Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Age Spots?

The small dark areas on the skin can make our face unpleasant as well as uncomfortable. These dark patches are popularly known as age spots or liver spots. These spots might appear in different sizes, on face and hands or in other areas, which have maximum exposure to sun. These age spots are quite common in adults, but it can be found on young people as well especially, those who spend most of the time in the Sun. We are conscious about our appearance, especially our face. That is why, sometimes we might get worried when the age spots start appearing. Especially, some of the age spots look like some cancerous growths.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Age Spots?

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Age Spots?

There are different remedies which can be tried to reduce, and eliminate age spots. One of the remedy which has been proven beneficial is application of Apple Cider Vinegar on the affected spots. This remedy has been around for quite some time, and it has its own merits as well as demerits.

How To Apply Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider vinegar is considered as one of the trusted solution, when it comes to curing age spots. It has alpha-hydroxy acid present in it, which helps in curing the age spots. Alpha-hydroxy is one of the most popular ingredient, that is used in the skin care products. With the help of alpha-hydroxy, the skin cells renew as well as regenerates itself, making the affected spot completely rejuvenated. The application of this solution is straightforward and easy. To get rid of the age spots, one needs to first dilute the Apple Cider vinegar with water. Then, with the help of a cotton pad, the diluted portion needs to be applied on the affected part. The solution should not be rubbed in hard way on the skin, rather it should be allowed to get soaked on the pores of the skin.

In case, if one is allergic or prone to skin rashes, it is advised to leave the solution on the skin for a minute or two when applying for the first time. If the skin doesn’t react to the solution, then the solution is safe to be used on that skin. This is a common trick which is tried with every skin solution, to check whether the solution is suitable for the skin or not. In case one is not sure, whether a solution should be applied on the skin or not, then it is always advised to check with a specialist first. If everything is fine, one can apply two or three dabs of apple cider vinegar on the skin. This can be done for 20 to 30 minutes, and then at last the skin needs to be rinsed with warm water.

The effect of the apple cider vinegar on the age spots could be doubled, if apple cider vinegar is consumed internally as well. Apple cider vinegar is completely safe to be used as it is an organic produce and known for zero side effects. This is a cost-effective solution, and 100 percent natural. Apple cider vinegar is a natural skin reviver. It can keep the skin refreshed, while making the person look younger.

While treating the age spots, apple cider vinegar reduces the excess oil from the skin and balance the pH. As a result, the skin doesn’t become too oily or too dry. It remains just perfect. Regular usage of apple cider vinegar can not only cure age spots, but it will also cure blemishes, pimple and acne. Moreover, regular usage will also eliminate toxins from the face.


It can be concluded that apple cider vinegar has proven effects on age spots, and can cure it completely. However, there is not pre-defined duration for treatment of age spots with the help of apple cider vinegar. Hence, the duration of treatment might vary from one individual to another. However, if it is consumed orally, then one should keep a watch on the side effects of the apple cider vinegar. This includes diabetes, high blood pressure, sinusitis, sore threats, loose motions etc.

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