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10 Valuable Tips for Healthier Eyes

The health of our eyes is very important. Changes in the health of the eyes may not always lead up to diseases. However, it is good to be cautious about one’s health. The role of the eyes in the day to day affairs cannot be undermined. Our day begins when we wake up from sleep by opening our eyes. Hence, it is essential to keep a tap on the proper functioning of the eyes by consulting a doctor. Most problems related to vision can be easily cured or treated. However, it is essential to not delay vision related problems.

10 Valuable Tips for Healthier Eyes

10 Valuable Tips for Healthier Eyes

There are tips that could be followed to keep our eyes fit and healthy. Here are a few things that you could do:

  1. One Should Consume a Balanced Diet

    Try to include all possible nutrients and vitamins as a part of a healthy balanced diet. Right amount of fatty acids and vitamins can help eradicate a lot of age related vision problems. Muscular degeneration and cataracts can be combated through the judicious consumption of food. However, there are some points that we must keep in mind. Our plate of food should include a lot of juicy and green vegetables such as collards, spinach and kale. There are certain fishes whose consumption improves the eyesight. These fishes have been recommended by the doctors to better the eyesight. For example fishes such as Salmon and tuna are really good for the vision.

    Protein sources work really well for the eyes too. Non-meat protein is especially good for the eyes. Beans, peanuts and eggs should be made a part of our diurnal cycle. Not only vegetables but even juicy fruits work absolutely fine for the healthy survival of the mind as well as of the body. Some of these juicy fruits include oranges and grapes. Unlike popular belief even pork and oysters contribute to the health and growth of vision. It is important to consume healthy food because that would lead to a healthy body weight. Hence this would reduce the chances of obesity and the problems related to this disease. For instance the type 2 disease which is a result of obesity could result in acute blindness. All these possibilities can be avoided if we can reach the goal of healthy eyesight. It is necessary for you to give crucial importance to your diet if you want to take care of your eyes. It is always advisable for you to include good number of vegetables and fruits in your diet that have the right set of minerals and nutrients for a good eye sight. Vegetables like carrots are meant to be one of the best to be included in the diet for good eyesight and healthier eyes.

  2. Follow Office Ergonomics

    Many of us these days indulge in a lot of desk work. This office work involves staring at the phone screen or computer screen for too long. This may not be beneficial for the eyes. It may stress out the eyes to a considerable extent. We may have a blurry vision as a result of it. It could strain our eyes too. The straining is caused by the concentration of the eyes in one single spot. This may lead to troubled vision. In this kind of a problem it is difficult to focus on things lying at a distance. The eyes could become dry resulting in a dry eyes syndrome. This becomes a very strenuous process for the body amounting to headaches and eye irritation. This may cause tremendous amount of body pain, shoulder pain and neck aches. However, there are ways of dealing with this as well. With little precautions these problems can get easily solved. First thing is that the person must be aware of his eye defects. The doctor’s prescription must be up to date allowing the person to sit in front of the computer at a stretch. In spite of all these precautions if the condition deteriorates then we must seek for medical attention. Try and move the screen as much as possible so that the eyesight is at par with the personal computer. This helps the eyes to look slightly lower at the computer screens. Use an anti-glare screen as much as possible as this will prevent your eyes from experiencing unnecessary discomfit.

  3. Get Sufficient Amount of Sleep

    It is very important to understand that just like your body; your eyes also need some sort of relaxation to keep them in good health. One should understand the importance of adequate sleep not only for your body, but also to take care of your eyes. It is certainly not advisable to stay up late and go to bed late in order to render good care. Else, you might wake up with tired and puffy eyes not functional to the greatest potential.

  4. Maintain Proper Hygiene

    Hygiene is a very important step towards taking care of the health of your eyes. One should be aware to wash the hands with keen amount of care in order to prevent the incidence of dirt from penetrating into the eyes. It is often seen that we use touch our eyes with our hands without realizing the amount of dirt or germs that they are carrying which eventually gets transferred to the regions around the eyes making it susceptible to allergies, or irritations. Even more amount of hygiene is to be considered for people who use contact lens. Contact lens can get contaminated very easily if not handled with care. Hence, hygiene is one of the principal factors under consideration while catering to the health of the eye.

  5. Go for Eye Check-Up at Regular Intervals

    It should be there on your calendar to meet your eye doctor at every regular interval, like for instance, once in every six months. A visit to the eye specialist will help one ensure that the eyes are working perfectly fine and are fit like the different other parts of the body. Visiting your doctor will also help you judge how well your eyes are functioning and if at all there is any scope of any diagnosis that can be rendered. You can also figure out of any persisting issue in the first stage itself, like in case of cataract or myopia.

  6. Consider Giving Up Smoking and Liquor

    Various kinds of different clinical studies have identified smoking and alcohol consumption to be critical reasons for damage of eye health. It has been derived that smoking causes several damages to the muscles of the eye that can lead to problems like cataract and others. Hence, it is always advised to control these habits in order to maintain good eye health.

  7. Indulge In Usage of Sunglasses

    Bright sunny weather in tropical climatic regions is not good for the eye. The exposure of intense sun rays to the eye along with all the ultra violet that we are exposed to is not desirable. It is essential to protect the eyes from harmful rays of the sun. One needs to be well equipped with good performance eye wear or sunglasses to keep the eyes protected.

  8. Provide Relaxation to the Eyes during Work

    It is often seen that the kind of jobs that are there today need a person to continuously look at the computer screen and keep working for hours to get the work delivered. This can cause eye irritability. This can also cause potential loss of performance of the eye sight. Hence, the way to deal with this unavoidable situation is by taking breaks every twenty minutes after work in order to provide some relaxation to the eye and make it work fine. This can be done by closing the eyes or just by getting some fresh air and distract the eyes from the site of work for a while.

  9. Indulge In Regular Exercises

    One is advised to work out and exercise regularly to keep the body functioning well and healthy. The health of the eye is no exception to this rule. It is the same for the eyes too. Exercising regular takes care of your body as well as eye health. This is done by pumping of blood more proficiently to the eyes and keeping it in good performance. Also, indulge in eye exercises. Visit an eye specialist and understand what exercises work best for your eyes.

  10. Avoid Undesirable Medication

    Eyes are extremely sensitive and hence cannot be interfered with any external agent for no absolute reason. People often take up medicines due to slight itching or irritability in the eyes. They end up taking eye drops or ointments, which could increase the problem is not monitored. Hence for any irritation or problem with the eye, it is suggested that one immediately takes a visit to the eye specialist instead of interfering the eye performance with external agents that could be unsuitable for it.

Added Precautions

Besides, all individuals of all age limits must take these precautions to take better care of their eyes:

Maintain Distance from Electronic Devices

It is observed that adults are highly exposed to working on computers and laptop screens which is not good for the eyes. People working in offices often stress their eyes with exposure to the computer screens for hours, and now with the availability of laptops, even at home people over stress themselves with work. This amount of over stressing while staying glued to computer screens is not at all good for the eye. It is not only in the case of working adults but also kids who are exposed to the television screen most of the times, it affects the eye health. It is not advisable to keep your eyes exposed to electronic screens as it exerts additional pressure on the eye interfering with its performance to a huge extent. One should take care to refrain yourself from overexposure of any kind whether in office or at home. It is even more dangerous for kids, because they have the issue of getting spectacles due to over exposure which is completely undesirable. There are free software’s that control the blue light emission from the screens; you can use them to reduce eye strain.

Be Informed Of Your Health History

It is necessary for one to have the knowledge of where your health is taking you. You need to be sure of any persisting problem already there in your health history that could later in life interfere with the same. Eye sight can get cured but it can persist if not taken care well. Having an idea of the existing issues and working towards repairing the problems would adequately help to keep the eyes in good health in the long run without any disruption.

Read the Labels of Drugs Adequately Well

One needs to be careful as to the drugs they purchase to help the eye sight and health upon doctor’s prescription. You need to read the labels on the drugs carefully to pick the right one. Eyes are very sensitive and any mistake could cause irreversible damage which is totally undesirable. So care should be taken while purchasing, and keeping a note of getting the accurate one without any discrepancies.

Avoid Using Old Eye Makeup

Eyes are an asset that incredibly complements the beauty of a person. Women like to make their eyes more beautiful by the application of different kinds of make up like eye liner, eye pencil and mascara. It is necessary for one to get these from a good quality shop as you cannot put anything and everything into those precious eyes and even when you are putting you need to be sure it is safe for your eye. Also, you need to be careful to check the expiry date of the products that your purchase for your eye makeup in order to make sure you does not use something old. One should totally avoid using old eye makeup as it could cause adverse effects for the eye that could be beyond repair.

Encourage Kids to Play Outdoor Games

It is necessary for parents to realize that they should provide and encourage their kids to take up a very balanced life style. Kids should be encouraged to play outdoors instead of staying inside and watching the TV all the time. Watching the TV too much can cause damages to the eye sight and instead if taken outdoors, it would not only help the kids to grow an overall healthy personality, but also provide goodness to the eyes, and help in maintaining good health for the same.

Eat Fish

Studies have shown that eating fish can help in prevention of having the dry eye syndrome. Instead, it helps in keeping the eyes well hydrated and prevents the incidence of any kind of infection thus facilitating good eye health.

Keep the Level of Air Conditioning at Your Feet and Not Eyes

It is suggested that you adjust your cooling devices in a manner that they are aimed at your body and feet and not directly into the eyes. Keeping it exposed to the eye can cause undesirable irritability.


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