Sujok Therapy Instruments

Sujok therapy is known to be beneficial in treating several health conditions. Sujok therapy makes use of some instruments, which are defined and made especially with expert precision for carrying out the specific treatments for various diseased conditions. Read below to know more about some of the Sujok therapy instruments.

What are the Different Sujok Therapy Instruments?

What are the Different Sujok Therapy Instruments?

Probe or Diagnostic Stick. Probe or diagnostic stick is the most useful sujok therapy instrument for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purpose that is used to identify correspondence points and also treat those points by sujok massaging. There are different types of probes used in Sujok therapy, which include plain probe, probe with lens, probe with spring and probe with massager.

Diagnosis Pen. Diagnosis Pen is the Sujok therapy instrument that helps in finding and stimulating painful points in your neurophysiological system. This diagnosis pen is a sujok therapy instrument, which is a combination of pen and a roller; thus serves in massaging within the correspondence system. The diagnosis pen in Sujok therapy has two round-tipped ends, having different diameters, which allow identifying the painful points or the painful areas and thus help with proper diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition. The diagnosis pen has a rippled surface, which can also be useful in indentifying correspondence areas.

Universal Pen. Universal pen is another Sujok therapy instrument used in Sujok treatments. Inside a universal pen, there is room for 2 exchangeable tips. Universal pen combines 3 different sizes along with a stimulation roller for treating various conditions with Sujok therapy.

Touch Pen. Touch pen is a Sujok therapy instrument, inside which there is a pin with a spring mechanism used for the auricular therapy.

Six K1 Inserter. This sujok therapy instrument is a needle insertion apparatus used for treatments within the Byol meridians. The depth and the angle of the insertion can be precisely placed using a specific spring mechanism. There is a needle inside the apparatus, which is held by a magnet so as to allow for effective treatment.

Needle Inserter. Needle inserter is one more Sujok therapy instrument. Needles are small and quite difficult to handle. So, needle inserters are used for inserting the needles. There are different types of needle inserters to insert needles in Sujok therapy.

Gravitation Inserter. This Sujok therapy instrument is the needle insertion apparatus beneficial for quick as well as painless insertion of the acupuncture needles in your correspondence system. Because of this instrument’s tip’s weight, the acupuncture needles enter the tissue very fast and in quite an easy manner. There is also a magnet at the base of its tip that helps to hold the needles

Metal Stars. Metal stars are the sujok therapy instruments that are used for stimulation of correspondence points, since quite a longtime in Sujok therapy. Metal stars are very useful in easing pain.

Chakra Magnets. Chakra magnet is one more effective Sujok therapy instrument that actually is a ring-shaped magnet used for sending the energy flow to the mid-point. This serves in the local treatment and also in the treatment of the Chakra projection.

Massage Balls. Massage balls are the sujok therapy instrument, which are used to help stimulate within the neurophysiological system of your feet and hands. Inside these massage balls, there are 2 massage rings, primarily meant for stimulating correspondence points on the fingers. These massage rings are even available separately.

Light Impulse Stimulator. Light Impulse Stimulator is also a Sujok therapy instrument which consists of pulsing red light to help in treating pain. Light Impulse Stimulator is highly recommended for treating children.

Technical Data of Light Impulse Stimulator.

  • Amplitude. 655-680 nm
  • Voltage. 6V
  • Max length of therapy. 180 min
  • Operation. Impulsive

Magnet Stars. Magnet stars are sujok therapy instrument that are used for stimulating the neurophysiological points. They are very much beneficial in easing pain. With magnet stars, the mechanical effect of metal stars is complemented by a magnet.

Color Magnets/Bipolar Magnets. Each color magnet or bipolar magnet in Sujok therapy has one north and one south polarity. The lines of the magnet field in case of the magnets are drawn from the north to the south. The North Pole is white, while the South Pole is yellow. It is possible to change the energy flow locally and also in the Byol meridian, because of the help of these magnets.

Moxa. Moxa is a specific Sujok therapy treatment, which uses heat on neurophysiological points, especially with severe pain and chronic diseases.
Mini Moxa. Mini moxa is a Sujok therapy instrument used for treatment with heat on the larger body areas. Here, a stand is required to use the mini moxa. The height of the stand that is used can be adjusted as per requirement.

Mikro Moxa. Mikro Moxa is put directly on the acupuncture point, just like the needle acupuncture. Here, in this case there is development of very intense heat to cure medical ailments.

Acupressure Sujok Roller. Acupressure Sujok roller is a Sujok therapy instrument, which is a simple, yet an advance tool. Acupressure Sujok roller is an important tool, especially for the Sujok therapists and for the acupressurist. Acupressure Sujok roller is beneficial in diagnosing sensitive acupressure points and also for treating these points. This probe in Sujok therapy can be also used for giving a generalized massage over any of your body part.

For using the acupressure Sujok roller, you need to move the probe’s rounded end over the essential area, maybe palms, feet, finger or toes by using a uniform pressure. With this you will feel a sharp pain in the most sensitive point and this is the acu-point. For treating this acu-point, you need to press the same acu-point with the help of the probe for the amount of time that you require. You have to roll this probe all along its length over the essential part of your body if you want to get generalized massage. Make sure that you maintain some precaution and that is just applying adequate pressure, as sharp pressure might cause severe pain to the affected person and also the skin might tear if it is very thin.

Sujok Ring. Sujok therapy ring is a popular sujok therapy instrument. You simply have to put the ring in your fingers, thumbs and try to roll them all along their length to get some nice relaxation.

Auricular Massage Sujok Seed. Small black seeds taken from a plant named, the Vaccaria plant, are secured on the ear using a piece of adhesive tape over certain acu-points. With this, there is a continuous mild pressure exerted on the specific region. This continuous pressure is amplified by stimulating these sujok seed with a few seconds of massage using your fingertip every few hours. These auricular massage Sujok seeds are non-invasive and do not puncture your skin; instead they are just affixed on the ear surface. This auricular massager with sujok seeds can be used for several conditions, such as back pain, to quit smoking, weight loss, headache, depression, insomnia and stress.

Acupressure Nabhi Pump Katori Massager. There is a wonderful sujok therapy instrument, known as the Acupressure Nabhi Pump Katori Massager. This sujok therapy instrument has 3 parts; the first part is hollow, flexible, thick walled rubber having a shape of the old-fashioned light bulb, with its thinner end open; the second part of this sujok therapy instrument is a metallic bowl or the Katori with a hole in the center of its surface; while the third part is a hollow metallic pipe and one end of this pipe is permanently welded on to the central hole of the outer surface of the second part or the metallic bowl, and the other end of this hollow metallic pipe is left free and is properly inserted into the open end of the first part or the rubber device. So, there is an internal connection between all these three parts and this allows the air to pass through the ends. There are a large number of diseases or disorders of the body that are caused by a disturbed solar plexus.

Sujok Therapy Foot Massager. This sujok therapy instrument is used for treating sinusitis, headache, acidity, migraine, heel pain, gastric, asthma, heel pain, cramps, diabetes, sciatica and constipation. Sujok Therapy Foot Massager can be used while studying, watching television or at leisure. Simply place your feet over the sujok therapy foot massager and move the feet with slight and gentle pressure through a to and fro motion for a few minutes each day. This massager would provide you with health and fitness.


So, above we have talked about some of the popular Sujok Therapy instruments that can be used for treating various health conditions through the sujok treatment methods. It is always essential for you to talk to your doctor or an expert practitioner of Sujok Therapy before using the instruments for treating any condition.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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