Reiki for Depression and Anxiety

In a world of growing competition and stringent deadlines, stress and anxiety can get the better of you. However, there are natural therapies that have the healing power to check depression and anxiety. While psychology is the most commonly suggested treatment, channeling positivity through mantras and fingers is called Reiki which can also be effective in treating depression and anxiety. A guided practice by a trained Reiki master can help a person overcome depression and anxiety. While Reiki is all about channeling spiritual energy for a better livelihood, healing emotional setbacks like hopelessness and dejection in life requires a fresh infusion of positive energy.

Reiki for Depression and Anxiety

Reiki is not only offered at hospitals and private nursing homes, it is quite a common practice these days. In fact, there are freelance practitioners who offer their services as your spiritual guide and help you believe in yourself. After all, depression and anxiety is psychological. It has been proven on various levels that Reiki has the healing power to treat patients suffering from mental trauma, depression, low self-esteem and stress. Here are some reasons why you should enroll in a Reiki class today:

How Does Depression and Anxiety Ruin Your Life?

Depression or even anxiety is a cause of acute stress levels which includes a major pile up of recent nerve-wracking activities that have taken place in your life. Not only does it affect your psyche, it destabilizes your life. Listed below are some of the harmful effects of depression and anxiety on your life:

  • You are more prone to insomnia, which in turn makes your body weak and tired perpetually due to a lack of sleep and rest
  • Your blood sugar levels are not proportionate and keep fluctuating
  • Stress makes you put on weight, compelling you to overeat. You also tend to get involved in bingeing on junk more than healthy diets
  • You fall sick more often considering your immunity level is no longer as strong, considering your willpower is diminished
  • Mentally, you will be at the most acute stage of low self –esteem and hence picking up anything new is a challenge and in the bargain you land up accepting loneliness and seclude yourself from socializing or meeting up with new people. You become extremely pessimistic
  • You will also suffer with hypertension, cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight issues and low-spiritedness
  • If you do not find a way to battle depression and anxiety, there are chances you may just start getting suicidal thoughts or may become aggressive enough and dangerous to settle in with the society and their safety.

While these are some of the dangerous side-effects of depression and anxiety, you need more than just medical or psychological care. Reiki can turn your world around.

Reiki for Depression & Anxiety: How Does Reiki Help Counter Mental Health Issues?

While science is still trying to find a reason how Reiki helps in sorting depression and anxiety, studies and doctors have been unable to work out a definite answer behind the concept of the healing miracle. Even though prescribed medication can help ease mental trauma, Reiki uses the remedy of personally healing you from within – basically treating your mind and cleansing your soul to help you let go of emotional baggage.

Have you ever wondered why is it that each time you are sad, a soothing conversation with a friend or a shoulder to cry on makes the baggage lighter? This is because the other person channels his/her positivity, making you forget life’s troubles. In fact, in the case of stress, you are always asked to step back and take a deep breath while contemplating on all the good things happening in your life before moving forward. However, depression and anxiety cannot be wished away. The expert Reiki master is called upon to ward off such problems. These practitioners come with years of experience in demonstrating immense gratitude and self-esteem, which helps them live a happy and healthy life. Therefore, they are the best guides to help depressed and anxious people. The master chants a few hymns and uses the touch of his/her fingers to channel positive energy from his or her body to yours. Moving their fingers spirally towards your heart, mind and stomach, they balance your chakras and stabilize your life.

Why is Reiki Beneficial for a Person with Suicidal Thoughts Due to Depression and Anxiety?

The later stages of depression and anxiety can leave you with suicidal thoughts. You may also choose to become a recluse. It comes to a point where you literally disassociate yourself from meeting your family or even close circle of friends. When you hit rock-bottom, it is time to take charge of your life. A Reiki practice compels you to follow a certain routine, where they first let you speak your mind and narrate the problems you are currently facing. You are then asked to pen down your worries and problems on a non-living object. You can either choose to document your struggles mentally or use a sheet of paper. The Reiki instructor then soaks up the negativity and starts filling the object with his/her positivity which can be your alibi each time you need to fight such causes in the future. By using the touch healing method, the Reiki master touches your chakra points, including the crown chakra, third-eye chakra (forehead), throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra (stomach), sacral chakra (abdomen) and root chakra (pelvis).

It is imperative that there is balance between your body and mind. The master chants mantras to calm your body and nerves. You will start to feel secure, with the mantras rejuvenating your mind and soul. It also relieves tension and worries which earlier resulted in pain and anguish.

Following the regime by paying regular visits to the Reiki master will help you attain complete nirvana. You will feel alive, willing to tackle the problems that may come your way. There are many who consider Reiki as a religious practice. However, that is a complete myth as there is nothing religious about Reiki except that it makes gives you a new lease of life.

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