Urticaria which is commonly referred to as Hives is a common dermatological infection characterized by itchy red rashes that develop on the skin surface. At times there may also be small lumps seen with urticaria. Allergic reactions are believed to be the primary cause of Urticaria although certain medications also have a side effect profile of causing rashes characteristic of urticaria. Insect bite also at times causes urticaria. [1]


Traditional Indian medicine has also linked spicy acidic food and indigestion to the development of rashes seen with urticaria. This condition tends to worsen during the winter months with the cold temperatures and the monsoon reason with heavy rainfall.

The primary treatment options for urticaria include antihistamines and topical steroids to calm down the inflammation and get rid of the rashes, although there is always a chance of recurrence with these treatments. However, there are certain home remedies which can effectively get rid of the rashes caused by Urticaria. [1]

Get Rid of Urticaria With These 7 Simple Home Remedies

Get Rid of Urticaria With These 7 Simple Home Remedies

Urticaria can be treated topically and orally by following the below mentioned home remedies.


    1. Sodium Bicarbonate: This is quite an effective home remedy for getting rid of urticaria rash. For best relief just make a paste of a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with water and apply it on the affected area. This will not only calm down the itching sensation but also help in getting rid of the rashes caused by urticaria. [2]

    2. Spinach with Pepper: This is yet another topical home remedy for treatment of urticaria. Make a paste of a leaf of crushed spinach mixed with about half a teaspoon of pepper. Add a pinch of water to make a semisolid paste. Apply this paste to the affected area for instant relief from the itching and improvement of the rash. [2]


    3. Mustard Oil: This is also quite a potent home remedy for treatment of urticaria. Just applying it on the affected area helps a lot in controlling the itching and reduces the size of the lumps caused by urticaria. [2]

Some of the home remedies which can be taken orally to get rid of the rashes and calm down the itching sensation due to urticaria include:

  1. Jaggery: Intake of a teaspoon of Jaggery two to three times a day every day till the symptoms subside is a good way to control the symptoms of urticaria.

  2. Ginger Juice: Half a cup of ginger juice with a teaspoon of Jaggery taken once after waking up in the morning on a daily basis until improvement of symptoms is noted is also quite efficacious in getting rid of the symptoms urticaria. [2]

  3. Turmeric Powder: Turmeric has extremely high medicinal properties and has been used since centuries for various medical conditions and urticaria is no exception. When turmeric powder is used along with Jaggery at least two times a day for about a week is quite an effective way to get rid of the symptoms of urticaria. [2]

  4. Mint Tea: Tea made of mint leaves has also shown quite effective results when used as a means to get rid of urticaria. Mint Tea should be taken at least two times a day for best results in controlling the symptoms of urticaria. [2]

In addition to the above mentioned home remedies there are also certain dietary modifications that one needs to adhere to for controlling the symptoms of urticaria. It is recommended that affected individuals should avoid any acidic or spicy foods, dairy products, chicken, beef, and curd at least till the time the symptoms calm down and the rashes subside.

In conclusion, home remedies can help a great deal in controlling the symptoms of urticaria. However, it is essential to identify the root cause of the condition and get treated for it to prevent recurrence.

Both traditional medicine and modern day medicine are potent enough to control the symptoms of urticaria and should be entertained once the rashes due to urticaria develop. [2]


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