Best Android Apps For Fitness Training

“Life is all about experiencing the ups and downs yet managing being at the best of fitness!” Each individual is on the run to find the best possible mode for staying fit and being at the best of his health. People work on various gyms, go for aerobics, some prefer dancing, cycling or running and try to keep themselves at a zenith level of fitness. There are various ways to find out the perfect move or workout for each of us. You might join a professional fitness center or a gym, or may prefer your own workouts at home. But for being your own professional trainer, it is always recommended following something real professional in your workout sessions. May be it is about the fitness diet, or the fitness moves or anything else related to fitness training, it is essential for you to have the absolute knowledge on what you are into in real. Now if you are wondering about how to be a knowledgeable personal trainer for self, then how about thinking and adopting something real smart? Did you know you can get the best of your in depth knowledge and professional fitness training via your android phone? After all it is all about the smartphone world! This current article will put some limelight on some of the best known android applications for fitness training. So if you are one of those aspiring fitness personal who wants to learn and be with professional moves and workout principles, if you want to be known about the proper fitness diet, or want to track your successive progress with the professional fitness programs and if you are the owner of any android device, you can now get the most advanced and popular android apps downloaded and installed in your device and be your own trainer in a convenient manner. Look at the following array of the article to find out what we have in the list of best android apps for fitness training.

Best Android Apps For Fitness Training

How Android Apps For Fitness Training Can Help You Get The Best Of Your Fitness?

Technology is linked to healthcare. There are many proven records which shows technical development has turned the healthcare section simply outstanding and mobile technology has given something real wonderful to the health and fitness sector with the developers growing the best possible health and fitness applications to be run on the smart phones. Let us list few points below mentioning about how android technology or the android applications aid you get the best of your fitness or remain at your perfect shape.

  • Finding a personal trainer may be easy, but it is very much pricey and not all can afford. Android apps for fitness training is something easy to download, available at an ease at an affordable price or even for free.
  • The best android apps for fitness training helps you go for your training sessions as per your convenient time and convenient place to work out with professional guidance coming right on your fingertip.
  • You can fix your absolute fitness aim with the clear assistance from the wonderful videos and audio tutorials with exclusive features for analyzing your progress in workouts and your fitness or body health in a perfect manner.
  • The fitness training android apps are not just for exercising guidance but also built with features providing enough support in letting you know about the perfect fitness diet and healthy rules to stay fit.

Some Of The Best Android Apps For Fitness Training:

  1. Workout Trainer- Fitness App For Android:The most downloaded android applications for fitness training is the workout trainer which provides enough of healthy and generous information about your absolute fitness and guides you perfectly in your workout sessions. This android app for fitness training comes absolutely free at home. For the exciting features it has in it, the application has been rated on an average of 4.2 star ratings. Look below for the very special features of this absolutely stunning android app of the Workout Trainer.
    • Comprises of free as well as premium workout programs that assist you in reaching your absolute fitness goals. This is a TOP app on Android.
    • You get a lot of professional video and audio tutorial on proper workouts and various encouraging videos from certified personal trainers with this android app.
    • The app provides you free virtual fitness consultation wizard for your preliminary satisfaction.
    • There is a premium Pro+(all-you-can-exercise) subscription feature available with the Workout Trainer android app, which is available at a rate of $6.99 per month, Pro+(3 months) is available at a rate of $20.97 and the Pro+(6 months) is available at $41.94
    • It can be shared easily in social networking sites and emails.
    • You get your favorite music played on while working out on your moves via this app instructions.
    • The app provides you a chance to interact with the community of fitness personals and professionals.
    • You can edit or create your workouts via the android app.
    • You can track your progress and also share the same online.
  2. Garmin Fit- Fitness App For Android:This is a runner special application which has some outstanding features in it. This is available at a price of $0.99 and reviewed with 3.5 star ratings on average.Look below for some of the features of this android app for fitness training.
    • The app allows you track your run with the help of GPS tracker.
    • You can know about your calories burned by providing your weight, height and also age via this stunning app meant for android (also for iPhone).
    • You can listen to your favorite workout music while running.
  3. RunKeeper Track- Android Fitness App: Running is a wonderful exercise that keeps you fit and strong for the long run of life. Runkeeper track is a wonderful android app meant especially for those workout personals who love to run or who choose running as their fitness move. The Pro version of the app is available for free. This exclusive app gets a user rating of 4.4 stars on average.
    Look below for the special features of the Android App for Fitness Training.
    • The android app uses GPS on a map for tracking your run. You can know your mileage, calories burnt, total time taken to cover the miles and various other statistics.
    • There are robotic announcers in the app which lets you know about your distance covered, time taken to cover the distance etc while you are running.
  4. Cardio Trainer- A Workout App For Android:This is one more excellent android app meant for fitness training, especially helps in knowing about your proper fitness workouts indoor at gym and also outdoor workouts like running. Below mentioned are some of the most important features of the application.
    • Provides professional information on your indoor activities like the gym acts and also the outdoor moves like running or cycling etc.
    • You can get to know about your progress on workouts easily with the app.
    • The android app provides enough of inspirational features and encouraging components in it that aids you go for better and better in your fitness aim.
  5. Daily Workouts Personal Trainer- Android Workout App for Fitness Training: If you are one of those fitness personals who want to go for regular workouts but lack time, all you can do is download the android app of Daily workouts personal trainer and get to have the best of your exercising span at home in your convenience. Here below are some of the most noted features of this android app.
    • You get exercises categorized under 5-10 minutes targeted workouts
    • You can get to know about the 30 minutes session of full body workouts.
    • There are in total of 50 exercises available with this app.
    • There is a timer and on-screen instructions.
    • You get enough of professionally built video tutorials showing the exercises and how to do steps.
  6. BodBot Personal Trainer App- Fitness App for Android:The use of wondrous mechanisms and best of scientific approaches in the android app named BodBot personal Trainer app, makes the app stand unique and one of the most liked android app for fitness training available of Google Play for the android devices. The best thing about the app is, it is available for free. You find the ratings for this app comes to 3.9 stars. Here below are some of the most unique features of the app.
    • The application helps you evaluate not only your strength gained via workouts but also audits your entire body and fitness level including the body flexibility, your posture or shape etc.
    • You can get to know about your fat loss exercises, weight gain exercises, strength gain moves, cognitive health gain exercises, explained well with proper step by step instructions.
    • The app also helps you know about your proper diet and nutrients.
  7. My Gym Personal Trainer- Fitness App for Android:If you are one of those addicted gym personals, then this android app is exclusively meant for you. This app can be made available for free. The average ratings show 3.9 stars for this android application for android devices. Here below are some of the exclusive features of My Gym personal Trainer android app.
    • You get proper information to its depth on about 100 exercises.
    • The app allows you to know your progress in your fitness session via your body measurements with Anthropometrics
    • The app logs all the sets and supersets you do including the reps, breaks and weights.
    • The app provides you with various customizable features which one can select as per personal needs for continuing workouts in an effective and well functional manner.

Now, stop providing excuses to your fitness acts, go for these android app, download and install in your very own android phones and get into the world of fitness today!

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