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How to Improve the Body’s Blood Flow?

Proper blood flow is important to our body and health. Our heart pumps about 5 quarts of blood through the body’s blood vessels every minute. So, the flow of blood in our body is continuous. However, many of us suffer from chronic problems with blood circulation. But if the blood flow in the body is not proper, you can suffer from a lot of health issues, such as reduced energy, numbness, and bloating. So, it is essential to improve the body’s blood flow. Here are some of the ways to improve the body’s blood flow.

How to Improve the Body’s Blood Flow?

How to Improve the Body’s Blood Flow?

  1. Add On Herbs That Help To Improve The Body’s Blood Flow

    Herbs are quite essential for our body. Specific herbs are known to help in improving the body’s blood flow. Let us know about some of these herbs.

    Gingko Biloba: This is a herb known to increase the flow of blood to the penile region. It helps in improving intellectual execution and memory by enhancing the blood flow all through the brain. Gingko Biloba is also known for enhancing blood flow through the eyes and thus helps in preventing various eye problems. It is also found that Gingko Biloba contains certain cancer-preventing agents that might also increase blood flow to all body parts.

    Hawthorn Herbs: Hawthorn is a bush that develops widely in woody ranges across the globe. Hawthorn herb contains oligomeric procyanidins which might increase general blood flow in the body by relaxing veins and protecting them against any harm. This can ultimately help in bringing down the pulse rate, improve cardiovascular capacity, and also prevents heart diseases.

    Pine Bark Extract: Pine bark extracts are also helpful in increasing the body’s blood flow, especially in the legs. The pine bark extract contains active compounds, which help to reinforce veins and also improve the functioning of the immune system. This can ultimately bring down the strain on the circulatory system.

    Cayenne Pepper: One of the most beneficial herbs for improving the body’s blood flow is cayenne pepper. Capsaicin present in cayenne pepper is a phytochemical that gives it a spicy flavor.

    Capsaicin promotes the flow of blood to tissues by reducing blood pressure and stimulating the release of nitric oxide and other compounds (vasodilators) that benefits in expanding the blood vessels of our body.(1)

    Research has suggested that taking cayenne pepper can increase blood circulation, improve the strength of blood vessels, and also reduce plaque buildup in the arteries.(2)
    Moreover, these peppers are also used in pain-relieving creams since they improve blood flow to the affected portion of the body.(3)

  2. Add Foods That Help To Improve The Body’s Blood Flow

    Certain foods are known to effectively improve the body’s blood flow. Check below to know about some of these foods.

    Onions: Being loaded with flavonoid antioxidants, onions are great for heart health. They are also known to improve blood flow in the body by helping the veins and arteries widen while there is an increase in blood flow.

    From a 30-day study with 23 men who took 4.3 grams of onion extract daily, it was found that the flow of blood in their bodies improved after meals.(4)

    Onions can also improve blood flow and improve heart health because of their anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation in arteries and veins.(5)

    Garlic: Garlic is essential in improving blood circulation and heart health. Studies have suggested that the sulfur compounds, including allicin found in garlic, can increase tissue blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

    It was found from a study of 42 people with coronary artery disease that when these participants consumed garlic powder tablets with 1, 200 mg of allicin twice every day for consecutive three months, they started experiencing a 50% improvement in the flow of blood through their upper arm artery when compared with the placebo group.(6)

    Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a spice that can help in increasing the body’s blood flow. Animal studies have shown that this spice improved blood vessel dilation and circulation of blood in the coronary artery.

    Rats that were fed 91 mg per pound of body weight with cinnamon bark extract regularly for eight weeks, showed better heart performance and flow of blood in the coronary artery after being exhausted when compared with rats in the control group.(7)

    Moreover, research has also mentioned that cinnamon can lower blood pressure in human being significantly by relaxing the blood vessels. This, in turn, benefits in improving blood flow and heart health.(8)

    From a study conducted taking 59 diabetic patients (type 2 diabetes), who consumed 1200 mg of cinnamon every day, it was found that they experienced a reduction in their systolic blood pressure by an average of 3.4 mmHg after twelve weeks.(9)

    Pomegranate: One of the most important food that can help in improving the body’s blood flow is pomegranate. This fruit is rich in polyphenol antioxidants and nitrates that act as vasodilators. So, taking pomegranate might help in improving the flow of blood and oxygenation of muscle tissue, which would help active people.

    According to a study conducted on 19 active individuals, it was found that taking 1, 000 mg of pomegranate extract around thirty minutes before a workout increased the flow of blood, and diameter of the blood vessel, and also improved their exercise performance.(10)

    Turmeric: It is well-known that turmeric has several health benefits. One of those health benefits is their benefits in increasing the body’s blood flow.

    Traditional Chinese, as well as Ayurvedic medicine, have used turmeric since ancient times to improve blood flow.(11) Research explains that curcumin found in turmeric benefits in increasing the production of nitric oxide and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

    A study that included 39 individuals showed that ingesting 2, 000 mg of curcumin regularly for twelve weeks resulted in a 37% increase in the flow of blood in the forearm and a 36% increase in the blood flow in the upper arm.(12)

    Ginger: Ginger is also used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicines for thousands of years and can reduce blood pressure and improve the body’s blood flow.(13)

    Many animal and human studies have shown that ginger can reduce high blood pressure and improve blood flow in the body.(14)

    Leafy Greens: Spinach and other leafy green vegetables are known to serve as a significant vasodilator because of the rich content of nitrates found in them.

    Consuming nitrate-rich foods can aid in improving blood flow by dilating blood vessels and allowing an easy flow of blood.

    In a study of 27 individuals consuming high-nitrate-containing spinach regularly for seven days, it was found that they experienced improved blood flow and reduced levels of blood pressure as compared to the control group.(15)

    So, leafy greens can also help to improve the body’s flood flow significantly.

    Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits, such as lemon, and oranges are loaded with antioxidants, including flavonoids. Thus they are essential in improving blood circulation in the body.
    Eating more fruits that are packed with flavonoids might reduce blood pressure and improve flow of blood and the production of nitric oxide too.(16) Moreover, consuming citrus fruits daily can also reduce the risk of stroke.

    Walnuts: Another important food that can help to improve the body’s blood circulation is walnut. Certain essential compounds like I-arginine, ALA or alpha-lipoic acid, and vitamin E are found in walnuts that stimulate nitric oxide production.

    Walnuts, when eaten regularly can reduce blood pressure and also help those with diabetes. According to a study conducted by taking 24 individuals with diabetes who consumed 2 ounces of walnuts every day for eight weeks, it was found that they experienced improvements in blood flow significantly when compared with the control group.(17)

    Beet Roots: Beetroots are packed with rich content of nitrates, which get converted into nitric oxide by our body. Nitric oxide relaxes our blood vessels and helps in improving blood flow to muscle tissues.

    Beetroot juice supplements help in improving oxygen flow in muscle tissue, stimulating blood flow, and increase levels of nitric oxide, all of which can enhance your overall performance.(18) Apart from this, beetroots improve the flow of blood in elderly people with circulatory problems.

    Fatty Fish: Salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential in improving the body’s blood flow as they promote the release of nitric oxide, which in turn dilates the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.(19)

    A study conducted taking ten healthy men showed that high doses of fish oil when taken daily for four weeks, improved blood flow significantly to the legs after exercise.(20)

  3. Practice Exercises To Improve The Body’s Blood Flow

    Exercise stimulates the body’s blood flow and also reduces the risk of heart disease.(21) It is thus recommended to go for mild to moderate exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. Some of the exercises that can help to improve the body’s blood flow are mentioned below.

    Walking: Walking is essential for both the arteries and veins. One of the best means to improve blood flow in the body is walking. Going for 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking on most days of the week can improve blood circulation. Moreover, it can also reduce cardiovascular issues and strengthen your heart health.

    Stretching: Simple stretching for a few minutes twice a day can help in improving the body’s blood flow. It increases the flow of blood to various tissues and organs of our body.

    Lifting Weight: Weight training or lifting weights aid you in building muscle and also enhances blood flow in the body. This is because it helps in improving cardiovascular health, which ultimately works in improving circulation.

    You can add slow lifts to your exercise regimen twice or thrice every week which would help to improve blood flow to your limbs. This also helps in lowering blood pressure and improving heart health.

    Legs Up The Wall: This pose is most important for promoting blood flow from the lower extremities. To do this, lie on the floor and roll to your side, keeping your bottom close to the wall. Twist your back and extend your legs along the wall with your bottom as close to the wall as possible. Hold this for at least five to fifteen minutes.

    Downward Dog Pose/Yoga: Downward Dog Pose enhances complete boy circulation and is a great yoga move for reducing anxiety, back pain, and tension. In this pose, you will be moving your body to form an inverted “V” shape. Make sure your feet are about hip-width apart. Bend forward and place your palms flat on the floor right in front of you. You can bend your knees if your hamstrings are tight. Hold this for at least ten seconds when you begin doing this pose.

    Practice Squat: The squat is one of the best forms of strength training and also helps in lowering blood sugar and benefits back pain. This also gets your blood pumping well. To start with this, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Then, bend at your hips and knees slowly, keeping your back straight( as if you are sitting in a chair). Slowly return to the starting position.

    Deep Breathing: Deep breathing exercises are highly effective to boost blood flow in the body. Deep diaphragmatic breathing pushes blood flow toward your chest and into your heart. So, try out deep breathing daily and experience improved blood flow.

  4. Other Ways To Improve The Body’s Blood Flow

    Below we will take a look at some of the ways to improve the body’s blood flow.

    Get A Massage: Getting a good massage not only provides you relaxation from stress and worries but also helps in improving blood flow in the body. The pressure and motions applied during a massage help in an enhanced blood flow through the congested area and ultimately aid in an improved function of the body.

    Cut Back On Alcohol: One of the most crucial things to keep in mind for improving your body’s blood flow is to cut back on alcohol. Though occasional drinking of alcohol is okay, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause various health issues including heart problems. You can try healthier red wine containing antioxidants known to help in improving blood flow and cholesterol levels when consumed in moderate amounts.

    Drink Plenty Of Water: It is estimated that 75% of Americans are dehydrated chronically.(22) Proper hydration is important for staying healthy and also improving blood circulation. Dehydration can damage endothelial cells and result in inflammation in the body, thus restricting the flow of blood.(23)

    To function optimally, our organs need to stay hydrated. Water is essential for flushing toxins from our system and also improving the body’s blood circulation, thus helping the body avoid any health issues.

    Do Not Sit At A Place For Too Long: Sitting in one place for too long can impact blood flow, especially in the legs and back, thus resulting in blood clots. So, it is important to change positions, stand, and do certain exercises, to make sure that the blood circulation in the body is going on properly.

    Switch To Green Tea Or Black Tea: Are you a tea-lover? If yes, then it is time to switch to black or green tea, since they are healthy alternatives to regular tea.

    A study conducted in 2017 found that black tea improves the health of our blood vessels and thus benefits in improving the body’s blood flow.(24)

    A separate study also found that consuming green tea is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems.(25) Green tea widens blood vessels in our body and this ultimately increases the blood flow.

    So, if you are drinking regular milk tea many times a day, switch to black tea or green tea.

    Keep Your Iron Levels Balanced: Iron is an important mineral for our circulatory system. It is required by the body to make hemoglobin, which is one of the essential components of RBCs and is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

    A study conducted in 2016 found an association between insufficient iron in the body and anemia.(26) However, consuming excess iron can also result in iron overload and cause other health issues. So it is important to maintain a balanced level of iron in the body.

    Use Compression Garments: Another way to improve the body’s blood flow is by using compression garments, particularly compression socks. Compression socks can help in improving blood flow to the legs. Apart from increasing blood flow, these garments also prevent blood clots, reduce swelling, and benefit in improving the condition of various venous diseases.

    Avoid Stimulants: You must make a note to reduce the intake of stimulants, such as caffeine to let your blood flow in the body without any obstruction.

    Elevate Your Legs: You can improve your body’s blood flow by elevating your legs. For doing this, you can place a pillow under your legs while lying down or sleeping, practice the “legs up the wall” exercise, and so on. Elevating the legs can help kickstart the circulation of blood immediately.

    Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly: High blood pressure can result in atherosclerosis, which reduces the flow of blood. So, you should always keep your blood pressure at 120/80 mmHg or at least slightly below that and ensure a healthy cardiovascular system. Make sure to check your blood pressure level at least once a month.

    Reduce Salt Consumption: Excessive intake of salt can cause an increase in blood pressure and result in bloating, which ultimately hampers the body’s blood flow. So one should reduce the intake of excessive salt in food and also avoid processed food like canned foods, frozen foods, sauces, and other foods with high amounts of sodium content.

    Use A Brush While Bathing: Using a brush while bathing not just removes dirt from the body but also has a positive effect on increasing the body’s blood flow.  Brushing along the arms, legs, abdomen, and lower back helps the blood vessels to relax and thus improves the circulation of blood in the body.

    Quit Smoking: Smoking results in various chronic diseases and can also negatively impact blood circulation.(27) It is stated by the American Cancer Society that there is an improvement in circulation and lung function within two weeks to three months of quitting smoking.(28)

    Nicotine, a substance that is potent enough to increase the risk of atherosclerosis, is the primary ingredient in cigarettes. In patients with atherosclerosis, the blood vessels get narrower and result in reduced blood flow in the body. So, it is important to quit smoking to improve the body’s blood flow.

    Soak In Warm Water: Another means through which the body’s blood flow can be increased is by soaking in warm water. Warm water dilates blood vessels and thus improves the flow of blood to tissues and organs. So, spend around 15 minutes in warm water daily. This also helps in relieving stress and offering relaxation.

    Manage Your Stress Levels: Research has proved that stress levels can impact blood pressure significantly. So, one should manage stress via meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, spending time with nature, and other means.(29)

Final Words

Blood flow in the body is one of the major factors affecting a person’s health. So, it is essential to have proper blood circulation. Consuming certain foods, and doing specific exercises that are mentioned above can help to improve the body’s blood flow and thus keep you healthy and energetic.


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