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Can Cellulite Go Away With Walking?

What is Cellulite? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Cellulite is the layer of fat that has a disposition to accumulate at the anterior region of the thighs, hips and abdomen; especially in women. This accumulated cellulite can cause a dimpled effect and look unappealing due to its famous “orange peel” effect.

What are the Causes of Formation of Cellulite? (2, 3, 4, 5)

There are many cumulative reasons for cellulite formation and these are: Being obese/overweight; hormonal imbalances; lack of muscle tone; genetics; and poor blood circulation.

Can Cellulite Go Away With Walking? (4)

The short answer is YES! You can reduce the appearance of your cellulite with walking. Doing brisk or active walking helps in keeping the weight under control and thus helps in keeping the cellulite away too. Completely getting rid of cellulite is challenging, as cellulite is related to excess fat and genetics. Females have three layers of fat on their thighs and buttocks; and when compared to men, females also have network of connective-tissue with large gaps, which permit the fat cells to protrude thus giving a dimpled effect. An exercise plan which has aerobic exercise included, such as walking, helps greatly in making the cellulite go away or to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Sedentary lifestyle is the primary culprit of cellulite, so it is recommended to start with brisk walking first to get your body initiated in the journey of losing the accumulated cellulite.

For cellulite reduction, it is important first to improve the blood circulation and for this, one has to participate in dynamic sport which can include active walking. Static sports or aerobic workouts need intense effort in short period of time and this is why they do not have much effect on the venous circulation.

Brisk or active walking has one more advantage that is it works simultaneously on all the muscle groups in the body resulting in more burning of calories and thus limiting the accumulation of fat around the thighs and leg muscles. As you continue with your walking routine, the thighs and legs will become slimmer.

According to experts, active walking helps with blood circulation and fights cellulite and there is no denying that walking is a great exercise for every age group to lose weight and tone muscles.

What You Need To Do Along With Walking To Make The Cellulite Go Away? (4)

To win your anti-cellulite campaign, along with walking it is extremely important to follow healthy diet to reduce the storage and production of fat. Start walking daily for at least half an hour. After a few days the body will start its endurance phase after which it will start to consume the reserves of fat for energy. The muscles will start to become firm and elongated along with reduction in cellulite from many areas.

While it may not be possible to completely get rid of cellulite, walking will help a lot in making the cellulite less obvious by toning up muscles and losing weight. If one can increase their heart rate with walking by 70-80% of the maximum heart rate, then it will help in burning more calories. One needs to gradually increase the duration or frequency of walking and start other types of aerobic and strength training workouts for faster and better results in making the cellulite go away.

The more weight one loses, the less fat there is to create the dimples of cellulite. A combination of strength training with walking can yield better weight loss. It is also recommended to include exercise to target the muscle groups of the lower body along with the upper body. It is better to consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime, especially if you are suffering from diseases, such as heart problems or diabetes.


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