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8 Free and Effective Ways to Lift Your Mood Instantly

Sometimes even minor frustrations and disappointments can derail our mood, leaving us disinterested in the things that we must do. These moments can be overwhelming. So, here we have come up with 8 mood boosters that won’t cost a thing.

8 Free and Effective Ways to Lift Your Mood Instantly

  1. Go On a Nature Walk

A short nature walk, maybe through the nearest park, or any other green area can help you improve your mood. Walking in nature boosts the production of “happy hormones”, or the chemical messengers that improve your mood.

Research suggests that those who spend time outside regularly, or those who look at images or videos of nature, often have better moods overall. (1)

So, try spending at least 10 minutes of brisk walking amidst nature and ease the feelings of fatigue and sluggishness, simultaneously boosting your mood.

  1. Laugh Your Heart Out

Laughter works great in reducing anxiety and stress levels. So, when you are about to give a presentation or a heavy discussion, a little bit of humor and laughter will help you enhance your mood and keep a lighter frame of mind.

You can either watch some funny videos, animal or baby videos, listen to or read jokes, or check out videos of your favorite stand-up comedians that would help you laugh your heart out quickly.

  1. Hug Yourself

It is quite natural to turn to people when you feel to have physical and emotional support while dealing with low mood or frustrations. Simply a hug can help you feel happy. Sometimes, when you do not have a dear one for a supportive embrace, start hugging yourself. Although a self-hug might feel a little silly, there is nothing wrong with promoting self-compassion and self-kindness. This could be a great mood booster that won’t cost you a thing.

  1. Try Aromatherapy

Are you aware that our sense of smell can communicate directly with the part of our brain that helps regulate emotions (amygdala)? The connection between the brain and the sense of smell can make you feel good and improve your mood.

Fragrance is a potential tool that can have a positive impact on your mood. (2) Aromatherapy is the therapy where essential oils are used to improve mood and overall mental health. You can try various quick and easy ways of aromatherapy to boost your mood when you feel low.

  • If you love the scent of your soap or shower gel, simply wash your hands and face with that soap.
  • Take a walk around a garden in your neighborhood that contains a lot of fragrant plants including jasmine, lavender, rose, honeysuckle, and so on.
  • Sometimes the smell of lemon can also help in improving your mood.
  1. Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music offers plenty of benefits, such as it improves mood, easing stress, reducing anxiety, and improving your focus. A study conducted in 2013 mentions that those who listened to upbeat music showed improvement in their mood and happiness, in the long term, within two weeks. (3)

So, when you feel low and want to enhance your mood, listen to your favorite music. Listening to music while cleaning your house or doing laundry can not only improve your mood but also help you enjoy your work.

  1. Indulge in a Hobby

Indulging yourself in a hobby can help you improve your mood to a great extent. So, pick up a hobby, maybe painting, writing, gardening, or anything else, and enhance your mood when you feel low.

  1. Try a Random Act of Kindness

Sometimes a random act of kindness can make you feel better throughout the day. Do something nice for another person. Some of the random acts of kindness could be:

  • Help a stranger for no reason.
  • Ask a co-worker if they need any help.
  • Provide a positive review for a restaurant you have visited or something similar.
  • Feed the stray dogs.
  1. Talk to Your Loved Ones

Talking to your loved ones could be a great mood booster. A quick message of support and love from your loved ones can raise your spirits, help you shake off a gloomy mood, and boost it up. So, talk to them when you are feeling frustrated or left out.

Final Words

If you find that your mood needs a little boost from time to time, do not worry as it is quite normal and every one of us needs that. However, when you are constantly feeling low or experiencing mood changes frequently, talking to a therapist is always the best thing one can do.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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