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How Career Confusion Leads To Suicide & Ways To Deal With It

We are born to create our destiny through hard work, motivation, courage, choices and willingness. Our destination is the final goal yet the journey towards it is more amusing. But how many of us are really enjoying our journeys? In fact, how many of us are actually leading the right journey or the journey that our heart really desires to opt for? The answer is perplexing.

Each one of us is keen to reach the destination without realising – is it even the right one? We are either keen to fit in our society or someone’s eyes. And this misfit situation often creates unwanted and unbearable pressure, especially on young minds.

Some of us get used to such pressure while some struggle to reach calmness. This situation isn’t easy to get through and the end is not always pleasant. Nowadays, we are part of a race that has no end. Race to win over others without analysing its need and consequences. We want to be good at everything even if that something is what we hate doing or not passionate about. What is the point of winning a race that will make you lose your passion, uniqueness and desires? Is it even a win? Here we will discuss how this dissatisfaction from life leads to the thoughts of ending the life:

How Career Confusion Leads To Suicide?

Almost every other day, we get to hear that someone has taken his/her life. That someone can be an individual who just started the journey of learning and growing through odds. But the unexpected pressure of fitting in the society suffocated him/her so much that death seemed easier than life.

According to various studies done, there has been a correlation between career stress and suicide. Career confusion is okay, we all go through that but when this confusion gets way too much, it can cause depression. And eventually, it can lead to a baffling decision like suicide also.(1,4,5,6)

What Causes Unwanted Stress and Pressure on Students?

These are many factors that can cause confusions and enormous stress for students when it comes to career choices. Some of the reasons are listed below:

Following Others’ Path: We often hear about other people’s accomplishments and comparison comes along with it which makes us feels unworthy at times. This can sometimes push an individual to the level where they opt for something, they don’t like. And this is just done to compete or prove oneself. A single decision taken abruptly can change everything. Some changes can’t be undone. Such decisions can lead to regrets and which eventually pushes one to end life at times. Remember, just because something is good for someone doesn’t mean it will give the same happiness and satisfaction to you.

Money Factor: Which career will fetch more money is a bigger concern these days. This is the primary reason for choosing a high-paying field without thinking properly. Rather than passion, we follow the field that gives more money.

After the completion of a degree, how much money one will make, will eventually decide the success range as well as happiness. But happiness and satisfaction are never related to money. They are related to interest, passion and one’s wiliness to do that work. Do not choose something on the basis of money, instead, choose your field based on your interest. If you do so, you will eventually do well in life. Money can buy comfort and luxury but it can never buy you peace, contentment and a sense of happiness.

Working in The Wrong Direction: Working hard is different from pushing oneself beyond needed. For instance, no matter how much efforts a fish puts in, she still can’t fly and this is because she is meant to swim. We all are meant for something which is best for us and we are best at. When we put in efforts in the right direction, we get desired results.

But if we do something that we don’t like or can’t do the best, it will only lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Therefore, don’t push yourself into something you are not meant for.

Setting The Limits: The sky is the limit- we have heard this several times. It means we set limits to ourselves, whereas, in reality, there is no limit to anything. We can do anything but with interest. If something seems amusing to heart and mind, it will always take you one step closer to success and satisfaction. So, never set your limits and always keep learning and growing in your desired field. One needs to be updated to get success and hold that success in life.

Lack of Guidance: It is not necessary that we always know what we are good at and what is best for us. Lack of guidance/ knowledge can lead us to the wrong path in some cases. So, career counselling is one of the best ways to eliminate confusion and doubts.

If we talk about the times when we didn’t have the internet and access to the required information was way too difficult, we were dependent on either books or people around us for guidance. But now things have changed as we have access to the internet. Therefore, proper research can help to get enough knowledge before enrolling for any course or degree.

Fear of Failure: Most of us have this fear in us. We all want desired results in life without failing. But we tend to forget that without failing, we may not master any skill completely. Take a simple example like when we start riding a bicycle, without any support, we fall and fall and then one day we master the skill. The same is the case with life- we try, we fall, we rise and finally we learn. So, we shouldn’t have the fear to fail. Instead, try harder, and you will get success. Remember, good things take time.(1,2,5,6)

Road That Takes To Suicide

The suicide rate of students is increasing with time. The pressure has now become so harsh that a career is no more a passion. It is more of a race to fit inside society. This cause a lot of stress in students.

This excess stress affects the immune system as well as the mental health of an individual. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks are some of the consequences. Before committing suicide, an individual displays a different set of behaviour. If we closely observe the behaviour, we can help someone during this tough phase. Aloofness, sorrow, crying, regrets, anger, loss of appetite, weight gain, weight loss, mood swings and isolation are some of them. Going through all this is really difficult, but if people get help on time, it can save many lives. The one who gets through depression and anxiety knows how difficult it is to feel normal. Seeking medication should be the last step, but before that talking and listening to someone can help a lot.

Keeping negative thoughts to oneself and shutting doors for everyone around, will eventually pile up pain all together which might get dangerous for one’s mental well-being.

Confusions, hardships, failure, loss are all part of life. We all have to go through all of it to get a better version of ourselves. Stressing over anything won’t fix the situation or any bond. But analysing, talking and listening will do. To keep thoughts under control and in check, one must adopt healthy habits like eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising, proper sleep, planning a day, reading books and meditation.

How Career Counselling Can Help Students?

If you are confused about which career to choose, you should opt for career counselling. A career counsellor will analyse your personality, your skills, and your interest by talking to you and knowing you. He/she will suggest the best career options for you. Career counsellors have communication skills, observation skills and expertise to help someone find what is best for a person. In this way, they help you to find the best career path and achieve your goals. So, take the correct guidance to make a career you are meant for.(3,4,6)

How To Stay Motivated During Tough Days?

There are few things one can do during the days when things seem falling apart. These techniques will help to calm down negative thoughts and help an individual to fight the situation rather than quitting life.

Some of the healing things are listed below:

Sharing: Yes, talking to someone and letting your emotions out can release heaviness and frustration. It is always best to take advice than drowning in pain. Talking is the best therapy; it is one of the best ways to let things out of the mind.

Meditation: It helps to calm down the mind and body. And with a calm mind, one can see things clearly and make decisions to solve problems. Meditation helps to enhance concentration level. So, including it in your life is good for the long term.

Cutting Down on Alcohol: When you are going through a lot and dealing with stress, alcohol seems to calm you down initially. Consuming alcohol may help you forget your worries for a short term. It can help you speak your heart out and let things out of the mind making you relaxed. But in the long run, especially if you become a habitual drinker, it can increase the anxiety level. It hinders sleep, appetite and immune system. This will make it more difficult to cope up with stress. Over time, drinking heavily on regular basis can also lead to blackouts and loss of memory. So, don’t make it a habit in any situation. It will do more harm than good. Reducing the amount or cutting down on alcohol will help to ease the fear, anxiety and stress. This can make things somewhat better.

Exercise: Doing exercise helps to balance hormones and uplift the mood. Exercise in any form is good for the body and mental health. For example, you can opt for walking, running, cardio, yoga or swimming. Dancing also is a great way to exercise and it also makes you happy.(2,5,7)

So, these are a few ways to deal with tough phase easily. Students must always remember that the real meaning of life is to do what our soul is meant for and not running faster to win over others. Quitting is never a good option, fighting back will eventually lead to the normal situation making things better. Always take help of others when needed and help the ones who need it.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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