8 Amazing Homemade Night Creams For Beautiful Skin

Due to the pollutant atmosphere, it has become necessary to keep our skin safe from any harmful external damage. So, there is no denying that one has to take good care of the skin; but, in this materialistic world, it is very difficult to believe on the strange skin care treatments and night creams available in the market which promise big results, but fail to show any results. Can we trust such creams to do the job for our skin? If not, then start making your own skin care creams by yourself at your home.

During your sleep at nighttimes, your skin also takes rest with you. So, the night time is the perfect time for a cream to do its work on your skin. Thus, the best care for your skin can be done by making your own night creams at home and you can be assured of the miraculous results. Hence, here we are providing you 8 DIY recipes for night creams, which will restore, moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, and will also provide you with glowing and soft skin.

#1. Homemade Green Tea Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

Skin damage due to free radicals can be cured with a night cream made with green tea. It is because green tea is highly infused with antioxidants. Antioxidants make your skin soft, supple and prevent premature aging. Antioxidants also enable you to fight acne, skin cancer and psoriasis.

How to Make This Night Cream: To make your green tea night cream, blend two spoons of beeswax well with 2 spoons of rosehip seed oil, some drops of coconut oil and almond oil. Set the double boiler on heat and put all the ingredients in it to melt them. At the same time, to prepare the green tea solution, boil the contents of a green tea bag in a glass of water. Next step will be putting this green tea mixture into the double boiler. Blend the whole mixture and strain it with the help of a sieve. Lastly, use a hand blender to whip the mixture until you get a fluffy thick cream. Put the cream in a jar and apply it every night to get beautiful skin.

#2. Apple Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

For attractive, beautiful and glowing skin, apples are very important because they contain malic acid, vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants and beta-carotene. Apple night cream will heal scars, reduce acne and renew skin tissues. The smell of this homemade night is also simply lovely.

How to Make This Night Cream: For homemade apple night cream for beautiful skin, you need 2 teaspoon of rose oil/ almond oil/olive oil and some small slices of apple. Put them all in a bowl and blend them well until it turns into a smooth fluffy solution. Set a double boiler on heat and put this already made solution with 2 teaspoons of rose water. To reduce acne, you can also put some other components with it like nutmeg, honey, cinnamon and turmeric. For better results, apply it regularly on your face after washing and patting it dry at night before sleeping and wake up to beautiful skin daily.

#3. Olive Oil Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

Olive oil is highly famous to improve the skin tone and reduce pigmentation. Olive oil helps in delaying the premature aging as it works like a natural moisturizer for the skin. Olive oil night cream is primarily recommended for people with dry skin. Thus, to get a glow with radiant effect, use this homemade night cream.

How to Make This Night Cream: For homemade olive oil night cream for beautiful skin, you need one teaspoon of beeswax, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, and one-fourth cup of extra virgin olive oil. Put all the ingredients in a double boiler to melt them. With the help of a hand blender, whip the mixture well till it gets a fluffy and smooth consistency. Now, put some drops of essential oil or vitamin E oil in the mixture. Put it into a glass container and apply it every night for better skin.

#4. Aloe Vera Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera is known for its ability to reduce acne, spots and blemishes. So, if you are suffering from acne, make your own acne removing aloe vera homemade night cream for beautiful skin. Aloe Vera night cream will show surprising results on your skin when applied regularly. Homemade Aloe Vera night cream removes acne, as well as gives you soft skin during the summer season.

How to Make This Night Cream: To make aloe vera night cream for beautiful skin, you require aloe vera pulp direct from the plant, a spoon of each lavender oil and primrose oil. Blend it and apply it daily at night for surprisingly refreshing skin.

#5. Turmeric, Lemon & Almond Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

If you desire to own a lighter complexion and glowing, bright beautiful skin, then this homemade night cream is for you. Since our childhood, we have heard about turmeric and its miraculous results from our elders. However, gradually we have forgotten about it.

How to Make This Night Cream: For homemade turmeric, lemon & almond night cream, firstly, you need to soak about 10 almonds overnight. Next step would be peeling and grinding the almonds the next morning. Now you need lemon juice, turmeric, saffron, curd, sandalwood powder to make this night cream. Put all these in a bowl and blend it well. Place this mixture in a refrigerator. Use it within a week daily at night. Apply it regularly every night after washing your face for a beautiful skin.

#6. Almond Oil Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

For dry skin, almond oil is an important component in a night cream to get soft, smooth and beautiful skin.

How to Make This Night Cream: Set the double boiler on heat to melt cocoa butter with almond oil. When it cools down, put honey and rose water in the bowl and blend it well. Place this mixture in jar and voila your homemade almond oil night cream is ready! Keep it in your refrigerator and apply it every night for beautiful skin every day.

#7. Milk Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

We have been hearing about the advantages of milk cream since our childhood, as milk cream helps greatly in getting softer skin. Here we are providing you with the recipe of homemade milk night cream. It has ability to make your skin glowing and graceful.

How to Make This Night Cream: Put some cream from the milk, rose water, olive oil and glycerine in a bowl and blend it. Now shift the mixture into a jar and place it in your refrigerator. Apply this homemade milk cream every night for soft and supple skin.

#8. Cocoa Butter Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

Say goodbye to dry skin and make your skin hydrated and soft with this fantastic cocoa butter homemade night cream. The process to make it is very simple.

How to Make This Night Cream: To make cocoa butter night cream at home, put cocoa butter in the double boiler and melt it. Next, put some drops of coconut oil or virgin olive oil in the bowl. Blend it well to get a smooth consistency. Place it in a refrigerator and apply it at night after washing your face to get that glowing and beautiful skin.


Start using these DIY night creams and avoid the use of cosmetics available in the market. For better results of these night creams, use them after washing your face. Before applying a night cream on a face, the makeup should be removed completely. Massage with these homemade night creams should be done in circular motions for at least 5 minutes. Usually, we apply any cream only on our face and tend to forget the neck. So, the massage with night cream should be given to the neck also. Nothing can be better to keep the skin renewed, glowing, hydrated and beautiful than using homemade night creams. Be blessed with beautiful skin with these amazing DIY night creams.

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