15 Genuine Things that Damages your Hair Most

Most of us consider our hair to be the most prized possession that we have ever owned. For women, taking care of their hair is one of the daily tasks that are very tiresome. Be it curly or straight, it is very difficult to maintain one’s hair and it’s definitely not a cakewalk. Lifestyle habits keep harming our hair eventually, but one does not start to notice things until there are visible changes like dandruff, frizzy hair, thinning hair, breakage and other notable symptoms. Most of the factors that damage the hair are natural ones. Psychological factors also play an important role. So, if one has hair that looks damaged or dry, they should immediately understand the issue and take steps towards maintaining it. The first step to remedy damaged hair is to identify the problem. The following factors will help you understand what the causes of damaged hair are.

15 Genuine Things that Damages your Hair Most

15 Genuine Things that Damages your Hair Most

Factors that damage the hair the most

  1. Making Tight Ponytails

    Very tight ponytails are capable of damaging the hair. One notices such a thing when they have loosened their ponytail and the scalp feels itchy and sore. When the hair is pulled back too tightly, it affects the roots and the scalp which in turn causes irritation and thinning of hair. Tying the hair in a tight pony tail causes a lot of stress on the roots as well as the hair in front. This, in turn, leads to the weakening of the hair roots and causes them to fall off. This also leads to thinning of the hair and the gradual receding of the hairline. This can be avoided with loose ponytails or buns which do not affect the hair on a large scale.

  2. Use of Hairsprays

    Hairsprays ruin the hair on different levels. All hairsprays contain alcohol, ethanol, parabens, fragrance and many more ingredients. This agent might be visually appealing but terrible for the scalp. It causes the scalp to dry and causes the pores to clog as well which makes it hard for the hair to grow. One must try to avoid hairsprays.

  3. Use of Hair Color

    Along with hairsprays comes hair dyes. It contains ammonia which lifts the cuticle of the hair to allow the color to seep in. It also causes the hair to grey quickly. Henna could be used instead of dyes. It is 100% natural and safe and keeps the hair healthy. Hair dye should be avoided at all costs. It makes the hair brittle. Yu can also use non ammonia based hair dye.

  4. Regular Bleaching

    Bleaching is another major issue that leads to the ruining of the hair and its quality. Bleach helps to strip the color off of the hair. The hair naturally tends to produce oil and bleaching strips the oil away from the hair. It makes the hair dry and frizzy. It also causes irritation, redness, and irritation of the scalp.

  5. Blow Drying & Other Fashion Related Heating Methods

    Blow drying is another major reason that causes the hair to get damaged. Applying direct heat in any form is not good for the hair. Blow drying also causes one’s hair to dry out rapidly. Blow drying the hair drives away the moisture which is required to keep the tresses hydrated. Blow drying also causes the cuticles to get dried up.

  6. Washing the Hair Too Often

    Washing the hair too often causes the hair to lose out on its strength and it breaks rapidly. The hair shaft swells with moisture. Even if one washes hair every day, make sure to choose a mild shampoo rather than a rough shampoo that thoroughly dehydrates hair.

  7. Brushing the Hair Wet

    Brushing the hair wet causes the roots to become weak which in turn leads to increased breakage. The hair loses out on a lot of strength. Avoid brushing your hair when wet, brush it when you’ve have dried your hair or gently brush your fingers through your hair to avoid breakage.

  8. Increased Smoking

    Smoking tobacco products causes the hair to become brittle, dull and flat. Due to this, the follicles of the hair weaken which causes hair loss and thinning of hair. Smoking also reduces the flow of blood to the tips of hair.

  9. Towel Drying Of Hair

    Towel drying of hair is another factor that causes damage to the hair. It sounds pretty unbelievable but it is true. The rubbing of wet hair with towel destroys the cuticle and causes frizzy hair and breakage. Blotting the hair dry is a viable option. Or, using soft towels made for hair drying.

  10. Consumption of Alcohol

    The consumption of alcohol may also cause havoc on the tresses. It not only dehydrates the body but also the hair. Alcohol causes split ends frizzy hair and the hair is more susceptible to breaking. The only solution is to decrease the alcohol intake.

  11. Use of Hot Irons

    Curling irons and flat irons can also destroy the hair. They destroy the hair because of the direct heat. Heat should never be applied to the hair because it causes hair breakage and split ends in hair. Hot hair irons when placed on wet hair, the moisture in the hair bursts, which causes tiny blisters on the cuticles which cannot be seen with naked eyes. Hair irons can also crack the edges of the cuticle leading to split ends and hair breakage.

  12. Dehydration

    Dehydration is another major reason that causes hair damage. Most people overlook the effect of water on the health and especially the hair in this case. Inadequate intake of water might lead to the hair looking dry, limp and dull. Enough water is also used to flush out the toxins because if they are not flushed out they remain in the system, which can lead to insufficient hair growth and hair loss. The intake of water also makes the scalp healthy and smells better.

  13. Swimming

    Swimming is another major reason that causes hair damage because the water contains chlorine and if one swims without taking proper precaution, which is without wearing a swimming cap, the chlorine ruins the hair. Chlorine is used mostly as a disinfectant and disinfectants mostly get rid of the dirt and bacteria and oil. However, the scalp also produces oil which is necessary for the health of the hair. Chlorine strips the oil from the hair. If the hair is stripped off of its natural oils, it dries out which leads to its breakage.

  14. Stress and Anxiety

    Stress and major anxiety causes severe hair damage. These factors are responsible for drying of scalp. Being stressed out and feeling anxious takes a heavy toll on the blood vessels which begin to constrict. This, in turn, makes it impossible for the hair follicles to get the oxygen and the nutrients that are required for it to remain healthy and produce healthy hair.

  15. Exposure to UV Rays

    The sun contains harmful ultraviolet rays and spending too much of time under these ultraviolet rays may cause a lot of problems for the hair like discoloration, split ends, thinning, brittle strands etc. To protect the hair from the sun’s rays, one needs to take the same precautions as they take for the skin.

Other Things that Can Damages your Hair

Improper Food Habits

Eating the wrong kind of food also causes hair damage. Not eating proper nutrients or proteins or vitamins causes the health of the hair to worsen. This leads to the unhealthy scalp. Not getting enough protein also messes with hair growth. Proper intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, Folic acid, calcium, vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D is good for the health of the hair.

Not Maintaining Hair Often or Washing It

Dirty hair is another major factor that contributes to hair damage; not washing the hair properly or taking care of it leads to dry scalp, dirty scalp, and smelly scalp. It also causes split ends and also causes the hair follicles to rupture. Dirty hair also contributes to factors like the infestation of lice and other infectious diseases. It also makes the hair weighed down. This weight can cause discomfort and irritation in the scalp.

Use of Hot Water

It is often said that washing hair with hot water cleanses the scalp but it also washes away all the important oils and nutrients that are required to keep the hair healthy from the scalp. It, however, does not have any long-term effects but using very hot water can be extremely damaging. This causes hair thinning and also the hair is prone to breakage and frizz.

Improper Sleep Habits

Not getting enough of sleep is another major factor that contributes to hair damage. It is said that one needs an adequate amount of sleep for things like a better cognitive function and muscle repair. Similarly, it is important to get enough sleep otherwise it affects the health of the hair as well. Without the right amount of sleep, one does not have the chance of having thick hair and not having enough sleep leaves the hair looking very dull and flat and also leads to a lot of hair loss.

Avoiding Haircuts for Prolonged Periods Of Time

One must not avoid haircuts as it leads to hair damage. Regular trimming is very beneficial for one and avoiding haircut can leave one’s hair dull and damaged. Regular haircut helps to remove the split ends which also reduce the amount of frizz. If one does not trim the hair, it leads to even more breakage which makes the look very unhealthy one must get a haircut between 4 to 6 weeks. It also gives rise to split ends, which restrict further hair growth.

Excessive Use Of Conditioner

Applying too much of conditioner also contributes to hair damage. Too much of conditioner weighs down the hair and due to this the head feels heavy and the hair is prone to more hair breakage. It hydrates the hair excessively, that makes it soft and brittle and it falls off.

Using Wrong Pillowcases

Apparently using the wrong pillowcase also leads to hair damage. Cotton pillowcases are the best and cheap and easily affordable. They are very comfortable as well. However, cotton is very rough On the Hair. One must invest in Satin or Silk pillowcase it does not only feel great on the skin, but also keeps the hair from breaking and dry.

Tying Hair When Wet

One must not tie the hair when it’s wet and doing this can cause the hair to break and split easily. One must let the hair dry naturally and avoid tying it when it is wet. It causes a lot of stress on the hair throughout the day which leads to the thinning of the hair.

Hot Rollers

Hot rollers cause a lot of damage to the hair. Again as mentioned earlier, application of heat in any form is bad for the hair as it ruins the cuticle and causes split ends besides ruining the quality of the hair. Hot rollers which are too tight essentially put pressure on the roots of the hair which causes the hair to fall out. Regular makes hair frizzy and brittle and prone to breakage.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have been proven to be a woman’s best friend but however, it is not good for the hair. Bobby pins hold the hair extremely tightly which again puts a pressure on the roots and the scalp causing it to fall out. While removing them, you can lose hair repeatedly as well.

Excessive Sweating

Too much sweating leads to hair damage. It causes dirty and oily scalp which causes the hair to smell. Too much sweat prevents new strands of hair from growing and makes the hair very greasy.


A lot of hormonal changes also contribute to the damaging of hair. For example, giving birth is a beautiful process but it takes a tough toll on the health of the mother. Giving birth plays with a lot of hormones in a woman’s body which adversely affects the health of the hair as well. A lot of women lose hair in teenage years, too, because their hormonal changes are rapid and sudden.

Suffering from Anemia

Anemia which is the sign of iron deficiency contributes to hair damage. This deficiency makes the hair brittle, weak and causes the hair to break. One must increase the intake of Vitamin B if they have this deficiency.

Medicinal Reasons

Taking certain medicines also contributes to hair damage. An example would be chemotherapy which takes place when a person has cancer. It causes the loss of hair. Other medicines like medicines for seizure, migraine and blood pressure can lead to the falling off of hair.

Alcoholic Products

Using products that contain alcohol and other substance strips the hair of its natural oil nutrients and proteins. It is very dangerous and contributes as a factor which leads to hair damage.

Using Unclean Brushes

Unclean brushes contain bacteria, dead skin and other infectious things which lead to a lot of hair damage and infections. It is very important to protect one’s hair and using clean brushes leads to scanty hair growth.

Dry Scalp

Dry scalp tends to be very itchy and scratching one’s head over and over again causes the scalp to damage and rupture. This leads to the hair follicles being weak and in turn, the hair Falls off.

Skipping of Meals

Skipping any meal is very dangerous for the health as well as the hair. We all know how important nutrients vitamins and proteins are for our body. The improper intake of any of these substances leads to unhealthy body and unhealthy hair.

Too Much Of Hair Products

The use of too much of any hair product like hair gel, hair cream hair sprays etc is very dangerous for the hair. It blocks the hair growth and makes the hair feel very heavy. It mixes with the sebum produced by the scalp and the dead skin which prevents the hair from growing. It also leads to an itchy scalp.

Picking Out Of Hair Strands

Picking out gray hair is another factor that leads to hair damage. The plucking out of hair leads to the damage of the follicles. If the follicles are damaged repeatedly, one is at the risk of getting an infectious scalp and this also leads to improper hair growth.

Consuming Pills with Androgen

Pills that contain androgen is very dangerous for the health as well as the hair. Medicines like the birth control pills that some women take result in thinning and hair loss. This becomes very noticeable during the changes in hormones.


Hair damage and falling off of the hair could also be a genetic issue. One is not to be blamed in this case since it is the natural for one’s body. Certain people have genetically grey hair from a very young age. Some have dry scalp while some have frizzy hair.

What are the Ways to Ensure I Don’t Damage Your Hair?

It is very necessary to keep the scalp clean and proper for beautiful and healthy hair. One must take good care of their scalp and keep it clean in order to avoid dandruff and other problems related to the scalp. One can use egg to condition the hair if they have dry and brittle hair. Egg whites serve as a great agent for moisturizing the hair. Half a cup of egg white mixture can be applied to the hair, leaving it for 20 minutes and then rinsing it with cold water. As mentioned earlier, hot water strips the hair of its nutrients. To take care of the nutrients and maintain the levels of proteins and the health of scalp, it is advisable to not use very hot water to wash the hair. This also prevents dry rough and frizzy hair. Bottle gourd juice is extremely effective for the hair. It can be applied on to the hair and the solution must be kept for about half an hour until one is required to wash it off thoroughly. 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey can be mixed with the regular conditioner. This mixture has to be applied to wet hair evenly. Let it rest for 30 minutes until you wash it off. This does not only close the hair follicles but also gives the hair a great shine.

Baking soda is another substance which is considered to be therapeutic for hair. 3 tablespoons of baking soda with some water creates a mixture which is amazing for the hair. All one has to do is rinse the hair with this mixture after shampooing. It needs to sit for about 5 minutes before you can rinse it again. This mix does not just help remove the excess shampoo from the hair but is also used as a styling product for the hair.

For bouncy hair, one can apply a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water to the hair. It needs to be rinsed after 6 to 7 minutes to get rid of the smell of the apple cider vinegar. Mentioned earlier, one must not wash the hair on a daily basis. It is prescribed by doctors that one must wash their hair once over a span of 2 to 3 days for the regulation of the natural hair oils.

Almonds are great to treat dry hair and is also used for strong hair – all one has to do is pour some almond oil into a bowl or container and heat it for a minute. Then, one is needed to evenly apply the warm oil on the scalp and the hair and rinse it with normal shampoo and conditioner using normal temperature water. Making your own conditioner with natural ingredients is a viable and good option.

Eggs and yogurt can be mixed together to make a very good protein conditioner. All one has to do is apply this mixture on the scalp and let it rest for about 10 minutes and wash it off.

Lemon is a great substance to deal with dull hair after rinsing the hair with shampoo. One can apply 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to the hair. Just dry the hair normally. Lemon juice helps to get rid of the dryness from the hair. One needs to use protection before swimming. Pools contain chlorine which is a bleaching agent and it affects the hair adversely. One can wear a swimming cap made of latex to protect the hair before one swims. Egg yolk and olive oil are great to treat sun-damaged hair. This mixture needs to be applied to the hair for about 20 minutes and then needs to be rinsed with lukewarm water. Instead of Dye that contains ammonia, one can use Henna to color the hair. It is 100% natural and treats the hair in a better way then dyes with Ammonia do.

Eating proper food with the right amount of nutrients and proteins gives the hair a healthy shine. It also makes the hair look nice and prevents it from further breakage, brittleness and split ends and promotes good hair growth. One must let the hair dry in air without applying any heat like a hair dryer. This prevents the hair from being too dry and does not suck away the moisture from the hair and thus, making it less frizzy. One shouldn’t brush Wet hair. The hair when wet is very weak and brushing it with a comb, at that time causes the roots to be weaker and it’s easier for the hair to break. It is advisable to use fingers to remove the tangles instead of combining the hair with a comb when wet.

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