8 Natural Treatment For Lichen Simplex Chronicus

Lichen simplex chronicus is something that begins with an itch on an area of the skin and repeated skin itching thickens the area. This thickened skin induces more itches in and around the affected area and spreads. This vicious itch cycle continues if left untreated. It becomes easy for you to treat Lichen simplex chronicus with natural treatments, if you recognize it early; else, you may require steroid to clear it at later stages.

Lichen simplex chronicus is also known as Neurodermatitis and it must be mentioned that it is not a life threatening condition. However, stopping the vicious cycle of itching could be a real big challenge. This is a condition that occurs mainly in adults and in rare cases, it is seen in children. Individuals who are already suffering from skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema or fungal infections, are more likely to get Lichen simplex chronicus. However, other people can also develop the condition. Scalp, wrists, neck, upper forearms and ankles are the most common areas that are affected in Lichen simplex chronicus.

8 Natural Treatment For Lichen Simplex Chronicus

Natural Treatment For Lichen Simplex Chronicus:

Below are some of the natural treatments you can try to get rid of Lichen simplex chronicus.

Find Out Triggers and Avoid Them:

The first thing you need is to find out the triggers causing the itch. Then, the trigger must be dealt with. If you have a habit of hot water bath, you must change the habit to cold water bath which will help you reduce your itch. Also, stop using any kind of soap for body wash. You can also have a soap-free body wash. You can reduce the itching by about 50% if you could avoid these triggers that might be causing the itch.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel is an excellent natural treatment to soothe dry and scaly skin. For using this remedy, mix a little bit of aloe vera gel with one tablespoon of non-toxic glycerine and ten drops of tea tree oil and apply the mixture on the affected skin to get relief. Glycerine softens and hydrates the skin, the tea tree oil is antiseptic and aloe vera gel soothes the itching and heal the affected skin.

Cold Compress:

Cold compresses can help in reducing redness, stop the itching and cool the skin. So, you can take a clean cloth and soak it in some cold water and then place the cloth on the affected area of the skin for at least 30 minutes. Let the cold compress absorb your body’s temperature. This will provide you relief from Lichen Simplex Chronicus naturally.

Stop Scratching The Itch:

It is not at all easy to stop the temptation to scratch the itch. It is true that sub-consciously your hands move and scratch the affected area. However, you need to consciously win over your subconscious and avoid scratching. It is a big challenge, but you can surely do it.

Apply Moisturizer:

Applying moisturizers can control some of the urges of itching. Natural moisturizers can be used and also menthol containing cooling creams or talcum powders may be used to stop or reduce the urge to itch.

Low Oxalate Diet:

Low oxalate diet can also be an excellent natural treatment for lichen simplex chronicus naturally. As per the MediLexicon Medical dictionary, Oxalate is a salt of oxalic acid and are the compounds found in urine that results from the metabolism of certain foods. High Oxalate foods contain more than 10 mg of Oxalate per serving and low Oxalate foods and drinks contains less than 2 mg per serving. Apple cider vinegar, cola, buttermilk, green tea, milk, butter, salad dressing, grapefruit, bananas, avocados, egg noodles, beef, pasta, muffins, etc. are some examples of low oxalate foods and beverages.

Vitamin C:

Take and crack one tablet of Vitamin C and mix it with one tablespoon of water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected skin and then leave it for about 15 minutes. Then after, clean it and apply a thick layer of coconut oil or Vaseline. Being loaded with antioxidant properties, vitamin C will help in reducing the itching, while Vaseline or coconut oil will help the skin with the required hydration.

Other Natural Treatments for Lichen Simplex Chronicus:

Soothing creams and acupuncture at the site of the lesions are also used for calming down the hyper-irritable itch response of the local nerve endings. Homeopathic treatments could also be followed to treat Lichen simplex chronicus. Such treatments address altered immune system, treating the roots of this disease. It is moreover; harmless, safe and can provide you long-term relief from this autoimmune disease.

Cover the affected areas with bandages that can help protect the skin and prevent scratching.

Keep your nails well trimmed so that short nails may do less damage to the skin, especially if you scratch while you are asleep.

Try OTC medications, like oral antihistamine such as Benadryl, that can relieve severe itching and help you sleep, try anti-itch cream or a hydrocortisone cream for temporary relief from the itch, etc.


It can be that some of the natural treatments may work in some cases of Lichen simplex chronicus. However, if your condition is too bad, then immediate medical attention is required. Since medical treatments may include high strength steroid creams, it is essential to be monitored under supervision so as to avoid more serious side effects like, skin cancer.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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