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If you have a mitral valve disease there are home remedies that can help keep your mitral valve disease in a controlled manner, reduce the complications occurring from it and prevent other heart diseases that can complicate the current heart status.

Home Remedies For Mitral Valve Disease

Limit Salt Intake. Consumptions of high amount of salt can increase your blood pressure. This cause more workload on the heart because it has to pump blood against the high pressure of the vessels. This can affect the function of the heart. Therefore, avoid high salt food and beverages, do not add salt to food when eating out, and ask for low-salt dishes.

Have A Heart Healthy Diet. You already have a mitral valve disease and on top of that if another heart condition develops it will weaken your heart further. So, it is important for you to have a healthy diet to prevent other heart conditions like hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Have plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain food, and proteins such as lean meat, fish and nuts. Avoid trans-fat, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and red meat. This diet is beneficial for anyone not just to people who have mitral valve disease.

Cut Down Caffeine. Caffeine can worsen irregular heartbeats, therefore it is best you avoid coffee and beverages with caffeine.

Stop Smoking. Tobacco is a risk factor for many heart diseases such as ischemic heart disease, hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. It also worsens mitral regurgitation. So, quitting smoking is an important step you should take if you have mitral valve disease.

Cut Back On Alcohol. High amounts of alcohol intake can worsen arrhythmias and it is also is a risk factor for ischemic heart disease and hypertension. Therefore, if you are a chronic drinker you need to cut down it completely. Psychological therapy and support groups will help in the process.

Exercises. Like dietary changes exercises are also important. The type of exercise and the duration depends on the severity of your mitral valve disease. However, you should at least do a low-level regular exercise to maintain cardiac fitness. You should ask your doctor what kind of exercises you can engage in and the duration. Do not forget to ask your doctor for guidance before you start any physical activity.

Maintain A Healthy Weight. You should try to maintain a normal BMI as much as possible. Make the necessary dietary changes and do regular exercises to maintain a healthy weight.

Prevention Of Stress. It is important to stay happy because ischemic heart disease can be triggered by stress. Do relaxation therapy and meditation to relieve stress.

Take Your Medicine Properly And Follow Up Regularly. If you are given any medication take those properly and do not miss any medication. Follow up regularly with your doctor and talk with your doctor about any concerns or new symptoms or changes that has occurred.

Prevention Of Infective Endocarditis. If you have undergone valve replacement therapy you are at increased risk of getting infective endocarditis because the prosthetic valves are a good place for the organisms to multiply and grow. You need to ask your doctor the instances and procedures where you have to take prophylaxis antibiotics e.g. before undergoing some dental procedures.


If you have a mitral valve disease there are life style changes and home remedies that can help keep mitral valve disease in a controlled manner, reduce the complications occurring from it and prevent other heart diseases that can complicate the current heart status. Dietary changes are limit salt intake and have a heart healthy diet. Cut down caffeine and alcohol intake, stop smoking. Do regular exercises with the advice form your doctor, maintain a healthy weight, prevent stress, take your medicine properly and follow up with your doctor regularly. Lastly take necessary steps to prevent infective endocarditis.

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