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Can You Burn Belly Fat With A Heating Pad?

Belly fat is one of the most stubborn fats, melting which is never an easy task. It takes the longest to burn belly fat and bring your midsection into a desirable shape. These days you can find many devices and appliances in the market which claims to melt belly fat with the application of heat. The makers of these electrical devices opine that heat which is disseminated from these devices will melt the fat cells. This will help you to get rid of your extra pounds around your belly. Let us understand whether these claims are actually true or not.

Can You Burn Belly Fat With A Heating Pad?

Can You Burn Belly Fat With A Heating Pad?

There are certain heat belts that are used by dermatologists for skin treatment purposes. However, by no means can these belts affect your belly fat and can melt it away (1). Working out, exercising and maintaining balanced diets are the only ways through which belly fat can be reduced.(2)

Makers of such electrical heat belts have claimed that these devices can provide certain electrical stimulations that can make your abdominals fat contract and then get heated up. They further claim that this temperature increase can work on the stubborn fat around the belly and hence result in loss of fat around the stomach and the waistline. However, none of these claims happens to be real. They have simply no effect on the fat around the belly. Scientists who conducted researches on healthy people have noticed that even after the application of the heat, the fat index around the midsection remains unchanged.(1)

Radiofrequency-Induced Technology for Burning Belly Fat

Dermatologists use certain heat devices that work on the basis of radiofrequency. They offer deep heat to the fat cells. This technology can destroy the fat cells and can remove them in the form of waste from the body.(3) A study published in 2015 February in the journal F1000 Research has confirmed this technology. The report has confirmed the fact that this novel heat belt is fully capable of melting the belly fat. The American Academy of Dermatology has also endorsed this product and has confirmed the fact that this device can melt away stubborn fat around the midsection of the body.(4) This is a noninvasive procedure that will not take very long and will also allow you to return to your normal life as soon as possible.

The technology of radiofrequency is one that can be used on some selective people. This is a type of technology that can be used for people who have spots of stubborn fat on their body that will not melt away with diet or exercising. This is a form of technology that will not work well for people with the problem of obesity. Obesity is a problem that can get reduced only with proper diet maintenance and exercising and workout.(2, 5) Heat technology is no answer for such form of acute fat formation.


Radiofrequency is a technology that is mainly used for cosmetic purposes and not for an overall weight loss purpose. For managing obesity and reducing belly fat and midsection extra pounds, there can never be a better solution than a workout. Belly fat can make you look unimpressive and can lead to many other health hazards. This is all the more true for women who can have fertility issues with high midsection fat. However depending on heat belts for the purpose is not a wise decision. You can go for added support like saunas(6) but targeted workout regimes and diet control is the best way of going ahead.


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