What are the Natural Remedies for Heart Valve Problems?

Human heart consists of four different valves and each of these valves pump oxygen within the heart. Indeed, you have to keep the heart valves in good working condition and strong enough, so that you stay healthy and live a long life. However, there are many times, when your heart valves fail to perform their functions in an appropriate way and leading to heart valve problems. The problem in this case may be anything such as any of the valves fail to close in a right way leading to heart/blood regurgitation.

Heart valves problems pertain because of a few specific factors, which include congenital birth defects, age rheumatic fever and various other types/forms of infections. In addition, heart valve of a person may become weak and prevent proper flow of blood through it.

What are the Natural Remedies for Heart Valve Problems?

What are the Natural Remedies for Heart Valve Problems?

Irrespective of your specific cardiac health condition, you may alter almost every problem associated with your heart valve by simply strengthening heart valves with a few common natural remedies, as mentioned below:

Inclusion of a Heart Friendly Diet: Inclusion of heart friendly diet is a natural remedy and the most important thing, which you should do to prevent or treat your heart valve problem. In fact, you may expect to get drastic improvement in your cardiac health if you opt to include a few nutritious fruits and veggies in your daily meal. In addition, you may include fish (as it contains Omega-3) and whole grain type of food items in your diet. Moreover, you should strictly cut out artificial sweeteners and sugary drinks. Other than this, you should include flaxseeds, kidney beans, salmon, walnuts, almond and oatmeal.

Cardio Exercises and Activity Programs: By involving yourself in regular physical exercise, you will do a big favor with your heart health. Irrespective of the type of your heart valve problems, as mentioned here, you will definitely get a sound health benefit with cardiovascular exercises and they act as a natural remedy. In this case, you have to start your job by simple stretching daily and then involve yourself in exercises, which will help in increasing your cardiac strength. These exercises are swimming, running, jogging, biking and walking. Only if you deal with any heart condition, you should essentially consult with your doctor before you should start with any type of physical exercise.

Consult with Doctor in Case of Rheumatic Fever: Rheumatic Fever refers to an infection, which makes one’s heart valves weak. Fever usually takes place because of bacterial infection, such as strep throat and it takes place easily. If you suffer from the problem of sore throat, fever, difficulty in swallowing your food or any other similar type of bacterial infection, you should consult with your doctor in no time. Diagnose of rheumatic fever and other similar type of bacterial infections early is essential to reduce any of the long-term effects.

Natural Herbs to Treat Heart Valve Problems at Home

Along with the common activities mentioned above, it is essential for every heart valve patient to prefer a few natural herbs to deal with your heart valve problems easily at home.

Garlic: Garlic is a natural remedy for heart valve problems. Many studies have revealed garlic as a beneficial herb to deal with various cardiac related conditions, such as high blood pressure, coronary type of heart problems and high cholesterol. In addition, it reduces arteries hardening or atherosclerosis problem. Moreover, garlic brings improvement in blood circulation and comes with antiplatelet aggregatory and antithrombotic effects.

Hawthorn: Hawthorn is another popular herb used primarily to treat heart conditions and it acts an excellent option for your entire cardiovascular system and is a natural remedy for heart valve problems. The main role of this herb is to increase the flow of blood towards the heart and brings improvement in the contraction of cardiac muscles. In this way, hawthorn assures about strong pumping action. Along with this, hawthorn increases overall cardiac performance and its outcomes, while simultaneously reduces the workload from one’s heart.

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