Home Remedies For Intestinal Worms In Kids

Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms in Kids

Intestinal worm infections in children are highly common and it is usually treated with a short course of anti-parasitic medicine. A large number of de-worming or anti-worm medications are easily available over the counter. However, these medications should be taken with caution and supervision. Besides the conventional methods, a large number of home remedies are available for management of intestinal worms in children. The most common home remedies are mentioned below:

Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms in Kids

Onion Juice

Onion juice is an excellent home remedy which helps in elimination of thread worm in kids. Onion juice can be prepared by grinding onion and collecting the juice; it is advised to drink this juice early in the morning on an empty stomach for killing the intestinal worms.

Drumstick Seeds

It has been noticed that consumption of 2 grams of drumstick seeds powder with cold water works as an effective home remedy in destroying intestinal worms in kids.

Beet Nut Paste with Lemon Juice for Intestinal Worms in Kids

Oral consumption of unripe beet nut paste mixed with lemon juice also helps in management of intestinal worms in kids.

Basil Leaves as a Home Remedy for Intestinal Worms

Basil leaves and basil seeds have de-worming properties making it a useful home remedy in getting rid of intestinal worms in kids. This is predominantly more pronounced in management of pinworms.


A mixture is made with 4 table spoons of unripe papaya milk mixed with one table spoon of honey and 4 table spoon of hot boiling water.This mixture acts as an anti-oxidant and helps in fighting the intestinal worms naturally.


Pomegranate helps in management of pinworms. The bark or the peel of pomegranate is peeled followed by drying it and grinding. This is then consumed with sugar for removing the causative parasite.


Grated carrots when consumed on an empty stomach in the morning works as a useful home remedy in killing the existing intestinal worms and it also helps is re-inhabitation of the worms.

Pumpkin Seeds

Grounded pumpkin seeds with water has de-worming properties and can be taken to get rid of intestinal worms in kids.


Garlic is known to have anti-septic and anti-fungal properties and is used as a home remedy for many illness. Eating 3 – 4 cloves of garlic daily on an empty stomach helps in prevents the growth and inhabitation of worms in the intestine in kids.

Coconut as a Home Remedy for Intestinal Worms

It has been observed that consumption of grated coconut with breakfast followed by intake of about 30 ml of castor oil helps in management of pinworms.

Bitter Gourd Juice. One table spoon of bitter gourd juice mixed with a full glass of butter milk helps in elimination of worms thriving in the intestine. It is advised to take this mixture for at least three days continuously for it to show its action. However, it may be difficult to make children drink this juice considering its bitter taste.

Boiled Water

Drinking boiled water helps in prevention of intestinal worms. Boiling helps is killing the parasites and germs that may be found in water. Daily consumption of boiled water with rock salt on an empty stomach also helps in elimination of intestinal worms.

Prevention of Intestinal Worms in Kids

Intestinal worm infection can be avoided with certain modification in daily living and by maintaining good hygiene habits. The following precautionary measures can help in prevention of intestinal worms in children:

  • Maintaining short nails and clean nails to avoid accumulation of dirt and germs.
  • Thorough washing of vegetable and fruits before eating or cooking can help prevent intestinal worms.
  • Drinking boiled water or filtered water; particularly in rainy seasons can help in preventing intestinal worms in kids.
  • De- worming of pets.
  • Improving sanitation of the surrounding and maintaining personal hygiene.

Intestinal worms in kids are a recurrent problem. Hence, parents must be very cautious with food and hygiene of the child. However, intestinal worms can be managed very easily with home remedies and conservative treatment. If home remedies are not able to cure in a few days, one must consult a physician at the earliest.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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