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Herbal Remedies To Treat Minor Bone Injuries

There are several reasons for occurrence of bone injuries; may it be a sports injury, injury due to any accident, or any other bone injuries. Any kind of bone injury might take some time for healing and it is always important for us to consult with a medical professional for treating bone injuries. However, there are also some herbal remedies which can be used for treating bone injuries in case the injuries are very mild. In this article we will talk about some of the herbal remedies to treat minor bone injuries.

Herbal Remedies To Treat Minor Bone Injuries:

Some of the Herbs Which Can Be Used to Treat Minor Bone Injuries:

Cryptolepis Buchanani:

Cryptolepis buchanani is a climber used widely in Southeast Asia as folk medicine. There are few herbal practitioners who believe that this herb can be beneficial in treating bone fractures. A local application from the herb can be prepared by making a paste of it along with mustard oil on the leaves of banana for one week or more. It is also found that Cryptolepis buchanani also exhibit antibacterial properties.(1) The stem of this herb is known to relieve joint and muscle pain.

Cissus Quadrangularis:

Another herb that is used to treat minor bone injuries is the Cissus quadrangularis. It contains lots of vitamin C and also has bone healing properties. Thus, this is used as one of the best herbal remedies to treat bone injuries since many centuries. It must be noted that the stems and the roots of this herb are most helpful for healing of the fractured bones. Apart from this, in ayurveda it is also documented that Cissus quadrangularis is used for treating conditions like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Cannabis Sativa:

As we know there are a lot of herbal remedies to treat minor bone injuries; one more to be added in the list, is Cannabis sativa. This is another herb known to heal the fractured bone and also helps in quick recovery. There is a compound known as CBD or cannabinoid cannabidiol present in Cannabis sativa, which can help in the process of healing bones and making the bone stronger.

Some Other Herbs To Treat Minor Bone Injuries:

There are also many other herbs which can be used to treat bone injuries, especially the bone fractures and joint pain.

Horsetail is an herb which can be boiled to prepare a tea and to be taken during the early stage of the healing of bone fractures. It is used for bone fracture as well as the connective tissue injuries.

Arnica Montana is also another herb which is used in treating bone injuries because of its bone healing properties.

Apart from these, Bambusa arundinacea, or bamboo can also be used to help in the healing of bone fractures as it reduces the inflammation. The benzoic acid, and traces of silicon and cyanogenic glycoside, found in it helps in the healing of bone fracture. Moreover it also contains calcium, zinc and phosphorus content in it which helps in fracture healing and having stronger bones. Similarly, symphytum officinale, Terminalia arjuna, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Griffonia simplicifolia are some other herbs used in treating bone fractures.

Uvularia perfoliata is widely used in treating bone injuries like the bone fractures externally as well as internally.(2)

Coelogyne cristata has got osteosynthesis stimulatory abilities in it because of the hemostatic action, astringent properties, and stimulatory properties and because of the presence of several trace minerals like zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and beta-sitosterol.

For sprains, bruises, sore joints, as well as broken bones, an herb named, Cicuta maculate is used. Similarly, Ehretia cymosa is known to be used for covering the fractured area as well as for the dislocation of joints.

For treating bone injuries like fractured bones and also muscle spasms, like Trismus, a herb named, Acacia Arabica is used. It is also used in treating inflammatory arthritis.

Piper longum or Piplie, is also an herb used to treat bone injuries like the sciatica pain and fractured bones.(3)

Similarly there are many other herbs which can be used as herbal remedies to treat bone injuries. Some of them include Pholidota articulata( known to be the bone-joining plant in some regions), Pholidota articulate, Vanda cristata, Piper sarmentosum, and Symphytum uplandica are used to treat several bone injuries, including the bone fractures, joint pain, and arthritis.

Ways To Treat Minor Bone Injuries With Herbal Remedies:

It is important for you to treat any kind of bone injury on time. Below are some of the herbal ways to treat minor bone injuries:

Massage With Essential Oils:

Massaging the affected area can be helpful when done using effective essential oils. Massage oils actually help you in loosening the tight muscles. Rosemary, fir, or Birch, are some of the essential oils which can be used to relax sore muscles. Saint John’s wort can be used topically in form of a liniment so as to help relieve deep muscle spasms, nerve pain or joint pain.

NOTE: The essential oils must be diluted before using on your skin.

Soaking In The Bathtub:

You can also treat bone injuries by soaking in the bathtub containing water and beneficial herbs so as to give relaxation from the soreness along with Epsom salt. Rosemary, calendula officinalis, and Juniperus communis are some of these beneficial herbs.

Taking Vitamins, Healing Enzymes And Other Herbs:

It is important to take Vitamin C along with bioflavonoids which helps in strengthening the capillaries and thus making them less fragile to break while their use. Bromelain enzyme, which is found in pineapple and the enzyme Papain found in papaya; both help in removing waste materials causing inflammation or swelling.

However, there are some other herbs such as Licorice root, wild yam, turmeric are some other natural anti-inflammatory sources which can be used. One herb containing rich amount of flavonoids that can help in improving weak ligaments, is known to be Hawthom or Crataegus species.


Any kind of strain that involves tearing of muscle fibers or tendon, requires RICE or Rest, Ice, Compression, along with Elevation. Doing this would help you recover from any kind of bone injuries pretty quickly.


We talked about the herbs, enzymes and vitamins which must be taken to treat bone injuries. However, there are also some foods, such as the packed foods and caffeine which must be avoided during bone injuries. Caffeine can increase the pain and the bone’s wear and tear. So, you must avoid coffee, tea and colas if you have a bone injury. The packed foods comprise of phosphorous in them which destroys the bone density and thus they must be avoided too. It is also important for you to take proper rest if you are suffering from bone injuries.

NOTE: Make sure that you consult with your doctor in case you have severe injury to the bone. It is also advisable to see your doctor in case of any minor bone injury. Only very mild injuries can be treated with the herbal remedies.


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