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Pros and Cons of Appetite Suppressants

Weight gain and obesity is a growing problem in the modern lifestyle. Changing lifestyle including changing food habits is the main cause of this growing issue. There are some medications, which play a vital role in weight loss. Appetite-suppressant is a kind of medication that can help to lose weight by curbing hunger cravings. Appetite suppressants are an effective tool in a weight loss program however, it needs to be consumed with caution.(1) One must understand the pros and cons of appetite suppressants to make an informed decision of consuming them or not.

Pros of Appetite Suppressants

  • Weight Loss as a Major Pros of Appetite Suppressants: Appetite suppressants help to decrease the total body mass by 5%. 1 in 4 people can show a 10% decrease in weight within a short span of time. One good thing about these products is one need not completely eliminate food of their choice to attain weight loss.(1)
  • Sustained Energy: Appetite suppressants helps in keeping you full for a longer time and thus maintains the energy levels without consuming food.
  • Increased Metabolism as a Pros of Appetite Suppressants: Appetite suppressants can increase the metabolism of a person and keep it high all through the day. It means more calories shall be burned naturally and will encourage weight loss. Diet pills might work differently for different people though.(3)
  • Fast Weight Loss Results: The formulae show faster results as you start eating in low quantities the body starts burning fats quickly to convert it into energy and utilize it to stay active throughout the day.
  • Affordable: Appetite suppressants are affordable compared to other weight loss methods. You just need to take the medication as per the prescription.(1)
  • Easy Accessibility: Even though appetite suppressants are not recommended commonly, you will find stores where this product is widely available for people who want to lose weight.(1)

Cons of Appetite Suppressants

Although, the pros of appetite suppressants are plenty, yet there are some cons which is worth noting and one needs to be cautious while using it. The cons are mentioned below:

  • Physical Health Concerns related to Appetite Suppressants: Appetite suppressants can cause bowel movement changes and this can be painful. They can cause rapid heartbeats.(1,3) Drastic weight loss of 1-2 pounds each week can affect the body in a negative way. There are also risks of gallstones formation, sudden fall in blood pressure, hypoglycemia, nervousness or digestive issues.
  • Short-term Loss of Weight: Most people after taking them lose weight considerably faster but keeping it can be a challenge. People can gain back all lost weight within 12-24 months of weight loss. At times, people gain more weight.(2)
  • Appetite Suppressants can be Addictive: Many appetite suppressants contain amphetamines. Amphetamines are slightly addictive. It means a psychological and physical dependence on these pills might develop. Users might feel they cannot lose additional pounds or cannot maintain their weight without these pills.(3,4) Another factor is that people tend to develop tolerance to amphetamines with time. It means the pills lose effectiveness just after a few weeks of consumption and to continue getting the same benefits the dosage needs to be increased.
  • Sleep Disturbances as a Con of Consuming Appetite Suppressants: When appetite suppressants are taken in the afternoon, it may be difficult to sleep at night. If you already have a sleeping disorder, ask your doctor the proper time of taking this medication.(2,3)


Before taking appetite suppressants, their pros and cons should be studied properly. They can be a successful part of a dieting plan provided it is taken under an expert supervision and in the correct way. If the right product is selected, people can achieve weight loss with appetite suppressants effectively. Exercise and diet can minimize the side-effects of these pills. Therefore, it is crucial to make healthy changes when you consider taking an appetite suppressant.


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