Best Breakfast to Eat for Weight Loss

Did you know that eating healthy breakfast can actually help you lose weight? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People think that if they quit breakfast they are cutting down certain amount of calories, but unfortunately, they are extremely wrong. According to a survey, people who consumed breakfast everyday showed a good response for weight loss. People who quit breakfast actually gained weight. Eating healthy breakfast helps you to reduce weight as it get your metabolism going early on in the day. However, you should not consume junk food and fatty food items as your breakfast and then expect weight loss. A proper food which balances all nutrients should be taken for breakfast to help in reduce body weight.

Best Breakfast to Eat for Weight Loss

Best Breakfast to Eat for Weight Loss

If you are watching your weight, then eating a healthy breakfast is very important. You should make breakfast your main meal of the day and add some healthy ingredients to it for more benefits. You can add whole grains, fruits and vegetables to your breakfast list as they contain high fiber. Given below are some food ideas for breakfast to lose weight faster:

  • Raspberries: When you consume a cup of raspberries at breakfast, it gives you 8 g of fiber. When you consume foods rich in fiber, it reduces your body weight. According to research, for every 1000 calories, if you consume 8 g fiber, then you can reduce about 4 pounds weight.
  • Eggs: When you consume breakfast, which is rich in protein, it will keep you full for longer throughout the day. Egg is a protein rich food item and it can hold you till your lunch break thus making it an ideal breakfast item to lose weight. Dieters who consume eggs everyday tend to lose weight very soon when compared to other dieters who consume the same amount of calories in other food item.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is rich in fiber and you feel less hungry for a few hours. Oats contain original contents, which are high in protein and are also good for health of an individual. Hence, individuals looking forward to lose weight should consume oatmeal with fat free milk. One can even top oatmeal with banana and strawberries to make it filling and healthy to eat as a breakfast for losing weight.
  • Black Beans: This is the best breakfast to eat when trying to lose weight as this food helps in fighting belly fat. Black beans can stay in your stomach for many hours and thus curbs frequent hunger pangs and reduces overeating. Prepare a black bean salad or add them to your omelet and eat it for breakfast to lose weight.
  • Pure Peanut Butter: Pure peanut butter is made of peanuts and salt while processed peanut butter is made with waist widening oils and sugar. Pure peanut butter is filled with genistein and mono saturated fats, which help in regulating the fat content in the body.
  • Almond Butter: This is rich in fiber, protein and mono saturated fat. People who eat nuts for breakfast are less likely to put on weight when compared to people who avoid it. Add a teaspoon of almond butter to your oatmeal or spread it on your whole grain toast.
  • Greek Yogurt: This contains the double amount of protein than the normal yogurts. When you consume Greek yogurt, your blood sugar level is stable for a longer time and it also makes you feel less hungry. Add some Greek yogurt to your berries, canned pumpkin and chia seeds and eat it for breakfast to lose weight.
  • Salmon: This is one of the best food which is rich in omega 3 healthy fats and protein. When you include salmon in your breakfast diet, you will feel energized and satisfied until your lunch hour. Add some grilled salmon to your vegetable sandwich or eat it with your whole grain toast to lose weight.
  • Chicken Breast: Many of you think chicken is only ideal for lunch, but no chicken is very beneficial when you eat it for your breakfast. Chicken breast is low in calories and rich in protein and can fill up your stomach without adding any extra calories to your body and thus help you lose weight.
  • Apples: Eating apple helps in reducing belly fat. Apple is rich in fiber so you feel less hungry. Grab an apple and eat it on your way to office or college. You can also add apple to oatmeal for a healthier breakfast, which leads to healthy weight loss.

Benefits of Eating Breakfast When Trying to Lose Weight

The literal meaning of “breakfast” means break the fast between the meal eaten at dinner before sleeping and after a person wakes up the next morning. The time spanning between the previous day’s dinner and the next day’s breakfast is generally more than 8 hours. Given below are some reasons why breakfast is important when trying to lose weight:

  • Breakfast Boosts your Metabolism: During your sleep, your metabolism rate becomes slow. The best way to increase your metabolism rate is with a healthy breakfast. People assume that eating breakfast will add more calories; however, they are wrong, as when you start your day by eating healthy breakfast, it will help you burn calories and lose weight.
  • Breakfast Cuts Down On Overeating: When you prolong the time between your breakfast and previous night dinner then tend to eat more. If you skip breakfast then you feel hungry and you overeat during your lunch hour, which in turn increases your weight as well as leads to other health complications. Hence it is best to consume breakfast right on time, such that it keeps your stomach filled and makes you feel content throughout the day.
  • Breakfast Reduces Bad Cholesterol: When you consume breakfast every day, your LDP cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol, is reduced. If you skip breakfast then this actually slows down your metabolism rate and causes the fat to get stored in your body. This has negative repercussions i.e. you tend to overeat and gain weight and store bad cholesterol in your body. So eating a healthy breakfast reduces bad cholesterol along with reducing your weight.
  • Breakfast Improves your Concentration: When you eat your breakfast, you will be more focused and productive. But, when you skip your breakfast you will actually think more about food. Hence individuals who wish to start their day fresh and energized should ensure that they consume healthy and filling breakfast for a healthy weight loss.
  • Breakfast Reduces Starvation: When you sleep, your body reduces as many calories as it can. However, after you wake up, if you start your day by skipping your breakfast and on an empty stomach then your body goes into starvation mode and tends to store more calories and increases the fat in the body thus leading to weight gain. So having a healthy breakfast is a must when trying to lose weight.
  • Breakfast Helps in Losing Weight: One of the best benefits of eating breakfast in the morning is it helps in reducing weight. It does not matter even if you consume more calories for breakfast, after all you have the whole day to burn calories and get back to normal weight.

What You Should NOT EAT for Your Breakfast When Trying to Lose Weight?

  • Avoid eating donuts, pastries and cakes for you breakfast as they are rich in fat and sugar contents and they offer very less nutritional benefit and ill lead to rapid weight gain.
  • Fried food, such as sausage and bacon, which are high fat foods, should not be eaten for breakfast if you want to lose weight.
  • Toasted muesli and high sugar cereals should be avoided as they contain high calories and fat. Eat natural muesli for breakfast instead.


Skipping your breakfast or eating very less for breakfast is a very bad habit, which backfires. If you skip breakfast or eat a light breakfast, then you will feel hungry after a couple of hours, which leads you to overeat. Hence, it is a good idea to stick to balanced meal plan for breakfast such that it keeps you filled until your lunch hour and also contributes to weight loss.

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