7 Effective Ways To Lose Weight Without Intense Exercise

There are various factors which lead to extra fat – from the diet and physical activity level to the sleep amount and the stress you have. It is not possible to shed pounds with balancing just one of the above factors. You must have a balance of all these factors to melt the extra fat. You can be in shape with the combination of a balanced diet, regular workouts and sufficient amount of sleep. Your diet plays a huge role in attaining weight loss goals. But what if you don’t have enough time for doing exercise regularly? Is there any way of fighting with extra fat or any factors which may help?

7 Effective Ways To Lose Weight Without Intense Exercise

7 Effective Ways To Lose Weight Without Intense Exercise

Some simple lifestyle and diet changes can aid in reducing extra fat. Below are given 7 effective ways that can help in weight loss without rigid and intense exercise:

#1. Drink Plenty of Water

The habit of drinking sufficient water doesn’t only quench the thirst but also keeps you hydrated and you metabolism going which helps in shedding those extra pounds. The habit of taking water very first thing in morning is one of the most effective ways to lose weight without intense exercise. Starting the day by having a glass of lukewarm water helps in cleaning your digestive system and boosting the metabolism, which speeds the weight loss. Consuming water in sufficient amount helps in preventing the intake of the extra calories. With sufficient intake of water, you will feel fuller for a long time and it will prevent overeating thus help in your weight loss journey. So take a water bottle, fill this as a daily morning habit and carry this everywhere you go. Consume plenty of water it will melt your fat without doing any intense exercise.

#2. Get Enough Sleep

Health experts advise to have quality sleep of 8 hours for a good reason. Sleep deprivation can make you to consume more calories than what you should be having thus leading to weight gain. As per a research conducted by King’s College London researchers – individuals suffering from sleep deprivation took an extra dose of nearly 385 kcal (kilocalories) on daily basis that is equal to calories of around 4 to 5 bread slices. So, one great way to lose weight without intense exercise is to get good amount of shut-eye.

#3. Control your Sugar Intake

Excess amount of sugar consumption puts extra load on the liver and it results in storage of fat and the main target is the belly. As per experts, you shouldn’t take simple sugars, such as biscuits, white rice cakes, bread and refined flour after 5 p.m. to lose weight without intense exercise. Let us understand the reason behind controlling the intake of sugar to be in shape. Your main motto should be preventing the food to convert into unnecessary fat, which accumulates in your body. And for this, you are required to check the consumption of foods high in glycemic Index and complex carbs. High GI food items lead to the generation of a high quantum of the sugar, excess of which gets converted into fat. So controlling your sugar intake is one of the effective ways to lose weight without intense exercise.

#4. Chew Your Food Well

You must have heard that you should chew your food well such that you must be drinking your food! There is an important reason behind this advice. In case you have a habit of eating your food quickly and swallowing the food without chewing it properly, then you need to change this habit of yours. The food takes so much time for breaking down; as a result, it hinders the digestion that results in weight gain. With not chewing your food properly, it takes around 20 minutes for satiety signals to reach your brain. Eating the food slowly by taking your time gives the brain less time for sending the signals of being full and will help prevent overeating. So, chew your food well to lose weight without intense exercise.

#5. Have Your Meals in Small Plates

Meals taken in the large plates make you believe that you are eating less but, actually, your meal is just scattered that make you end up having more food than what you actually need. Serve food in small plates and eat only to the satiation point. This habit will make you eat less and as a result you won’t be putting extra weight. So choose small plates to eat from to lose weight without doing intense exercise.

#6. Consume More Protein

Protein is very helpful in regulating your appetite and losing weight. Protein takes more time to digest and so pushes the body for secreting Peptide YY-the gut hormone that lets you feel fuller. You can lose weight by increasing the metabolic rate and as protein takes very long time to digest, it helps to maintain the metabolism and you can lose weight without performing hard core exercise. You can eat proteins for dinner such as pulses, fish, sprouts and eggs. Protein helps in muscle building and keeps you satiated so that you can escape from overeating and lose weight faster.

#7. Eat Food Rich in Fibre

High fibre food items can help in weight loss as they take more time to digest and they also let you feel fuller for a long time, thus they help in avoiding mid-meal snacks. So, eat plenty of foods high in fiber such as summer vegetables and seasonal fruits. Eating fibre rich foods is an effective way to lose weight without intense exercise. This habit will keep the body toxin-free and helps in preventing constipation too.


While you should not completely avoid exercise or workout to lose weight; however, you can defintiely get away without doing intense exercise and lose weight by follwing the above 7 methods diligently. Adhering to above-mentioned tips will surely take you a step closer to the slimmer body you have always dreamt of and that too without having to undergo intense, hard core workouts.

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