6 Symptoms of Depression That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Depression is a common thing in today’s time owing to the fast paced and yet a sedentary lifestyle. There are many kinds of depression ailments, but the related ailments and symptoms may or may not be common in every patient; but there are some ways in which identifying the common symptoms of depression is possible.

This guide will talk about the depression symptoms not to be ignored by the people who feel some abnormalities in their mood and overall mental health.

6 Symptoms of Depression That You Shouldn't Ignore

6 Symptoms of Depression That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Before we start with the common depression symptoms, depression is of many types which include the following:

Depending upon the above disorders, symptoms of depression differ; however, in the end, the symptoms that you are in depression are quite common. Therefore, you can seek for some better common grounds while talking about depression. Given below are 6 depression symptoms which you should not ignore:

  1. Sleep: This is a common knowledge that when you are suffering from depression, cortisol levels increase. Consequently, you will have lesser amount of sleep or disturbed sleep; to say in a nutshell, you will suffer from insomnia. This has a direct link with depression. The more depressed you are, the lesser or more disturbed your sleep will be. What actually happens in depression is that you are more prone to remaining inactive for long hours. To curtail depression, you have to try regularizing your sleep. This way, it is easier to get out of depression and lead a happy life. But beware when you are not sleeping well, as this is one of the common and disturbing symptom of depression which you should not ignore!
  2. Suicidal Thoughts: Suicidal thoughts where you want to harm yourself or kill yourself are derived from a feeling of worthlessness and constantly loathing yourself. When you are suffering from depression, you can have multitudes of complications arising in your mind. As in depression, people fail to see any way out of a problem the first thought that strikes the mind of a patient suffering from depression is suicide. This is the first thing that seems to be a perfect way out of a messy situation in life that you feel you are incapable of dealing with. This is one of the 6 common depression symptoms which is not only the deadliest symptom but can prove to have a debilitating effect on your mental health.
  3. Loss of Appetite/Increased Appetite: There is another flip side to this aspect of hunger and you may feel like eating less or eating more. Both kinds of variations are evident during depression which can have problems for your metabolic rate of digestion. When you are depressed you are extremely sad and don’t wish to take care of yourself. If you feel less hungry or are less on nutrition, your body will produce lesser glucose which lowers your blood pressure thereby making you highly inactive. This aspect of depression will eventually send you into a vicious cycle of depression which can have a major effect on your health. To cut down this problem, it is highly recommended to go for the power foods, which will contribute in improving your mood and your health. So keep an eye out for fluctuations in your appetite, as this is one of the major indications of depression.
  4. Over-Thinking: When a person suffers from depression, it is usually the result of chain of events. But there is a high point of inflection when things get severe. This situation may make a person fall into oblivion, which eventually gives rise to a feeling of overanalyzing and over thinking everything. This is what we term as depression and that is what results in most of the problems at a later stage. Those who are pessimist see the negative side of any situation and letting go of anything is a problem for them. Over-thinking starts from that point, the patient will tend to over think about each and every situation which leads to massive problems. Thinking too much can become evident even in the day to day activities and for students, it causes lot more problems. Ignoring one of these 6 symptoms of depression can be very harmful for the patient, as it stunts their growth and makes them more ill, both physically and mentally. Body becomes a dead trap of diseases and depression is the sole cause for this.
  5. Fear: This is a well-known fact that depression affects your brain structure but how is it related with that lingering feeling of fear? This point needs an insight and you will have to look into the ways through which depression can be linked with fear. When this interconnection is located, it becomes easier to understand as to why fear arises during depression. Now let us see what happens when you are highly depressed? During depression, amygdale gets activated and you recall unwillingly, all the frightening and painful memories of the past. This is a major reason as to why people suffer from fear, which becomes a common symptom in depression and should never be ignored.
  6. Staying Aloof: Why do you want to be left alone when dealing with depression? This is a common case which arises when you are having severe bouts of depression. If you have painful memories, you will get troubled by a feeling of being left alone to deal with your issues. Socially a depressed person will cut themselves off that proves to have major effect on your mental health and ability to socially connect with people. So not mingling with others and wanting to stay alone and brooding is an important symptom of depression which should not be ignored.

Ways to Deal with Depression

There is no single cure for depression and one has to look into different ways to come out this cursed feeling. There are some major ways, which are tried and tested against successfully fighting depression and are as follows:

  • Meditation.
  • Exercise.
  • Good diet.
  • Social connections.

Above ways are wholesome as you will feed yourself well and keep your cortisol levels low by being physically active. Taking medication or going for rehab is not a long-lasting solution, plus they have varied side effects also. Therefore, one should focus upon indentifying the source of depression and its symptoms move beyond the past to lead a happy and healthy life. Making friends and understanding your own problems can help a lot in adding value to your life and helps in keeping depression at bay.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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