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Home Remedies For Myocarditis

Myocarditis refers to the myocardium inflammation or heart muscle’s inflammation and it affects the heart muscles and its electrical system while reducing the ability of the heart to pump blood. In other words, myocarditis results in arrhythmias i.e. abnormal and rapid heart rhythms. In most of the cases, myocarditis takes place because of viral infections.

Home Remedies For Myocarditis

Home Remedies For Myocarditis

There are a few things you can do at home to manage the symptoms of myocarditis:

Limit Your Salt Intake. Sodium or salt is responsible to aggravate various symptoms related to cardiac disease, including myocarditis followed by heart failure. Reason for this is that it forces higher amount of fluids to draw into the bloodstream and in turn, pressurizes your heart to pump more blood through your entire circulatory system.(2)

Follow an Anti-inflammatory Diet. You should make a habit of having or following an anti-inflammatory diet with varieties of fruits and fresh vegetables. According to nutritionists, you should inculcate the habit of filling the half of your plate with fresh veggies and fruits at each of your meals.

Reduce Your Alcohol and Caffeine Intake. Tea, coffee and other similar types of caffeinated beverages forces your heart to beat at a fast rate, which would be dangerous in case you are a myocarditis patient. You should always remember that alcohol interferes with your regular heartbeat.(2)

Check Your Potassium Intake. You should make sure checking the amount of potassium intake by your body. In case you take any medicine to avoid heart failure, you should consult with your cardiologist about the ability of your body to balance the intake of potassium.(1)

Avoid Tick Bites while Outdoors in High-risk Areas. You should strictly avoid tick bites by simply covering the exposed skin during your outdoors in various high-risk areas. If possible, you should take help from the doctor right away in case you suspect about any tick bite or any other similar type of infectious insect.

Make Sure Treating Bacterial Infections at Early Stages. You should make sure treating your bacterial infections at their early stages itself for avoiding complications. Besides this, you have to avoid your close contact with any individual who has flu or any other similar type of bacterial and/or viral infection.

Prohibition of Sharing Needles. Whether you involve in piercing, tattooing session or any other medical procedure, you should never share the used needles with others.

Intake a Few Supplements. Consult with your doctor to consider the intake of a few supplements, which helps in reducing your inflammation. In most of the cases, doctors recommend for the following supplements or antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10. Even a few doctors also recommend you a few herbs named hawthorn, gingko, garlic and ginseng.

Practice Few Stress-relieving Techniques. Lastly, you should perform yoga, prayers, gentle stretching, journaling, meditation, breathing exercises and socialization, along with other effective stress-relieving techniques to keep your heart in healthy condition.

In certain cases an individual may suffer from myocarditis because of bad reaction from any prescribed or OTC drug or as a part of any general inflammatory condition.

Common signs and symptoms of the problem include fatigue, chest pain, breathing shortness and arrhythmias. If you suffer from myocarditis in its severe form, it results in weakening of your heart and hence, rest of the body fails to get blood in enough amounts. Thus, clots form in the heart resulting in a heart attack or stroke.(1)


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