10 Health Benefits of Vinegar Bath

We mostly use vinegar to a mean salad dressing; however it can also be used for beauty and health. Adding just 2 cups of vinegar to your warm bath water creates an excellent rejuvenating experience and also provides tremendous health benefits. Let us read below to know more about some of the health benefits of a vinegar bath.

10 Health Benefits of Vinegar Bath

10 Health Benefits of Vinegar Bath:

There are actually many types of baths you can use for detoxification, beauty and relaxation; but vinegar bath can really be an exclusive option for you. Though you may not like the smell of vinegar, you must try out vinegar bath to enjoy the most special health and beauty benefits from the bath. Here below are 10 health benefits of vinegar bath.

  1. Skin Health Benefits of Vinegar Bath:

    There are tremendous skin health benefits of vinegar bath. Apple Cider Vinegar can aid naturally to kill fungus and bacteria on the skin and provide relief for many people with eczema and several other skin conditions. Vinegar bath also aids in treating dry skin. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of vinegar and the beneficial acids make vinegar bath effective against zits.

    Apart from this, Apple cider vinegar is a natural source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and trace minerals; which make it nourishing to skin. Soaking in vinegar bath helps your skin nourish greatly.

  2. Vinegar Bath is Beneficial in Reducing Body Odor:

    Body odor is caused when bacteria mixes with sweat or moisture from the body and thrives in the warm moist environment, especially in the areas such as the underarms. Vinegar helps kill bacteria and thus vinegar bath can help greatly in reducing body odor. Moreover, a vinegar bath also creates an environment where odor is less likely to thrive.

  3. Joint Problems are Reduced by Vinegar Bath:

    Sometimes when you stand up, your back hurts, your knees creak when you kneel to pick something off the ground. This may be because you might be suffering from joint pain. Apple cider vinegar or a vinegar bath, especially warm vinegar bath would help you reduce joint pain and inflammation. You can see the improvement when you take regular vinegar baths.

  4. Vinegar Bath is a Sunburn Pain Relief:

    Vinegar bath is also beneficial for people who suffer from sunburn. You may face sunburn when you are outside in the sun for quite long. Now, you can try soaking in a vinegar bath. Not only, will this soothe the painful sunburn, but can also help you heal faster so that you can once again enjoy the sunny climate.

  5. Vinegar Bath is an Excellent Athletes’ Foot Treatment:

    Another health benefit of vinegar bath is that it is beneficial in treating Athletes’ Foot. We usually abuse and neglect our feet. However sometime because of less attention, our feet suffer from a condition known as Athlete’s Foot. Vinegar bath can amazingly help in reducing the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot.

    It is more effective when you go for hot vinegar baths. Raw apple cider vinegar has agents that kill the fungus and bacteria causing athlete’s foot. You need to soak your feet in hot vinegar solution at least once in a day and leave it in long enough for your skin to absorb the solution, say typically for about 10-15 minutes.

  6. It is a Detoxification Bath:

    A hot vinegar bath is an excellent detoxification bath. Soaking in a vinegar solution aids to maintain the proper pH of your skin; which is generally acidic. This acidic top layer of the skin provides a barrier against toxins, but is stripped away through the use of soaps and body washes that have an alkaline base. Apple cider vinegar baths rebalances the pH levels of the skin so as to detoxify your body.

    You may soak in vinegar baths for about 30 minutes, with the intent of flushing toxins from the body. Just combine one cup of raw apple cider vinegar with either 3 cups of kosher salt or 1 tablespoon of ginger. Add this to a bath with warm water and rinse yourself at the end of the bath. You can do a detoxification bath two times in a week.

  7. Vinegar Baths are Beneficial in Treating Urinary Tract Infection:

    Vinegar baths are also sometimes recommended for treating urinary tract infections. This is because the vinegar can be effective in killing the yeast or fungus and create an environment where it is difficult for the infection to thrive.

  8. Hair Health Benefits of Vinegar Bath:

    ACV or Apple cider vinegar works great as a hair detox. The acid present in vinegar aids strip off the oily residue that builds up on hair and thus aids in restoring its natural shine. Taking warm vinegar hair bath helps in keeping your hair soft, supple and also prevents split ends and reduces dandruff from your scalp.

  9. Benefits of Vinegar Bath in Relieving Chicken Pox:

    Vinegar bath can be an effective remedy in healing chicken pox. Just add one cup of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes in it so as to relieve the discomfort of chicken pox.

  10. Digestive Health Benefits of Vinegar Bath Aids:

    There is also one more benefit of vinegar bath. Vinegar bath can also aid in digestion vinegar being a naturally acidic liquid, it also aids in digestion. This acidic nature of vinegar also helps in restoring balance to the pH of your skin, which should be slightly acidic.


Above we mentioned about some of the best health benefits of vinegar bath. It is obvious that you must be really excited knowing about the tremendous health benefits of this wonderful vinegar bath. Now, why not try out this bath regularly and experience the amazing health benefits every day?

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