17 Effective Natural Remedies to Tighten the Skin

As we pass our youth, we wonder what aging will have in store for us and changing physical appearance is a common problem. Sagging skin is a sure shot declaration of your aging and everyone tries to deflect it in the best possible manner. To aid you in your fight with aging and changing appearances, natural remedies to tighten the skin can prove to be excellent solutions to sagging skin.

17 Effective Natural Remedies to Tighten the Skin

17 Effective Natural Remedies to Tighten the Skin

Here are some effective natural remedies for skin tightening:

Egg Whites: Natural egg white face mask is one of the excellent natural remedies for skin tightening. Egg whites are natural astringents and work well towards nourishing and toning up your skin. You can either whisk it alone or mix it up with plain yogurt and apply it on the face and neck twice a week to tighten the skin.

Coconut oil: The application and massaging of coconut oil on the face and neck and leaving the same overnight have shown some expendable results. Coconut oil has the tendency to dig deep into the layers of the skin and nourish and hydrate it from within. It also eliminates free radicals, reduces skin damage and slows down the aging process, thus making it one of the popular natural remedies to tighten the skin.

Coffee Grounds: Coffee can be mixed with coconut oil, sugar, cinnamon and luke warm water to get a natural remedy to tighten the skin. It miraculously works over the skin to remove excess moisture and fat deposits from the skin. It is rich in antioxidants, which slow down the aging process, while sugar and the coffee texture are ideal for exfoliating the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel: A boon to human skin, the application of aloe vera gel has a number of benefits. The application of this gel once in a day, soothes, nourishes, and protects the skin. The phytochemicals in aloe vera gel is exceptional that controls the aging process, thus making it one of the extraordinary natural remedy for skin tightening.

Alum: Yet another important natural remedy for tightening the skin is alum. It has the distinguished quality of the firming up the skin, reducing signs of aging and nourishing the skin.

Tomato: Tomato, which has the richest anti-oxidants also tops the list of natural remedies for skin tightening. Tomato soothes the skin, tightens it and gives it a natural glow.

Lemon juice: Vitamin C in the lemon juice is extremely healthy for the skin and the astringent properties keep it clean and hydrated. It is popularly used as one of the natural remedies for tightening the skin. The application of lemon juice twice a day over sagging skin can tone it up.

Fuller’s Powder (Multani mitti): Another one the best natural remedies to tighten the skin is fuller’s powder. Apply the powder on the face and the neck in the form of a pack with honey and rose water twice a week. This pack deep cleanses the skin by absorbing all the impurities and improves the blood circulation too, which in turn tightens the sagging skin.

Papaya: Papaya has enzymes like papain and vitamin A which aid in collagen synthesis and help maintain skin health. Scrub crushed papaya pieces mixed with rice flour over the skin on the face and the neck twice a week, as a natural remedy to tighten the skin.

Yogurt: The miraculous effect of the lactic acid present in yogurt shrinks pores and hence tightens the skin. Add a few drops of the lemon juice into the yogurt and apply on the skin regularly to note astonishing results. This combination is one of the most widely accepted natural remedies for skin tightening.

Epsom salt: Another one of the excellent solutions for sagging skin is the application of the Epsom salt. This salt helps in removing all the extra fluids from the skin which might cause sagging. It is known to improve blood circulation and hence a known remedy for skin tightening.

Banana Mask: Make a mask from banana by adding a few drops of lemon juice in it and apply twice a week over the sagging skin of face and neck. The extensive list of nutrients in banana makes it an exceptional natural remedy for tightening the skin other than soothing and moisturizing it.

Olive Oil: This oil can be used on the skin after taking a bath. When applied on the skin, olive oil seals in the moisture and keeps the skin glowing. In addition to the above the antioxidant rich nature of the oil helps in tightening the skin and maintaining its grace.

Vitamin E: Now sold in convenient capsules, vitamin E is one of the most useful remedies to tighten the skin. It helps in treating sagging effects of aging on skin. The application of the oil inside the vitamin E capsules each night before bedtime, keeps the skin radical free, healthy and glowing.

Avocado: One of the effective remedies for skin tightening include avocado oils, which help maintain the youth of your skin. This oil is extremely moisturizing in nature and can dig deep into the skin and repair damages. Also responsible for boosting collagen synthesis, this remedy tightens the skin invariably.

Almond Oil: Being rich in vitamin E, almond oil provides moisture to the skin, nourishes it and tightens it. The application of almond oil on the skin once a day has shown impeccable effect over sagging skin and hence is one of the best home and natural remedies for skin tightening.

Mustard Oil: Mustard oil can make the skin glow and tightening the skin, when applied over face and neck. For best results, simply apply the oil and massage in upward circulatory motion five minutes before going for a bath and shower as usual. Do this two to three times in a week and witness exceptional results.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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