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Home treatment for breathing problems in toddlers are opted by many parents and in most cases, they are effective too. There are various types of home treatments for breathing problems in toddlers, which can be conveniently used with home remedies and natural substances. These can work well in most cases, but if the condition does not improve or seems to worsen, immediate medical care must be sought. Also, it is important for parents to know the red flag symptoms or certain signs, which if appear, may need immediate medical care.

Home Treatments for Breathing Problems in Toddlers

Home Treatments for Breathing Problems in Toddlers

Breathing problems in toddlers is a common condition and may occur due to varying reasons. Children who are under 5 years of age are seen to be falling victim most, they are likely to catch varying infections and undergo different respiratory tract diseases when their immune system is still not developed.

Here are some of the important home treatments for breathing problems in toddlers

Know the Triggers of Breathing Problems

Most breathing problems in toddlers are triggered by exposure to certain allergens, infections, presence of viral infections or respiratory illnesses. It is important to know the triggers of breathing problems in toddlers, which should be known and should be avoided as a major part of home treatment for breathing problems in toddlers. Dust, chemicals, perfumes, smoke, pollen, animal dander, etc. are common triggers. Some food items too can cause severe allergies or trigger breathing problems in toddlers, which must be known and prevented.

The best home treatment for breathing problems in toddlers is to take the necessary precautions to avoid exposure to the allergens. Wearing a mask, keeping the room clean and well ventilated, vacuuming the carpets and upholstery are some other common preventive measures.

There are varying home remedies, using which, one can alleviate breathing problems in toddlers. But when you find the child to be extremely sick or having the red flag symptoms it is better to contact the doctor as immediately as possible.

Home Remedy for Breathing Problems in Toddlers #1: Fluid Intake

  • It is highly recommended to give the toddler as much fluids as possible.
  • Fluid like fruit juice and even simple water will help in loosening the mucus and protect the breathing system from infection-related dehydration. Warm water can be a great home remedy for respiratory problems in toddlers. Some toddlers respond well to freshly prepared soups
  • Fluid is not only capable of defeating the virus or wiping out the root of diseases but it can effectively minimize the uneasiness that the little one faces.

Home Remedy for Breathing Problems in Toddlers #2: Humidifier

  • A cool mist humidifier can be used to normalize the child struggling to breathe.
  • A humidifier can be kept in the room, the device would be moistening the room, making the air humid and less dry, in such situation, the sick child will feel better and comfortable.
  • The room remains cool and can also help to soothe the child having mild fever without any complications.
  • When the child is having non-infectious respiratory illnesses, humidifiers help a child to breath properly, even seasonal allergies cannot disturb the child.

Home Remedy for Breathing Problems in Toddlers #3: Honey

  • Honey is really effective to regularize the breathing disorder, honey is known to ease the chest congestion and cough. This is one of the popular home treatments for breathing problems in toddlers.
  • Honey is known to play hard with bacteria which is harmful for the child's breathing system. Honey is an anti-bacterial agent which helps the child to get rid of mucus congestion as well.
  • Those having serious breathing trouble may be given pure honey once or twice. Some people also use honey mixed with dry ginger powder.

Home Remedy for Breathing Problems in Toddlers #4: Herbal Decoction

  • One of the popular home remedies for breathing problems in toddlers due to respiratory illnesses is to give them a mixture of herbal substances.
  • Take a glass of water, add basil leaves, mint leaves, black pepper powder and some carom seeds.
  • Boil the water and add some jaggery or honey to it.
  • This mixture can be given to the toddler in sips at regular intervals to provide relief from cold, cough and respiratory troubles causing breathing problems.

Home Remedy for Breathing Problems in Toddlers #5: Steam Inhalation or Nebulizer

  • Home therapy can be used to dilute the phlegm which is resting tight in your child's chest.
  • There are few physical therapies which are proved effective in relieving the child from horrid phlegm troubles.
  • Parents are required to have the child lay in face down position, keep on tapping the back with cupped fists. This technique however helps the toddler to drive out thick mucus which is congested in trachea and lungs.
  • Another popular physical therapy and home treatment for breathing problems in toddlers is steam inhalation or using a nebulizer. Steam inhalation should be gently given to toddlers, which can help to loosen the mucus, phlegm and provide relief from stuffed nose as well.

Know the Red Flag Symptoms

Some of the red flag symptoms may require immediate medical attention, which should be known when continuing home treatments for breathing problems in toddlers. These include

  • Struggled breathing, rapid breathing, gasping for breath, severe breathlessness and very high fever can be signs of serious breathing disorder.
  • Badly pitched and harsh voice, sneezing, the child has to flare his nostril or has to strain the chest muscles to breathe in, vomiting, severe coughing with pain in chest,
  • Blue discolorations of lips, tongue, and nails, stuffy nose.
  • Severe breathing difficulty, breathing through mouth because of blockage in nose, the child may not be able to talk or cry due to breathing difficulty, lethargic and appear extremely sick, rapid and shallow breathing, watering from eyes.

Apart from these home treatments for breathing problems in babies, there are also over-the-counter medicines and other medical treatments available, including herbal supplements which can treat the severe cases of respiratory problems in toddlers.

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