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How Can I Reduce Stress Quickly?

Stress is common problem faced by almost everyone today. While for some it is in a mild form, for some the magnitude is massive. Stress can affect a person to an extent that it interferes with daily living. There are numerous ways by which stress can be tackled with, which may take some time. In this article, we look at way how you can reduce your stress quickly.

How Can I Reduce Stress Quickly?

Meditation, listening to soothing music, reading a book etc. is known to reduce stress. But sometimes you may be in a situation where it is not possible to practice stress relieving techniques. Imagine if you are waiting outside before a job interview, and are stressed out. It is practically not possible to meditate or read a book etc. Also, in such situation, the person seeks for ways to reduce stress quickly. Thus comes the question regarding how you can reduce stress quickly.

One of the most effective ways of managing stress quickly is by engaging all your senses. Guided imagery is one such effective way that employs all five sense and helps you relax at the time of stress.1 This is one of the important ways to reduce stress quickly. This technique may need some practice and alteration based on what works best for you. It may need some experimentation and identification of how different senses respond and what senses can be touched in various environments.


Here are some ways to reduce stress quickly and keep you environment positive by using the sense of sight. Look at a photo or a memento that bring in joy and happiness. Add colors and life to your work place by placing potted plants or flowers on your work desk. Putting up motivational quotes around you and reading them quickly when stressed can help you calm down. Look out of the window if it allows viewing of nature such as the beach, park, garden etc. If things cannot be modified around you, just close your eyes and visualize things that bring in happiness. You can visualize yourself having a nice cup of tea or spending time with family or anything that makes you happy.


Light scented candles or incense sticks to reduce your stress level. Burning essential oils and letting the scents infuse in the air around can be very calming. This is called as aroma therapy. This can help reduce stress quickly with the help of sense of smell. Fresh flowers can also be very uplifting with their fragrance. If you are outdoor, deep breathing of fresh air can calm you down and take the stress away. Sometimes we might be in situation where it may not be possible to light a candle. Using relaxing perfumes and colognes can be helpful in such cases. For example, if you know that a certain scent calms your senses, use a perfume with similar scent or spray some on a handkerchief and sniff it when agitated. If nothing works, just sit down, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Touch Sensation as a Way to Reduce Stress Quickly:

Simple techniques such as warming yourself in a warm blanket or putting on your favorite scarf can help you calm down. It produces a feeling of familiarity and thus comforts you. Sometimes, touching a pet or a childhood toy can help you calm down. In situations where the above is not practical, try giving yourself a quick neck massage or a hand massage. Simple stretching can also get you in touch with your skin. Wear fabrics that feel nice against your skin is another way out. If you have an object that is easy to carry and bring in happiness carry it with you in your bag and touch it if required. Squeezing a rubber stress ball is also very helpful, which can help reduce stress quickly.


Simple alteration in the taste in the mouth can bring down your stress. Chewing a gum or having a candy can distract you and reduce stress. Sipping coffee, tea or even water can calm you down. Having a small piece of dark chocolate helps a lot of people calm down. Carry a small fruit or a crunchy snack with you and have it whenever you feel jittery. The trick is to savor every bite and taste. Do not be in a hurry to finish it off. Focus on every bite and enjoy the taste.

Sound Sensations to Reduce Stress Quickly:

Listening to soothing music or sounds of nature just before an examination or interview can help you stay calm. Sounds of wind chimes or water fountains etc. can also be very relaxing. If access to sounds is limited or restricted, try humming your favorite song in your mind. Breathing exercises are also very effective in reducing stress and can be practiced to reduce stress quickly. Also, progressive muscle relaxation, which aims at releasing specific muscles to obtain relief can be done, if possible.

Being aware of your body sensations or being mindful is the best way to reduce the stress instantly. The given above are some of the effective way to reduce stress quickly. However, it is only a temporary solution. One needs to practice distressing techniques regularly in order to be stress free or seek medical advice, if appropriate.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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