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13 Useful Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Shoe Bites

You might experience shoe bites when you put on tight-fitting shoes and that the skin of your feet begins to rub against the shoes. When a shoe bite occurs, you might feel harsh pain and if it is left untreated, you would begin to see the skin is peeling off. So, it is essential for you to treat your shoe bites. Below we will talk about some of the home remedies to get rid of shoe bites.

13 Useful Home Remedies to Get Rid of Shoe Bites:

  1. Reduce The Friction:

    The first and foremost thing that you need to do is reduce the friction that is occurring between your feet and shoes. For reducing the friction you need to wear socks that act as a cushion between your shoe and your feet; you also need to make use of toe protectors or toe caps, and insert shoe pads or the insoles that can help you in preventing abrasion in areas like your heels.

    You can also apply paper tape to reduce the friction. In a study conducted in the year 2016, it is said that ultramarathon runners found these paper tape quite effective against preventing blisters.(1) Try to apply a smooth, single layer of mildly adhesive paper tape or the surgical tape over the painful area of your feet.

  2. Use Ice Cubes:

    One of the best home remedies to get rid of shoe bites is the use of ice cubes. Simply wrap some ice cubes in a towel and place the towel against the shoe bite. This would offer you an instant pain relief. This could also work great to reduce any swelling if any.

  3. Apply Aloe Vera:

    Shoe bites can also be treated by applying aloe vera on the affected area. This is a miracle plant and is known to enhance skin health and it is pretty soothing too. As per a study of 2008, it is found that aloe vera is known to have excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties.(2) So, regular application of aloe vera gel could be beneficial in quick healing of shoe bites.

  4. Use Honey:

    We know that honey is one of the best remedies for improving various skin and hair problems. You can also use honey to treat shoe bites quite effectively. You can make use of raw and organic honey to treat the condition. Dab some honey on the affected area. It is found from a study of 2017 that honey has got excellent anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.(3)

  5. Rub Neem and Turmeric:

    Combining neem and turmeric together would effectively work on treating blisters or shoe bites. This combination is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and this works as an excellent source for treating shoe bites. Simply prepare a paste of neem and turmeric by adding a little water and rub the paste on the affected area and leave it on for some time before rinsing it off with warm water.

  6. Use Rice Flour:

    You can also get rid of your shoe bites through rice. Grind rice and get the rice flour and prepare a thick paste by adding some water to it. Then, apply this rice paste over the shoe bites and wash it off when it dries and then moisturize the area with a good cream.

  7. Use Almond And Olive Oil Together:

    We are known to the nourishing properties of olive oil. This oil is rich in vitamin E, that is known to have excellent healing properties. When we add almond oil to olive oil and use the mixture together over the shoe bite, this would work like a real wonder. Simply apply the mixture of almond and olive oil on your affected area. Doing this twice a day for a few days could get you enough relief from the pain due to a shoe bite.

  8. Apply Lemon Juice:

    Lemon is known for its wonderful antiseptic properties and it heals any open wounds quite faster and also prevents any scar. Lemon even offers relief from itching and it prevents any further infections. Apart from this, lemon is also an inexpensive natural remedy for shoe bite.

    In order to treat shoe bite, simply squeeze a fresh lemon juice and apply the juice on the affect region by using a cotton ball. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with lukewarm water. You can do this twice in a day for at least a week to see the best result.

  9. Apply Coconut Oil:

    Coconut oil can also do wonders in getting rid of shoe bites. Coconut oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. There is an active compound known as Lauric acid present in coconut oil that can prevent blisters on your heels which are caused by a shoe bite. Simply mix a few drops of the oil with one tablespoon of camphor and then apply this mixture on your affected region. This would help you alleviate pain, itching and inflammation.

  10. Put Some Talcum Powder:

    Talcum powder will work wonders on shoe bites. This can help you reduce the burning sensation in your foot that might be due to shoe bites.

  11. Rub Sliced Potato:

    Potato is a vegetable that is loaded with antioxidants that are antiseptic and also has got anti-inflammatory properties in it. In fact, potato works quite effectively in treating shoe bites. All that you would need to do is to cut a potato into thick slice and then rub the slice on your wound or blister.

  12. Apply Alcohol:

    Applying alcohol on shoe bites can give you a sort of burning sensation, however, it will also relieve you from the unwanted pain that is caused due to the condition. Being antiseptic in property, alcohol can relieve you from irritation and can reduce your chances of developing any sort of infection.

    So, all you need is to dip a piece of cotton in some alcohol and rub it on your shoe bites gently. Doing this twice regularly could help you greatly.

  13. Use Petroleum Jelly:

    Petroleum jelly is also one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of shoe bites. As per a study of 2016, it is found that petroleum jelly has barrier repair as well as antimicrobial properties.(4) So, gently rub some petroleum jelly on your affected area and get some fair relief from the pain due to shoe bites.

Bottom Line:

We must say that shoe bites are absolutely common and so as the remedies to get rid of them. One of the best things that we can do to get rid of shoe bites is that we need to protect our foot with toe protectors or toe caps, and use shoe insoles in the shoes and prevent or reduce friction. We can also follow some of the above mentioned home remedies to get rid of this condition.

However, keep it well noted that if you are experiencing recurring blisters or sores on your feet or if you are unable to get rid of shoe bites through home remedies, it is always important for you to see a doctor or a podiatrist who can diagnose the problem and treat your accordingly.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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