How To Maintain Healthy Weight After Losing It Fast?

Shedding some extra weight for an overweight individual is the ultimate success story for that person. One may have indulged in a variety of exercises, diet plans, and other means of weight loss to get this achievement, but this is just the half job done. What is considered to be a real achievement is the ability for that individual to Maintain Healthy Weight after losing it fast.

This is the question asked by majority of people who have lost weight in the recent past and have reached an ideal weight with an ideal BMI or Body Mass Index. Normally, what happens is that once an individual reaches a target weight, then one goes back to their previous ways of living and within no time they regain the weight that they had lost after such hard work. Studies suggest that people who are able to Maintain Healthy Weight after Losing it fast are as low as 8-10% of the overall population, which is quite staggering. In this article, we will discuss some natural ways to Maintain Healthy Weight after Losing it.

How To Maintain Healthy Weight After Losing It Fast?

How To Maintain Healthy Weight After Losing It Fast?

Below mentioned are some of the common ways to Maintain Healthy Weight after Losing it fast.

Activity Levels: The best way to Maintain Healthy Weight is by staying active as much as possible. For the younger generation, exercise is the best way to keep in shape and maintain healthy weight. For people who have retired they can still remain active by doing chores around the house like doing yard work or other physical activity to keep their muscles nimble and toned and thus, help in maintaining healthy weight. The best exercises recommended to maintain healthy weight after losing it fast are cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, jogging, and cycling.

Maintaining Good Eating Habits: The habit which you may have developed during the phase when you were trying to lose weight to reach your target weight should continue even after you have achieved your target in order to maintain healthy weight. Thus, it is recommended that you eat a diet which is low on calories and rich in proteins. Reducing the calories even further will be of additional help. This not only will keep your body toned and fit, but will also help to maintain healthy weight.

Eating Balanced Diet: Eating the right kind of diet is also vital to maintain healthy weight, especially after you have lost weight fast through exercises and other means. What happens is that when you reach your target weight you may start indulging in eating foods, which may not be balanced even if they may be low in calories and rich in protein. It is essential to strike a right balance in the food that you eat in order to maintain healthy weight. The best way to do this is to consult with a nutritionist who can chart out a diet best suited for you which will help you in maintaining healthy weight. Try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains. Avoid processed foods and foods that are rich in trans-fats. Try and take two to three small meals a day instead of taking one large meal a day. In case if you have had food outside at a social gathering, which may not be balanced then you need to cut back on your diet in terms of calories for the next few days in order to compensate for that so as to help maintain healthy weight.

Monitoring Body Weight: Once you have lost weight and reached your goal weight fast, it is essential for you to keep a track of your weight at least on a weekly basis. This will not only help you in maintain healthy weight, but also will point towards even a slight increase in weight if there is one.

Lifestyle Modifications: In case if you are unfortunate enough that you get an illness where you have to be sedentary for a period of time, in which case there is every likelihood that you will gain substantial amount of weight back then it becomes essential to go back to the basics and start again with lifestyle modifications and plenty of exercises once you are given a clean bill of health, eating low calories and protein rich diet, and avoid foods rich in fats and carbohydrates. This will help you get back to your target weight quickly and even maintain healthy weight.

Maintaining Food Journal: This is also an important aspect in order to maintain healthy weight. Make a note of what did you have for dinner last night or what did you have for breakfast, which will be an indicator as to what to eat the next day or in lunch. This will help you in avoiding overeating and thus help you in Maintaining Healthy Weight.

Breakfast: In order to maintain healthy weight, it is extremely important to not skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast helps maintain weight loss and prevents weight gain. Skipping breakfast may lead to an improper eating pattern, which may lead to further weight gain.


In summary, losing weight fast may be accomplished but to maintain healthy weight is much tougher than how it may sound. Apart from some simple methods mentioned above, it is also extremely important for you to keep reminding yourself the hard work that was put in by you and your nutritionist to get you in shape, which will help a great deal in making you avoid foods which can be detrimental for your weight and help you maintain healthy weight.

Additionally, if you are in close contact with other people who are also trying their best to Maintain Healthy Weight then discuss the strategies that you employ to and also listen to what the others do. This will go a long way in keeping you motivated and help you maintain healthy weight after losing it fast.

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