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Top 10 Foods To Help Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Losing belly fat can be a very strenuous experience and is as difficult as willing yourself to quit indulging in junk food. However, researchers and dieticians say it is 60% diet and 40% of exercise that helps cut down fat percentage from your body, thereby reducing body weight. [1]A change in diet is the first step to losing belly fat. Starvation and crash diets are not healthy ways to lose the excess weight including belly fat. A balanced, healthy diet goes a long way in ensuring that you meet your fitness goals and lose that stubborn belly fat.

How Does A Good Diet Help Lose Belly Fat?

Fried food stuff, heavy duty carbs like white bread and rice are all termed as poison when someone is looking at attaining those dashboard abs. In fact, crunches and abdominal exercises are useless if your stomach doesn’t feel healthy enough with the nutrients it receives. Food has always played a vital role in helping an individual develop a lean figure. Therefore, low carb diets or balanced food habits, which include cutting down on oily food, junk and fast food, have proven beneficial to the body and can help you cut down on a considerable amount of belly fat. In fact, the harm a burger can do for belly fat is a tad lesser than what a bowl of rice can.

Top 10 Foods To Help Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Top 10 Foods To Help Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Accelerating metabolism, improving bowel movement, energizing the body to perform better are all traits that prove why food plays a major role in cutting down belly fat.

Here are the 10 foods you must include in your diet to reduce that oval shaped belly and attain ripped abs:

ALMONDS to Help Reduce Belly Fat

Nuts are normally good in case of midnight hunger pangs; however, out of all the varieties of nuts, almonds come with beneficial properties including losing belly fat.

Almonds are rich in proteins and vitamin E, which tend to ensure glowing skin and also help you keep full when hunger strikes. Even though almonds are extremely high in calories, creating a myth of increasing your calorie count for the day, they are actually better as they improve stomach health and prevent the accumulation of fat around the belly. Hence, almonds are one of the top choices of foods that help lose belly fat.

OATMEAL Great Breakfast for Belly Fat Reduction

Has it ever occurred to you that though oats are extremely heavy in nature and fill you up, they do not tend to pile on the fat percentage in your body? Oatmeal is normally rich in fiber and fastens the metabolism cycle. Featured as a good source of carbs in your diet, oatmeal is healthy food and becomes an excellent option for breakfast to help lose belly fat. Curbing starvation and cutting down on hunger pangs, oatmeal is recommended by dieticians as one of the foods to help you reduce belly fat.

PROTEIN POWDER, A Good Source to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Protein powder is not only meant for those seeking bulky figures or building muscles, but also helps in losing belly fat. Protein powder is a rich source of creatine, which not only keep you full without adding any body weight, but also helps accelerate metabolism by reducing belly fat. A great substitute for protein diet, in case you wish not to binge on chicken or eggs, protein shakes is something you can consider having in the morning.

OLIVE OIL is a Good Way To Get Rid of Fat Near The Belly Area

Olive oil is a great source of vitamin E and is a good substitute for stir-fries and grills. Olive oil is light, healthy and does not increase cholesterol. In fact, Olive oil ensures you remain healthy and builds your immunity system. Anything cooked in olive oil is beneficial as it will help fat reduction, keep your bowels moving, and avoid cholesterol in short great abs and less fat accumulation near the belly area.

BERRIES Are a Great Substitution for Sugar to Lose Belly Fat

It is a universal truth that sugar adds on to the fat percentage near your stomach and hence cutting it down completely from your diet is a good thing for your health and to lose the stubborn belly fat. However, your body needs its dose of sweetness and that is where berries like strawberry, blackberry and raspberry play a major role as a substitute to calorie-laden desserts. Berries are a great food choice to satisfy your sweet cravings and lose belly fat, as they are sweet, fibrous, colorful and healthier.

EGGS in Your Breakfast Can Help Get Rid of Belly Fat

Eggs are rich in B12 and are a great source to build muscles without piling on excess fat. While eggs increase the body’s metabolism, they also reduce the fat percentage and energize the body. In fact dieticians suggest avoiding the yolk and relishing the whites for low carb diets, as the whites are more beneficial and good for fat reduction. Thus eggs are one of the top 10 best foods that help lose belly fat.

BEANS & LEGUME are Good for Belly Fat Reduction

Beans and legumes are rich in protein and are a great source of fiber; hence including them in your diet will help you up your metabolism game and eventually lead to great bowel movement and toned and lean figure. Cutting down on saturated fats, beans and legumes are great food choices that will help you achieve a taut tummy and in fat reduction.

Opt for WHOLE GRAINS over Processed Ones to Lose Belly Fat

Processed foods are not healthy for your body as the yeast keeps your body bloated and creates indigestion along with increasing fatigue and belly fat. However, whole grains are rich in fiber and are good carbs, which keep you from feeling hungry on and off and help you get rid of your tummy fat.

GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES to Help Lose Belly Fat

They may be disliked the most, but green leafy vegetables are the best thing to binge on if you are looking at reducing fat proportion near your belly. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fibrous and extremely low on calories, green leafy vegetables are a must have food item that should be a part of your diet to help lose belly fat

PEANUT BUTTER is a Good Way To Avoid Bloating Of The Belly

Loved by kids, great in taste and beneficial when it comes to reducing fat percentage, peanut butter is beneficial for you and helps lose belly fat. Regardless of it featuring butter in its name, the 2 spoons of peanut butter a day, can help your stomach from bloating and keeps you full away from the unwanted hunger pangs.[2] [3]


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