Best Android Apps For Runners And Joggers

Fitness Trends are all around you. When it comes to keeping yourself fit, running or jogging is the most convenient option. You can do it at your own pace without any sophisticated equipments. Running is a great cardiovascular exercise that not only improves circulation but also gives you an energy boost. If you are alone, need not worry; the latest smart phone running apps can be a companion and your great fitness guide too. Running or Jogging has never been so exciting, but these apps put you in the most challenging situations to run!

Best Android Apps For Runners And Joggers

Some Of The Best Apps That Runners And Joggers Can Use Include

  1. Sports Tracker

    This top rated app can be downloaded for free and also has an online service. It is an award winning app developed for your running and other outdoor activities. With the help of GPS on your smart phone, the app tracks your route, speed, distance, time and much more. All you have to do is, to join the service and download the app, which is now also available on your android device. This app allows you to keep a track of your exercises, analyze your progress and share it with your friends. Also, your workout will be more of fun, when you can share your photos with your friends and others on your online sports community. There are more purchasing options like heart rate monitor and other fitness gadgets for taking your fitness training to the next level.

    Suitable for Android, Windows, iOS and other phones

    Rating – 4.5

  2. Endomondo

    This is the most interesting app that runners can use, as it offers some unsurpassed benefits. You can track your exercises, get visual and audio updates and keep a check on activities of your friends too. It helps you track your performance and evaluate it. So you never feel you are alone; in fact you are socially connected even during your running exercises. This app provides options of popular routes and you can even tag photos, videos or other stuff on your way. It is free but the paid version offers an audio guide for professional runners.

    Suitable for Android, iOS and Windows phone

    Price – Free with fewer features, paid - $4.99

    Rating – 4.5 star

  3. MapMyRun

    This free app is successfully used by runners to track their running progress and map their activities and data effectively. This app is linked to its MapMyRun website, where your running progress can be tracked. You can also check out your friends and the routes they have mapped, new local routes and plan new activities and explore. This app offers timekeeping, activity log which tracks nutrition, weight and other parameters and most importantly GPS tracking so that you can map your run.

    Suitable for Android, Blackberry and iOS phone

    Rating – 4.5 star

  4. Nike+ Running

    This is a free app that comes from the leaders who offered original running data and mobile guidance for runners or joggers. This app offers a range of running related factors that you can track, share and evaluate. It offers options to record time, speed, distance, pace readouts, sharing and cheering from friends. You can also set your goals and assess them to push yourself to your maximum potential.

    Suitable for Android and iOS phone

    Rating – 4.5 star

  5. Runkeeper

    This free app offers various features for runners and you can map your routes along with your running or jogging progress. It tracks your running distance covered, speed with average and current pace. You can mark your goals as regards, speed, distance and losing weight. Your progress is made available on the mobile device, while a comparison can be obtained online. You can have your friends in your circle, so that your running stride keeps going well.

    Suitable for Android and iOS phone

    Rating – 4.5 star

  6. Couch to 5K

    This free app is just perfect for beginners, moving out of the couch to start running and would be running to reach 5k. You can choose from the goals given and timed workouts. The app offers audiovisual coaching to guide you through your activities, with background music and long running stretches with walking phases in between. The app also offers you with a challenging part like zombie training or a virtual dog to run with you to keep your running mood going on. The best is that you can log your records on the community to get a social boost from your friends.

    Suitable for Android and iOS phone.

    Rating – 4.5 star

  7. Runtastic PRO

    This app is a great running tool that allows you to evaluate your running progress along with your speed, distance, elevation and calories burned. There are a host of other fitness activities that can also be tracked. You can compare your fitness activities with your performance in the past and make your fitness analysis easy. More to it, is the fan club that you can have by friends getting to know your running or jogging progress and you getting real time cheering.

    Suitable for Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS phone

    Price – Free with fewer features, paid - $4.99

    Rating – 4.5 star

  8. Zombies, Run!

    This app is the best for those who are bored of running alone and love to beat challenges. It not only makes you run for your life but gives tremendous adventure that you will find exciting. It is just like a game, where there are different missions that you have to complete in order to escape from the Zombie attack. You have to run specific distance as per the mission. There are supplies to be collected in the virtual world, which you have to achieve by running in real. The online community allows you to share it with your friends and other survivors of the Zombie attack.

    Suitable for Android and iOS phone

    Price - $3.99

    Rating – 4.5 star

  9. Strava

    This free app offers all that a runner needs, tracking your speed, distance, pace readouts and route tracking. The tracked data is recorded and a log of your previous activities is also maintained. You can compare, analyze and evaluate your running progress. The Strava homepage allows you to log new activities and the app is compatible with other devices or GPS watches also.

    Suitable for Android and iOS phone

    Rating – 4.5 star


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