What Are The Natural Remedies For Myelofibrosis?

Natural remedies help reducing the severity of symptoms in myelofibrosis without any side effects. These remedies may be used along with the conventional treatment depending upon the severity of symptoms.

What Are The Natural Remedies For Myelofibrosis?

What Are The Natural Remedies For Myelofibrosis?

Myelofibrosis is a condition in which the spongy bone marrow tissue is replaced by the fibrous tissue. The treatment for myelofibrosis focusses on the management of symptoms as the only cure available for this condition is stem cell transplant. Various natural remedies are used to alleviate the symptoms of myelofibrosis.

Curcumin. Curcumin reducing the inflammation occurred due to myelofibrosis. Due to increased inflammatory mediators in myelofibrosis, there is an increased oxidative stress. Curcumin helps in lowering the oxidative stress.

CoQ10. One of the most common symptoms of myelofibrosis is fatigue and weakness. Co enzyme Q10 plays a major role in energy production. Supplementation with CQ10 in optimum quantity helps managing fatigue and weakness.

Socializing. Due to myelofibrosis and its difficult treatment, the patient gets depressed and isolates himself from the society. This results in further depression as the patient fails to share his feelings to others. Thus, socializing with people who are also suffering from myelofibrosis provides a positive feeling of not being alone.

Counseling. Patient suffering from myelofibrosis should be counseled to manage the disease in a better way. All the queries and apprehensions of the patient should be answered and best possible way to manage the condition is recommended.(2)

Noni Juice. Noni juice is a highly effective therapy in managing the symptoms of myelofibrosis. The chemical ingredients present in the mini juice have dual action. First, they identify and kill the malignant cells and second, they increase the production of white blood cells.(1)

Meditation. Meditation is one of the powerful techniques to induce positive vibes in the body. Through these positive vibes, all the body functions are in sync and the body feels energetic. Meditation also helps in accumulating the energy for fighting with myelofibrosis.

Yoga. Yoga helps the patient to remain physically active. Although people fear of fatigue while doing exercise or yoga, but exercise or yoga for small duration actually helps in improving fatigue.

Stress Management. When the person got to know that he is suffering from myelofibrosis, stress occurs. Stress increases the negative thoughts, draining energy in the process. Increased stress worsens the symptoms of myelofibrosis. Patient should manage stress by applying various stress management activities.

Sound Sleep. Sleep helps in recovering the body with the symptoms of myelofibrosis such as weakness and fatigue. Further, sound sleep also conserves the energy.(2)

Healthy Diet. The patient should take balanced and healthy diet and avoid things that aggravate the symptoms. The patient’s diet includes micronutrient’s that can be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. The patient should also focus on its fat consumption and the aim is to increases good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.

The patient should avoid processed meat, canned food, cheese and butter. Olive oil and fish may be incorporated in the patient’s diet. Sugar and white flour should be taken in less quantity. Ingredients that reduce the risk of infection such as cranberry juice may also be added to diet.

Healthy Lifestyle. Patient should follow a healthy lifestyle. Exercise should be part of routine life. Drinking and smoking should be avoided. Caffeinated drinks should be avoided and increase consumption of water to remain hydrated.

Avoid Chemical Or Radiation Exposure. Exposure to harmful radiations and toxic chemicals further worsens the symptoms. So, the patient should avoid radiation exposure and if, due to occupation, the patient is continuously exposed to toxic chemicals, he should think of changing occupation.


Various natural remedies are available for managing the symptoms of myelofibrosis. Some are related to diet and food while other involves healthy lifestyle and avoiding certain triggers. Socializing and counselling are also effective tools for dealing with myelofibrosis.


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