Holistic Remedies for Depression

Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying.” There are a lot of people who suffer from depression and its symptoms for long and do not even understand what they are going through. There are medical treatments for depression and everyone suffering from it must follow them. However, there are also some other holistic remedies for depression which can be followed to get rid of the dangerous and irritating symptoms of depression.

Holistic Remedies for Depression

Holistic Remedies for Depression:

  1. Appropriate Diet for Depression:

    Unhealthy foods are not only bad for physical health but also for mental health. It is important for every person to pay strict attention on their diet. Appropriate diet can be an excellent holistic remedy for depression. Diet actually has a strong influence on our mood. Moreover taking a balanced diet keeps our blood sugars stable all throughout the day and this in turn aid in calming our mood. This is actually beneficial when you are in depression.

    Healthy and appropriate diet which you must add in your daily intake to tackle depression includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, beans etc. Omega-3- fatty acids, vitamin B12, folate etc having promising results in improving the condition in depression.

    Appropriate eating in depression also mean avoiding specific foods and beverages which are loaded with added sugars like the processed foods, soft drinks, sugary snack foods, etc. These foods may cause blood sugar levels to move up and down dramatically all throughout the day which in turn may have a negative effect on the mood and body’s energy levels. It is also crucial to avoid alcohol which may worsen depression. For some people, even caffeine may also make depression worse.

  2. Exercise for Depression:

    “Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.” Exercise actually can have a great effect on your mood and your energy level. Exercising daily is an effective holistic remedy for depression because exercise not only aids in reducing depression but also give people, as sense of self empowerment.

    In a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine in the year 2007, it was found that exercise was as effective as medication in treating depression in some patients. Research shows that exercise causes a biochemical change in the brain that is similar to those changes produced by medication, including the increase in levels of serotonin. Exercise in depression may be a great option for those individuals who are not able to take medication, such as postpartum women, children, older adults, pregnant women etc.

    It is known that those people who exercise regularly are less likely to have a relapse of their depression.

  3. Talk Therapy for Depression:

    One more holistic remedy for depression could be Talk therapy or psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy are the two most effective talk therapies useful for treating depression. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you how to make positive changes in the way you think; while interpersonal therapy aids you in improving your relationships with family and friends so that you feel better.

    Talk therapy can last anywhere from few weeks to several years and can be one-on-one with a behavioral therapist or in a group. It is noted that people combining talk therapy with other treatments like medications, exercise etc are found to get rid of depression in a better and quick manner.

  4. Yoga for Depression:

    Yoga is a way to freedom”. All are well known to the wonders of yoga. It also has a great importance in treating depression. As per the American Yoga Association, just a few minutes of yoga, thrice a day can balance our body and mind and help you treat depression. As per a recent study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, looked at brain scans of people practicing yoga it was found that exercise boosted their levels of the neurotransmitter GABA or Gamma Aminobutyric( as low levels of GABA are associated with depression and anxiety). Moreover, as per the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine following evidences support yoga as an effective holistic remedy for depression.

    • Yoga may aid you learn to manage stress well.
    • It may improve your mood and help you enhance sense of well being
    • Yoga may aid you in coping up with depression, anxiety.
    • Yoga may positively alter your brain and blood chemicals.

    Though there are evidences of yoga benefiting people with depression, it must be noted that yoga is not a substitute for your medical treatments. Kindly take your prescribed medications and also consult your health care provider before starting your yoga programs.

  5. Some Other Holistic Remedies to Help Get Rid of Depression:

  1. Breathing Exercise for Depression:

    Taking your attention to the breath can aid your free the mind of the unnecessary clutter of thoughts that cause depression and anxiety. Some of the breathing techniques include:

    • Kapal Bhati pranayam or Skull-Shinning Breathing Technique
    • Bhastrika Pranayam
    • Nadi Shodhan Pranayama or Alternate Nostril breathing which is effective in releasing stress from the body system. In this case the exhalation is longer than the inhalation
    • Bhramari pranayam or Bee breath.
  2. Meditation for Depression:

    Meditation can be one of the best techniques to relax a distracted mind and it can provide you a sense of calm and peace. Meditation also aid you not worry too much or remain depressed thinking of the unknown future

    Scientific research has shown that regular practice of meditation can aid you in reducing the level of stress hormone significantly, making it an effective holistic remedy for depression.

  3. The Yoga Philosophy for Depression:

    Yoga philosophy runs around two profound principles namely yamas and niyamas of yoga. These principles can be the secret to happy and health in life. There are other principles like the Aprigraha principle, Shaucha principle etc. The Aprigraha principle did us overcome greediness which can cause stress, depression and anxiety. The Shaucha principle talks about body’s and mind’s cleanliness.

    The yamas and niyamas pf yoga also help us eat nutritious food and live a healthy lifestyle which greatly aids in overcoming stress, depression, anxiety etc.

  4. Have Positive Company Around You:

    It is essential for you to spend more time with the positive-minded persons so that you are also influenced by their thoughts and this can in turn help you in keeping away from depression, stress, anxiety etc.

  5. Spend Time With Creativity:

    Creativity can help you distract your mind from depression, stress or anxiety. You can try out paintings, writings, or any other creative work which would help you distract your mind and give you pleasant feel.

  6. Have Faith, Pray and Smile:

    Have faith that you are going to be alright. Pray the higher divine power and make a habit of holding smile in your face. Smile in your face will improve your confidence and help you come out of depression by developing calmness and positivity in you.

  7. Travel-One of the Best Holistic Remedy for Depression:

    If you enjoy traveling, then that can be a useful remedy to help you overcome your depression. Though there are no scientific research to back this claim but many people suffering from depression have been able to overcome depression through travel as that gets them to face situations and challenges that you wouldn’t face in your everyday life forcing your brain to think and solve the problems during your travel.

Final Note- Stick with Your Depression Treatments:

One of the most important things in depression is that one should always stick with his or her depression treatment. Make sure you are taking your regular medications or the antidepressants and keeping your doctor informed about how you are doing.

Try out the holistic remedies along with the medical treatments for your depression so that you can effectively come out of the condition and lead and calm, confident and pleasant life.

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