativity, discrimination, isolation, and lots of racing thoughts. However, if you are trying to cope up with your condition and working with your therapist to focus on small little things in life in your life and then you actually start appreciating the little things and that gives you the feeling of warmth and satisfaction in life. For those who experienced depression, there is always something to appreciate in life.


It is true that depression can really take of the pleasure and many other things from your life. However, if you are engaged well with the mindfulness-based therapies and in expressive thoughtful writing then it would be really effective in managing the symptoms of depression. You would slowly understand that suicide is not the solution; rather you would start appreciating your life and take the best possible care and help to come out of the sufferings and live life to fullest.

Focus on the positive side of depression, count on the blessings and the good things that you could have or experience only because of your depression; and be the best person you ever wanted to be!

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