Google Glass- A Boon For The Disabled And Elderly People

“Every day is a new day! But it remains the same old day for people with any kind of disability.” We see development in science, technology and healthcare every single day. Amongst all the technical advancement one experiences in the latest world, there comes one branded name that sounds loud with its amazing discovery very often is Google.

Google is known for its ever progressing updates from time to time that have helped people of all kinds from all over the world in many ways. Once again, Google is on the flying news with its marvelous invention of a surprising smart device that is not just technology based, but based on a combo of healthcare and technology and which is known for its extremely beneficial features supporting the people with disability and the elderly people to on-look the world in a greater way, to improve their lives two folds higher. Google introduces its smart wearable device known as Google Glass or the Project glass which can be actually a boon to the people with disabilities or the elderly people. We will be discussing on the special structure and features of the Google Glass, its beneficial points, possible side effects and look upon the section on how Google glass is a boon for the disabled and elderly people.

Google Glass- A Boon For The Disabled And Elderly People

An Overview On The Google Glass

Somewhere there is a belief, “There is a sure shot possibility to overcome the disability.” Google proves it real with its wonderful discovery of the Google glass that makes the world of disabled look beautiful in real. Here Google releases its one of the most exciting smart device called the Google Glass, which is actually a smart headset or a kind of wearable technology which can be worn on the face just like the optical glasses and which helps the people with disabilities in a better way to get involved with the latest world of technology via its optical head-mounted display (OHMD). Google Glass has arrived in US during the month of May 2014 and is now available at a price of $1500 with four types of prescription frame choice options available at $225. However it must be noted you first need to apply for the purchase and become one of those exploring buyers.

Now just imagine a smart phone in hands free –format! Imagine yourself communicating with the world via internet with the help of your smart headset via natural language voice commands. Isn’t it something really interesting? Now take your imaginary eye towards the Google Glass concept and its support towards the disabled. Google Glass has many thing equipped in it which can actually assist the disabled and elderly people in an intense way. Now if you are one of those who is excited about knowing more on this latest wearable technology of Google; then all you need is continue your read in the following array of the article.

General Outlook Of The Google Glass

Here Are Some Of The Crucial Points Describing About The General Outlook Of The Google Glass:

  • Earlier, the Google Glass prototype developed looked like the standard optical glasses with a replacement of head-up display in the device.
  • During the year 2011, Google developed a prototype that weights around 8 pounds.
  • Now these Google Glass smart optical devices are available in a much lighter weight and are lighter than the sunglasses available in the market. The approximate weight of the Google glass now comes to 50 gm.
  • The glass comes with an option for four types of frames available to be chosen as per likeliness.
  • Touchpad placed over the side of the device provides a digital look to the wearable smart device from Google.

Now coming down to the features available with the Google Glass, here we come up with the list below.

General Features of Google Glass

  • The dimensions of the device measures about 22*21″ and it weights around 50 gm.
  • The Google Glass Explorer edition comes with four known types called the Augmented Reality (AR), Wearable Technology, Wearable Computer and the Optical Head Mounted Display (OHMD).
  • It is powered by Lithium Polymer battery of 2.1 wh.
  • The device holds a memory of 1GB Ram and a storage capacity of 16 GB flash total and 12 GB usable memory.
  • The dual core CPU is OMAP 4430 SoC.

Special Features of Google Glass

There are some features included in this smart device of Google Glass which makes it really a special edition. Let us look below for the special features of this project glass.

  • Touchpad: Introduced in the side of the device, is a touchpad that acts as the controller input and aids the user to control the device input by swiping the timeline-like interface displayed on the screen.
  • Camera: The Google Glass comes with a special feature of 5 Megapixel camera and with a 720 p video recording capability.
  • Display:The LED illuminated display, sequential colors and the Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) are used in the Google Glass for display feature.
    • Functioning Of The Display Feature: The LED illumination is first P-polarized and then it shines to the LCoS panel via the in-coupling Polarizing beam splitter (PBS). The panel now reflects the light altering it to S-polarization at the active pixel areas. The S-polarized areas of the light are now reflected at 45 degree via a out-coupling beam splitter, to a collimating reflector at the other end; by the in-coupling PBS. This collimated light is reflected 45 degrees more by the out-coupling beam splitter and finally reaches the user’s eye.
  • Operating system: Android 4.4.2 is updated with the Google Glass.
  • Connectivity features like Bluetooth, Micro USB, and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g are available with the Google Glass.

Software Used in the Google Glass

  • My Glass: This is the controller input software app available with the Google Glass. This application helps the user in managing the device with ease. It is actually a companion android and iPhone app.
  • Voice Activation:The Google glass responds to the voice commands of the user with its smart voice activation software.
    • Functioning of Voice Activation: You need to tilt your head 30 degrees upwards and then say “O K Glass” so as to activate the device. Once it is activated, you can put your commands like, “Record a video”, “Take a Photo” etc and your job is done accordingly by the smart wearable gadget.
  • Many existing applications from Google like Gmail, Google plus, Google maps etc are available with the device. Apart from these, there are options for free applications developed by third party developers. Special apps for the travelers are introduced recently to the Google Glass explorer edition namely FourSquare, OpenTable, Triplt.

Beneficial Applications of Google Glass in Human Kind

“Any new technology is admired for its beneficial applications in everyday life of human kind.” Coming to the possible benefits one gets from Google Glass explorer, we can come up with some of the wonderful lists which would make one believe on the saying, “Technology is life changing!”

  • Special benefits for the people with disabilities
  • Benefits of getting interacted with the suitable community at nearby location via the smart gadget.
  • Hands-free utility of the device, configuring & managing the smart device with voice and display makes life simple and easy.
  • Necessary satisfaction one gets from the natural voice communication in many ways. One can get communicated with family and friends over social media with the help of the Google glass explorer at an ease.
  • Best of entertainment comes with the camera, video recorder and the various applications built in the Google Glass.

Special Benefits In Healthcare: Google Glass As A Boon To The Disabled And Elderly People!

“Google Glass is known to be a blessing towards the healthcare section” This wonderful wearable computer with smart optical technology aids people suffering from various disabilities in a great manner. The following section will talk about some of the benefits the disabled people and the older people get from the Google Glass explorer edition that makes it a real boon in the silent lives.

  • Google Glass Assists People With Hearing Disability: There are features for the display of subtitles on the screen. This make is possible understanding and communicating in a greater manner. Apart from this, the vibrations can also be used to express the emotion and gestures in the Google Glass.
  • Google Glass Assists People With Blindness: People who are disabled by vision or who are blind, can be benefited by the smart device in an amazing way where one can experience and navigate easily with the help of the built-in camera, CPS, sensors and audio output.
  • Google Glass Assists People With Learning Disability: Dyslexia or the learning disability is a kind of disability where a patient is unable to read or learn properly. The smart wearable technology of Google glass equipped with the camera and audio output assist the people who are dyslexic to read.
  • Google Glass Assists People With Paralysis or Quadriplegia: “Wearing technology on face one can match with the latest world at an ease!” People suffering from any kind of disability with the mobility, especially the patients with paralysis can be benefited from the Google glass smart device intensely.
  • Google Glass Assists Elderly People Tour Around The World And Watch The Life In An Amazing Way: “Being older does not mean being static.” You don’t need to keep your life restricted from running forward because of your growing age. Google Glass allows you to be in touch with the latest technology, the updated world and get connected with the beautiful world at an ease. It helps you enhance your life and your vision towards your life.

A Final Note To End: Google Glass Is One Of The Best Choice For People Who Are Disabled

“Nothing can stop you from choosing your life and your way of living!” Google Glass is one of the best choices for people who are disabled in their life by any means, can pick for themselves and make their life be specially able and feel the wonders present in self and all around the world. If you are one of those specially able person who wants to make a buy on the wonderful gadget of Google glass explorer edition for self or if you want to gift your dearest specially able person something real beneficial then all you need is apply for the Google glass, spend around $1500, choose your own frame and take home the best of technology for using as a wearable gadget with exclusive features of optical head mounted display and voice commands.

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