Health Benefits of Jackfruit and Jackfruit Seeds

Jackfruit or Fanas, a fruit borne on the Jackfruit tree mostly in the tropical areas is one of the most functional fruits which contain a lot of essential nutrients and components that greatly help in maintaining good health. Apart from being a healthy food, jackfruit or fanas is also a wonderful fruit which is used to produce various value added products like Jackfruit Jam, Jellies, Jackfruit chips, Jackfruit wine, Jackfruit leather etc. This current article will revolve around the most essential health benefits of Jackfruit or fanas and the Jackfruit seeds.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit and Jackfruit Seeds

Overview on Jackfruit or Fanas:

The Jackfruit or fanas is borne on the side branches and the main branches of the Jackfruit tree belonging to the family Moraceae. The average weight of a jackfruit or fanas is 3.5 kg to 10 kgs, however the fruit may also reach a maximum up to 25 kgs. There are two main varieties of Jackfruit or fanas. One variety is small, soft, fibrous and mushy with very sweet carpels; while other variety of the fruit is crisp, crunchy and not very sweet. The Jackfruit or fanas seeds are also used as a healthy diet even though they are difficult to digest. Jackfruit or fanas is very much used as a functional food because of its rich health benefits. We will take a look on the health benefits of the fruit in the following array of out article.

Various Parts of the Jackfruit Tree and its Benefits:

Following are the various parts of the Jackfruit or Fanas with few of the essential health benefits to human beings.

  1. Root- Known to help reduce symptoms of various skin diseases, asthma and diarrhea
  2. Leaves- The Jackfruit or fanas leaves are known to cure fever, boils, curing wounds and also in skin diseases.
  3. Flower- Crushed inflorescence are useful in curing wounds
  4. Fruit- Jackfruit or fanas is highly nutritious, helps in lowering blood pressure, has anticancer properties, acts greatly in reducing the affects of alcohol in persons, helps in treating nervousness and has various other health benefits.
  5. Seed- Jackfruit or fanas seed is highly nutritious with rich content of protein, carbohydrate, lipid, starch and dietary fiber.
  6. Latex- It is known that the Latex from the Jackfruit or fanas seeds is known to treat dysopia, pharyngitis and various ophthalmic problems.
  7. Pulp- Pulp is used to reduce the effects of alcohol in people and also act as a wonderful health tonic.
  8. Bark- An extract from the bark of the Jackfruit or fanas tree helps in treating dysentary.

Nutritional Facts of Jackfruit or Fanas:

Jackfruit or fanas is known to be an excellent functional fruit having tremendous health benefits. Before we go further on the varied range of health benefits of the Jackfruit or Jackfruit seed; let us have a study on what makes the Jackfruit or fanas such a healthy food. Below we will get to know about the chemical composition, the phytonutrients, phenolic compounds, antioxidants present in the jackfruit or fanas which make it such an ideal food with exclusive health benefits.

Chemical Composition of Jackfruit or Fanas and its Benefits:

Jackfruit or fanas contains vitamins like the Vitamin A, Vitamin C, contains Calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, Sodium, Niacin, Thiamin and Riboflavin along with many other nutrients. About 94 calories are present in 100 gram of jackfruit or fanas. Because of the rich potassium content in the jackfruit or fanas, (i.e. 303 mg of potassium in 100 gram of the jackfruit), it is highly effective in lowering the blood pressure. The good content of Vitamin C in Jackfruit or fanas makes it more of a healthy food as Vitamin C is the potential anti-oxidants that prevents the body from free radicals, and strengthens our immune system. The Niacin present in the Jackfruit or fanas is helpful in nerve functioning, energy metabolism and also in production of certain hormones in the body. A 100 gram of Jackfruit or fanas provides 4 mg of niacin.

Health Benefits of Phytonutrients Present in Jackfruit or Fanas:

Phytonutrients are actually the natural compounds present in the plant based foods which give plants their rich pigmentation and also provide their distinctive aroma and taste. These are essential to the immune system of the plants which offer protection to human beings as well. Jackfruit or fanas contains various phytonutrients including Isoflavones, Lignans and Saponins which have a wide range of health benefits. These phytonutrients present in the Jackfruit or fanas have properties like anti-cancer, antiulcer, antiaging and antihypertensive properties. Thus, the phytonutrients found in the Jackfruit or fanas can help in reducing blood pressure, can fight against cancer cells, can fight against stomach ulcers and also can reduce the process of cell degeneration and thus make the skin look vitae and young.

Health Benefits of Phenolic Compounds in Jackfruit or Fanas:

The phenolic compounds present in the Jackfruit or Fanas are excellent source which provide an opportunity for the production of various value added products for better health benefits. Presence of the phenolic compounds in Jackfruit or fanas provide an opportunity to produce a healthy food with low-cost dietary management for cardiovascular diseases. Phytoestrogens are the naturally occuring polycyclic phenols and these phytoestrogens are richly found in the pulp of the Jackfruit or fanas in its two most important groups namely Isoflavones and Lignans.

Antioxidants in Jackfruit or Fanas:

The substances which neutralize the free radicals or their nature of actions are known to be anti-oxidants. Jackfruit or fanas is a rich source of antioxidants which make it such a functional food having the ability to prevent various diseases and conditions in human beings.

Ascorbic acid or the Vitamin C is a part of the normal protecting antioxidant in Jackfruit or fanas. It is to be noted that 100 gram of Jackfruit or fanas contains about 10-14 mg of Vitamin C. Apart from the Vitamin C. The Vitamin E is also an essential nutrient present in jackfruit that functions as a chain breaking anti-oxidant and can prevent the propagation of free radical reactions on all the cell membranes present in the human body cells. Carotenoids, flavonoids and related Polyphenols are other non enzymatic antioxidants present in the jackfruit or fanas. Several chronic degenerative diseases including cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, age-related macular degeneration, cataract etc can be prevented by carotenoids.

A Brief Note on the Jackfruit Seed or Fanas:

Jackfruit seeds or fanas comprise of up to 10% to 12% of the total weight of the fruit. These seeds are a rich source of starch (22%) and dietary fiber (3.9%) which are healthy enough for the health. Lignans, Isoflavones, Saponins and all other phytonutrients having their rich anticancer, antihypertensive, antioxidant, antiulcer and anti-aging properties; are present in the Jackfruit seeds or fanas. Jackfruit seeds or fanas may be either roasted or boiled to be eaten or may be boiled and preserved as syrup to be taken orally. It must be informed that boiled Jackfruit seeds or fanas also contains protein (31.1%), carbohydrate (66.2%) and crude lipid (1.3%) which are highly nutritious and excellent enough for human health. Jackfruit seeds or fanas can be prepared in many ways to make a healthy snack. We will be discussing on some of the healthy and tasty jackfruit seed or fanas recipes in a later part of our article.

Apart from the Jackfruit seeds or fanas, the Jackfruit seed flour is also used as a healthy diet which acts as a great thickener and binding agent in various food systems. The jackfruit seed flour has great water absorption ability along with a great ability to bind with oils and lipids.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit and Jack fruit Seeds or Fanas:

In this current section we will talk about some of the health benefits of jackfruit and Jackfruit seeds which makes the fruit a great functional food.

  1. Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Jackfruit or Fanas:

    Potassium is an important component present in Jackfruit or fanas which helps in lowering the blood pressure and chances of heart attack. Moreover, potassium also aids in reversing the effects of sodium which causes a rise in blood pressure. Thus, jackfruit works great in improving the cardiovascular conditions in human beings. Apart from this, Jackfruit or fanas also contains Vitamin B6 which reduces the level of hemocystiene in the blood and thus reducing the chances of various heart diseases.

  2. Jackfruit or Fanas and its Benefits to Skin Health:

    Skin damage is primarily caused with growing age or with an excessive exposure to the chronic sunlight. Jackfruit or Fanas is rich in Vitamin C which is known to be beneficial in production of collagen which improves skin condition by strengthening the skin. Apart from vitamin C, there are flavonoids, magnesium, potassium, fiber etc which help in maintaining good skin health. Jackfruit seeds or fanas are highly effective in getting a glowing complexion. Jackfruit seeds or fanas aid in proper digestion and a well digestive system is the foremost thing for glowing complexion. Jackfruit seeds or fanas grinded to paste along with milk and honey can be used on the face to get a flawless and wrinkle free skin.

  3. Benefits of Jackfruit or Fanas in Treating Stomach Ulcers:

    It is known that Jackfruit or fanas is beneficial in treating stomach ulcers which are a type of peptic ulcer, sometimes also known as gastric ulcer. Traditionally Jackfruit is used to treat gastric ulcers.

  4. Benefits of Jackfruit or Fanas in Improving Digestion:

    It is known that jackfruit or fanas benefits in improving digestion. There is about 3.6 gram of fiber in 100 gram of Jackfruit or fanas. The presence of such high fiber content in the fruit makes it beneficial in preventing constipation and producing smooth bowel movements. Apart from this, it offers protection to the colon mucous membrane by eradicating the carcinogenic chemicals from the colon.

  5. Benefits of Jackfruit or Fanas to Bone Health:

    Jackfruit or fanas is also helpful in maintaining good bone health. The fruit is rich in magnesium which is an essential nutrient necessary in absorption of calcium and works along with calcium to aid strengthen the bone and also protect the body from various bone related disorders like Osteoporosis. A 100 gram of jackfruit seed or fanas comprises of 27 mg of magnesium.

  6. Jackfruit or Fanas to Improve the Hair Growth:

    Jackfruit or fanas is known to be an excellent diet for hair growth as it promotes healthy circulation of blood and proper blood circulation is extremely essential for good growth of hair. Apart from this, Jackfruit or fanas is rich in Vitamin A content which is known to be an excellent promoter of hair health and prevents dry hair and brittle hair.

  7. Jackfruit or Fanas has Anti-Cancer Properties:

    There are a lot of phytonutrients present in the jackfruit or fanas. As the phytonutrients help in fighting against cancer, jackfruit or fanas is a wonderful food with its beneficial anti-cancer properties.

  8. Benefits of Jackfruit or Fanas in Protecting Against Anemia:

    Iron content in jackfruit or fanas makes it a helpful food which helps in preventing anemia and also aids in proper circulation of blood. There is a presence of 0.5 mg of iron in 100 gram of jackfruit or fanas.

  9. Jackfruit or Fanas and its Benefits in Maintaining a Healthy Thyroid Gland:

    Jackfruit or fanas is loaded with an important micro mineral named copper (10.45 mg/kg) which indeed plays a great role in the metabolism of thyroid gland; especially in the production of hormone and in absorption.

  10. Mental and Psychological Health Benefits of Jackfruit or Fanas:

    Jackfruit or Fanas is known to have its decent effect in maintaining the psychological and mental health. The Jackfruit or fanas is taken for reducing the symptoms of nervousness and extreme tension. There is a belief that various psychological disorders can be treated with the fruit because of its strong antioxidant properties.

Products Derived from Jackfruit or Fanas:

Following are some of the Value-Added Products from Jackfruit or Fanas:

  1. Jackfruit Jam- Among all the jams available in the market, jackfruit jam is considered an ideal product for reducing weight because it contains natural sweetness from the pulp of the jackfruit or fanas instead of any added sugar.
  2. Jackfruit Wine and Vinegar- A large amount of fermentable sugar is contained in the ripe Jackfruit or fanas which may be used for the production of wine and vinegar. Jackfruit or fanas wine is known to protect against antioxidant and DNA damage.
  3. Jackfruit or Fanas Chips- Jackfruits or Fanas are also used in producing jackfruit chips which are healthy to eat. The chips are rich in Vitamin E, Y-Oryzanol and phytosterols which are real effective healthy ingredients for good health.
  4. Jackfruit or Fanas Leather- Dried sheets of Jackfruit or fanas pulp is called Jackfruit leather which can be eaten as a healthy snack item. It is soft, rubbery and sweet in taste and can be used in production of ice-cream, cakes and biscuits.
  5. Dehydrated Jackfruit or fanas- One more value added product from jackfruit or fanas is the dehydrated jackfruit or fanas which makes a nutritious snack item when produced from the ripe pulp of the jackfruit or fanas. It is free from Sulfite preservatives which makes it a product free from allergic reactions. It is sweet and sour taste with chewy texture and golden-yellow or orange color.

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