Water Exercise: Facts, Advantages, Benefits, How To Exercise In Pool

“More water, more miles, more sweat, more satisfied!” This strong motivating quote on water and workout would make you know your life depends on how fit you keep yourselves by proper exercises and enough of water around. Like water is one of the best essentials for a fit and healthy body, it is equally an essential element for proper mental health too. It is always a smart act to drink sufficient water for keeping good health. Similarly, this crucial health element can also be used while your workouts. If you are wondering how water can be used in exercises, then let you be informed that there are a lot of water exercises which actually help you keep self fit and in perfect body and mind condition. In the current article we will be discussing on how actually water exercises can benefit you for maintaining a healthy life and also discuss on some of the specific water exercises that would help you try on by self naturally for keeping you go on in the best of your life’s journey.

Water Exercise: Facts, Advantages, Benefits, How To Exercise In Pool

Special Introduction To Water Exercises:

It is true that all the exercises are beneficial to health when done properly. There are land based exercises and also the water exercises. However people who follow water exercises do have their specific benefits to health while enjoying with fun of workout. It has been noticed that water exercises are more fun to do and also they scope you do your workouts for a longer time than the land based exercises as there are less chances of joint or muscle pain in water. The best benefit of water exercise comes with the fact that they are open for people of all age group and are more beneficial for elderly people who face trouble exercising on land. Water exercises have many of its benefits for various health conditions including arthritis, obesity, lymphedema, mental health etc. In the following array of the article we will be discussing more about these health benefits.

Facts About Water Exercises:

“Facts do count in turning on man’s belief on water and sweat!” Let us list some of the crucial facts related to water exercises which would make you believe exercising in water is perhaps a great physical activity that can keep your physical as well as mental health stronger and fitter.

  • You can burn approximately 300 calories while exercising in swimming pool. It is recommended that a 30 minutes of water workout for 3-4 times a week helps greatly in reducing weight.
  • Water exercises are great in enhancing your better heart health. It has amazing effect on great cardiovascular functioning when coupled with an aerobic workout program.
  • Water exercises are encouraged by many exercising personals because there is the lack of impact and reduced chances of muscle or joint pain while exercising. The buoyancy of water reduces the risk of pain due to exercise.
  • Water exercises are much comfortable and the water provides an ideal environment for workouts as there are less chances of your fall with the water supporting your body and also less chances of fatigue.
  • Water exercises acts greatly in reducing mental stress and activating relaxing mode in mind.
  • One of the greatest fact of water exercise is water provides 12 times greater resistance than air and thus water exercises act in muscle strengthening in a better way.

Advantages Of Water Exercises: Ideal Exercises For All Age Groups!

“Life is uncertain. But a life beholding water exercises in it has a certainty of living fit for life!” This section will let you know that water exercises are actually safe and low impact exercises when compared with the land-based exercises. So check out why water exercises are ideal for all age groups and beneficial for both the genders.

  • Support To Body Weight From Water Buoyancy: Water’s buoyancy eliminates the Earth’s gravitational effect on your body. This helps in supporting the body weight for a low impact and enhanced flexibility.
  • Ideal For All Age Group Being a Low Impact Fitness Act: Though every exercise works great for all age groups and both genders, yet working on water based exercises provides a better environment to workout with the low impact stress and thus reduces muscle and joint pains or stress fractures and injuries while exercises.
  • Better Resistance Supports Greatly in Weight Training: If you are looking for weight loss moves, it is better try out the pool exercises for weight loss. It is found that water exercises provide 12 times better resistance than air or the land based exercises. This in turn helps in better effect on weight reducing exercises.
  • Water Heart Rate is Better For Fitness, Especially in Elderly People: While working out in water, your heart gets to work more efficiently as there is estimation that heart rates 10-15 times lower beats per minute while exercising in water.

Benefits Of Water Exercises: Explained To Its Depth!

It is obvious you must be eager to know about the specific benefits of water exercises. So, here we are with the list of benefits you get from the water workouts, explained to its depth below.

  • Benefits Of Working Out In Water For Patients With Arthritis: Arthritis is actually a group of conditions in person that leads to severe pain, stiffness and inflammation seen in one or various joints. The best way to treat arthritis is improve joint flexibility and increase muscle strength for better health condition, which can be done by regular prescribed gentle exercises. Water exercises are consider better than land based exercises because water support body greatly and being a low impact fitness it helps reducing muscle and joint pain. Few people are advised to take heat treatment while doing water exercises for arthritis, where the patients are advised to go for gentle warm water exercises instead the cool water.
  • Water Workout Benefits For Patients With Lymphedema: A condition where there is local tissue swelling and fluid retention caused due to an abnormal lymphatic system, is termed as lymphedema. Water exercises can benefit patients with lymphedema greatly by enhancing muscle strength and reducing body mass to give better support to fitness. These exercises help in proper lymphatic flow through water.
  • For Heart Health: It is considered that water exercises have great effect in enhancing heart health. Cardiovascular improvement is seen with regular prescribed pool exercises. Water support assist in keeping a balanced heart rate and lower blood pressure and thus is effective for better heart condition.
  • For Weight Loss: Water provides 12 times greater resistance than air. So it is comparatively effective in weight loss training for fat people. Due to more resistance, it requires more effort for you to walk on water than compared walking in land. So more effort means more burning of calorie. Apart from walking in water for weight loss, person choosing treadmill in water has comparatively more percentage of calorie burn and weight loss.
  • Benefits In Injury Rehabilitation : Water exercises help in better healing of injury or surgeries. Water buoyancy, better resistance and low impact fitness act in water assist you work on your gentle exercises for muscle or joint strengthening caused due to injury and helps in a better and quick healing. Water supports your body weight greatly and thus assists in better performance during workouts for injury rehabilitation.
  • Water Exercises As A Great Source Of Reducing Stress And Enhancing Mental Health: “Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where you mind doesn’t push it!” It is found that exercising in water is much of a fun and exciting move while gaining great fitness at body as well as mind. Water helps in stress reduction and increases relaxation of mind greatly. Swimming can decrease anxiety greatly in men and women.

How To Exercise In Water?

This section will inform you about some of the common water exercises you can perform for better fitness.

  • Walking Exercise In Water: This is the most common workout you can go for in land as well as water. Walking in water helps in quick and better healing of injury and also has great effect on weight loss without much pressure. You can simply walk forward and backwards in a pool with water that is to a height of your chest. Go for a 30 minutes of walk at least 3 times a week.
  • Leg Raises In Water: Leg raises can be done in pool for better muscle strength in legs and hips. You need to hold the side of the pool with one hand and raise the opposite leg towards the side and keep it for few seconds. Then get the leg down and repeat with the other leg. Continue the same for around 10 reps each leg.
  • Shoulder Flexion And Abduction In Water: Looking for better shoulder movements in water? Just stand in the pool keeping in mind that water is just above your shoulder. While performing flexion, go for a raise in your arms as much you can, straight up out of the pool and slowly lower your arms back into the water and do the same again. You can try for 10 reps. For doing the abduction, raise your arms slowly keeping palms down away from the body. Now raise the arms to the level of your shoulder. Again slowly lower your arms and repeat the same. Proceed the same for 10 repetitions.
  • Cycling Exercise In Water: Hold both your hands on the side of the pool with your head and abdomen facing the sky, lift both your legs and move them in cycling motion for as long as you can.
  • Jumping Exercise In Water: The way one perform skipping exercise on land, you can try doing the same without any skips in water, just keep jumping up and down for few minutes on a chest deep water. You can then advance to jumping to and fro or over and back from an imaginary line at the bottom of the pool or a marked line of tile. You will also have to make use of your arm to perform this exercise correctly. When you have to jump over the line, your arm movement has to be towards the back so as to propel your legs in front of the line and vice versa. This can be a great workout for toning your abs.

Final Note To End:

If you are looking for some real effective water exercises and want you train stronger and better; all you can do is check with your local health clubs for proper guidance on aquatic exercises. Make sure you have taken permission from your healthcare professional before undergoing the water exercises. You can also find out some essential videos on water exercises to learn more about the same.

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