Best Android Apps For Women Health

Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI

Women are often busy taking care of the family and usually tend to neglect their own health. But with the latest android apps for women health, life can become simpler like never before. There are numerous apps that women can use based on their requirements.

Best Android Apps For Women Health

Women health apps can be found in different forms ranging from health screenings and workouts to ovulation trackers and pill reminders. Here are some of the most common android apps for women health.

Some health related apps that can help women keep updated about their health and maintain their healthy events or workouts include:

  1. iBreast Check

    This app can be used for increasing awareness on breast health and in early screening of any related problems. It has a video on breast check so that women can perform self-examination and set reminders for their check-ups. The app also provides access to a risk report that can evaluate the risk of getting breast cancer based on your lifestyle preferences. It also contains information about breast cancer.

    Ratings – 4.6 Stars

    Price – Free

  2. Women's Health Diary

    This app has excellent applications designed for women who want to keep their health information at their finger tips. It offers apps on weight and BMI calculator, menstrual dairy, health screening, medical appointments and immunization too. All these taken together make it a comprehensive app for women to get information about their metrics to maintain their weight, record their periods and maintain their health check-ups.

    Ratings – 3.9 Stars

    Price – Free

  3. Women's Health Workouts

    This app is presented by fitness experts and includes everything that women require to maintain their fitness. It offers exercises and workouts aimed at fat burning or maintaining physical fitness. Busy women can get access to professionally designed exercises with this app. The free Lite version offers few sample workouts, while the upgraded version offers a lot more.

    Ratings – 3.9 Stars

    Price – Free Lite version; Paid version –

    For those who are specially planning for a baby or those who are avoiding getting pregnant and in need to know the different phases of their menstrual cycle or understand about their fertility trends, some of these ovulation apps can be useful.

  4. OvuView: Ovulation and Fertility

    This app helps in tracking menstrual cycle and forecasting about ovulation, using temperature methods. This is a great app for those who wish to conceive or avoid pregnancy and need to know the safe period. It also allows tracking of weight, premenstrual symptoms, headache and appetite.

    Ratings – 4.6 Stars

    Price – Free

  5. Glow Ovulation Period Tracker

    This winner app is the best ovulation tracker and predictor of the glow period or the fertile period for women willing to conceive. It is also helpful to track birth control and find safe period to avoid pregnancy thus empowering women to take control of their fertility. It provides chart on nutrition and calories.

    Ratings – 4.6 Stars

    Price – Free

  6. Woman Calendar/Feminap

    This app is a menstrual calendar and offers other useful tools to track health events. The calendar allows tracking of menstrual cycle; calculate ovulation and fertile period to plan for a baby. It also gives temperature statistics, which makes judging the exact time of ovulation easy. Making notes and setting reminders is simple so that women can plan their health and pregnancy accordingly.

    Ratings – 4.5 Stars

    Price – Free; has in-app purchases.

  7. Woman Log Calendar

    This app is a guide that maintains menstrual and fertility calendar. It enables recording details on menstrual period, ovulation and also provides forecast of fertility period. It also has other features like tracking mood, weight and pill taking.

    Rating – 4.5 Stars

    Price – Free

  8. Women Diary

    This app enables women to keep a track of their menstrual cycle, determine their fertile period and date of ovulation. This app offers recording of basal body temperature, daily reminders to measure weight, and regular notifications about ovulation and other important phases. But that's not all; it also provides weight and waist chart, breast chart, pulse and blood pressure tracking, which makes it a perfect health diary.

    Ratings – 4.4 Stars

    Price – Free

  9. Ovia Fertility and Ovulation

    This app helps to track fertility and can be used as a guide by women who wish to conceive. The fertility predictor in the app records the menstrual cycle and predicts the ovulation period and high fertility days. Women can also find articles and information related to conception and fertility and get answers to most of their queries.

    Ratings – 4.2 Stars

    Price – Free

    As regards women pill and pill reminders, there is a huge list of apps and women can select the best one for themselves. Some of the popular ones include

  10. Lady Pill Reminder

    This app is the best for women who want to keep a track of their birth control pill. It gives daily reminders, leaving aside the days not meant for pill taking and also reminds about buying a new pack if the existing pill pack is about to get over.

    Ratings – 4.6 Stars

    Price – Free

  11. Pill Reminder AnyTimer

    A great pill reminder when women have to use pills like those for contraception. While it can record and remind at the fixed time about the pill taking, it can also help in managing specific tasks at the same hour every day. Events have to be scheduled and reminders can be set with interval timers for e.g. every 6 hours or by setting timers for specific time of the day, for e.g. 10 p.m. every day.

    Ratings – 4.1 Stars

    Price – Free

  12. Contraception Pill

    This app is designed for women taking contraception pill and who wish to be in control of their fertility. The app has reminders to alert about the pill taking time every day, about buying a fresh pill pack and also regarding approaching menstrual periods.

    Ratings – 4.0 Stars

    Price – Free.

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