5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

People find even the topic of women having facial hair to be too gross to be discussed openly, often forgetting that it is a completely natural phenomenon. Every woman possesses both bodily and facial hair. Generally, the facial hair has a light texture and is not rough. However, in case of some women, facial hair has an extensively coarse texture, which is mainly caused due to over secretion of the androgens, which includes the testosterone as well. Certainly, androgens (male hormones) are produced in the body of every woman; however, in a small and controlled amount. In case, the secretion of these male hormones exceeds the normal level, the women start to develop various masculine characteristics.

Women, who suffer from an excessive hair growth in their body, are presumed to suffer from a condition called hirsutism, which is generally caused due to the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or an adrenal gland disorder such as adrenal cancer or a tumor. Generally, in the majority of the cases, excessive hair growth is not triggered by any adrenal disorder and hence does not require any medical intervention. You can reduce the excess facial hair growth in your body by following the below mentioned effective home remedies which are completely natural and are without any side effects.

5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

5 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Facial Hair

  1. Egg White Mask to Get Rid of Facial Hair

    You can easily reduce your facial hair growth by applying an egg white mask. It is quite sticky and hence it easily sticks to your facial hair and once the mask dries off you can easily peel off the excess growth of your facial hair. This home remedy face mask to remove facial hair also helps to provide the required nourishment to your skin. Eggs contain a high content of protein which imparts a collagen boost to your skin, exactly the one which your skin craves for after a long day.

    Take an egg white in a bowl and whisk it with a tablespoon of cornstarch and sugar. Whisk it properly until you get a smooth texture. Now apply this egg mixture on your face and let it dry for at least 15 to 20 minutes. After the mask dries off and becomes hard, peel it off your skin quickly. Now wash your face with cold water after you have peeled off the egg white mask. To obtain best results, use this homemade egg white face mask two times a week. However, it is to be noted that the mask may not be quite effective for the people who are suffering from acne. Adversely, it can clog their facial pores and increase the risk of the breakouts of the acne.

  2. Sugar and Lemon Face Mask

    It is about time that you ditch your parlor based routine, which is inclusive of extensive chemical bleaching of the skin of your face to remove the excess facial hair growth. Sugar in its warm state stick to the facial hair and when you peel the dried sugar off your skin, it removes the excess facial hair growth. This simple home remedy to get rid of facial hair is completely natural and poses no threat to your skin as sugar tends to stick only to your facial hair and not to your skin. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent and thus it not only helps to bleach your facial hair, but also helps to lighten your skin tone. All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of sugar with two teaspoons of fresh lime juice. Add to this mixture to ten teaspoons of water. Now heat this mixture and set it aside to cool off. You do not need to heat this mixture to a very high temperature as is done with wax. Sugar gets heated much faster than wax and renders you with much less discomfort. Now apply this paste on your face and leave it to dry. Leave this mixture on for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Now wash it off with cool water. Apply this mixture at least three to four times a week to obtain the best outcomes. This is an excellent home remedy to get rid of facial hair.

  3. Lemon and Honey Mask to Get Rid of Hair on Face

    If you have a dry skin and are looking for a home remedy to treat your excess facial hair growth, then you should definitely try this one out. Mix two tablespoons of sugar along with two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of organic honey. Now heat this mixture till it forms a paste. You can also add water to this mixture to decrease its consistency. Now apply it on your face and the affected areas. With the help of a waxing strip, remove the excess hair growth. This wax is completely natural and has no side-effects. Moreover, honey acts as a moisturizer and thereby helps to restore the water content of your skin.

  4. Potato and Lentil Mask

    Not only do potatoes help to remove the unwanted facial hair, but they also have various skin benefits. Potatoes contain catecholase enzyme, which helps to lighten the texture of your skin and enhance its brightness. You need yellow lentil, which has been soaked overnight, one potato, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice to make this homemade mask. Now apply this mask on your face and the other affected areas. Let it dry for around 15 to 20 minutes. Once it dries off, slowly rub off the dried paste with your fingers and then rinse it off with cold water. Use this home remedy on a daily basis to get rid of facial hair.

    This is an effective home remedy; however, it should be not used by people who possess an allergy towards raw potatoes as this mask may trigger vigorous allergic reactions. In such a condition, it is always recommended to conduct a patch test before proceeding further with the application of this paste.

  5. Papaya and Turmeric Mask

    Papaya is rich in a star bio-active enzyme known as ‘papain’ which leads to the enlargement of the hair follicles thereby inhibiting the excess growth of both body and facial hair. Moreover, papaya acts as a natural defoliator and helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells. On the other hand, turmeric is a traditional remedy used by a majority of the people to treat various skin related problems. Turmeric also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells and add to the brightness of your skin.

    All you need to do is remove the peels of a raw papaya and cut it into small pieces. Now grind these pieces to form a fine paste. To this paste, add one tablespoon of turmeric powder. Now apply this paste on the affected areas of your skin and let it dry for at least 20 minutes. Now rinse it off with cold water. Apply this home remedy twice a week for best results in getting rid of facial hair.

    So, do try these home remedies for getting rid of facial hair and enjoy the other skin benefits associated with them.

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