12 Kitchen Remedies To Lower Your Cholesterol Quickly

Lowering blood pressure, controlling cholesterol levels and improving heart health are essential for treating heart diseases. Diagnosing and detecting a heart condition is essential for taking the best measures against the fight for heart disease. If the blood test reports state high cholesterol levels in the blood, you must put immediate and high efforts to reduce and control your cholesterol levels.

Preferring natural products for lowering cholesterol level is effective for treating the condition in comparison to medication. There are a number of natural remedies found in your kitchen with medicinal values and properties proven for lowering the cholesterol levels fairly quickly. Learn about the effective kitchen remedies to lower cholesterol levels quickly!

12 Kitchen Remedies to Quickly Lower the Cholesterol Levels

12 Kitchen Remedies to Quickly Lower the Cholesterol Levels


Garlic is a very popular kitchen ingredient and possesses excellent medicinal properties and effectively lowers cholesterol level quickly in the blood. Consuming garlic frequently improves blood circulation and regulates the level of cholesterol in the body. Garlic, as a kitchen remedy, also helps to prevent blood clots. But, garlic supplements also thin the blood. So for this reason, you must consult a doctor before consuming garlic supplements for lowering your cholesterol levels.


Ginger is another kitchen favorite famous for its spicy and strong aroma and taste. Ginger is also traditionally popular for its medicinal values. Consuming ginger daily will lower the total cholesterol level and effectively prevent heart diseases. Consuming ginger in any form will bring a considerable difference in the cholesterol level of the person.


Any kitchen in the world is incomplete without this important and natural remedy, i.e. turmeric. Curcumin is a potent component extracted from turmeric and well known for its medicinal benefits. The potent component from turmeric restrains the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and lowers the overall cholesterol level. Turmeric effectively reduces the chances of heart diseases and also protects from atherosclerosis which makes turmeric an effective kitchen remedy to lower your cholesterol quickly.


Fenugreek is a popular kitchen remedy used for improving digestion. Not many know that Fenugreek can also be used to lower your cholesterol levels quickly. Ethyl acetate is the extract of Fenugreek proven for lowering blood cholesterol and blood sugar level. Consuming Fenugreek lowers LDL and triglycerides level and increases HDL level in the blood. Fenugreek contains a high amount of flavonoids and phenolic. Fenugreek also works as a powerful antioxidant, which is good for your overall health.


Licorice is a powerful kitchen remedy that works super effectively for lowering the cholesterol level quickly in the blood. Licorice is a rich source of flavonoids, which lowers the total cholesterol level and also prevents cholesterol accumulation along the arterial walls. Licorice contains glabridin, which is another active ingredient playing a major part in interrupting the oxidation of the LDL cholesterol.


Alfalfa is a popular supplement containing essential nutrients and minerals. Alfalfa effectively lowers the LDL cholesterol level in the blood up to 18%. Studies recommend consuming Alfalfa every day effectively stabilizes the cholesterol levels blocking its absorption in the artery walls.


Policosanol extracted from sugarcane is a natural cholesterol-reducing component. Consuming the component extracted from Policosanol works effectively in quickly controlling overall cholesterol levels.


You may have a good idea about the health benefits of consuming Capsicum. But, not many know that consuming capsicum is highly helpful and beneficial for persons with high cholesterol level too! Capsicum accelerates the body metabolism rate, which burns the stored fat in the body. Capsicum also suppresses appetite, which restricts from building fats. The antioxidants in the capsicum herb kills free radicals and increase the HDL (healthy cholesterol) levels in the body naturally.


Guggul is a substance sourced from Mukul Myrrh tree. Guggul is popularly used in Ayurvedic medicines. Guggul, though not exactly used in your regular kitchen is beneficial in preventing the release of excessive LDL cholesterol from the liver to the bloodstream. Guggul effectively stabilizes the good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol levels.

Consuming Guggul increases the production of bile acid, which affects the total cholesterol levels.


Hawthorn is a berry plant and is popular as an ancient medicine. The berries, flowers, and leaves of Hawthorn are edible and possess antioxidant properties. Consuming Hawthorn helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood fairly quickly. The Hawthorn plant also effectively treats mild heart problems.


Flaxseed is getting popular day-by-day owing to its multiple health benefits. Flaxseed sourced from flax plant contains high level of alpha-linolenic acid. The omega-3 fatty acid present in Flaxseed helps to lower the cholesterol level quickly and is highly beneficial for people with high cholesterol level. Consuming flaxseed and oil extracted from the Flaxseed is beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels quickly.


Artichoke is a plant popular for its medicinal properties and is fairly well used in the kitchen as a food. The leaves of Artichoke plant contain a fiber that blocks the cholesterol absorption in the body and hence help to lower cholesterol quickly. The fiber in Artichoke reduces the production of LDL cholesterol in the body and increases the HDL cholesterol in the blood. Artichoke also stabilizes the total cholesterol level in the body. So, do go for this kitchen remedy to lower your cholesterol levels.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle with good food habits and physical exercises are essential for managing blood cholesterol levels. The doctor may recommend medications after diagnosing your high cholesterol condition, which you also have to take; however, you can start consuming these kitchen remedies after consulting with the doctor. Adding these natural remedies found in your kitchen to your regular diet can help to lower your cholesterol levels much quickly!

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